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Some noteworthy recent articles

The Whole Earth Catalog: affecting our perspectives to this very day

The overview effect, Stewart Brand and the Whole Earth Catalog… I was born in 1956 and remember when rocket ships went from dreams to reality. We saw them first on TV in black and white cartoons, then a few years later they were blasting off for real in color newscasts.  As the technology to capture […]

Alan Watts: The essential introduction to his life and ideas

Alan Watts has completely changed my life, and he’s not even alive. He was a philosopher, writer, poet, radical thinker, teacher and critic of society who popularized Eastern wisdom, interpreting it for a Western audience. Alan Watts was prolific in the 1950s and 1960s, eventually passing away in 1973. Watts’ ideas have become widely popular […]

Why Jordan Peterson won’t refer to transgender people by their preferred pronouns

The name Jordan Peterson has probably snuck up on you over the last few years. Peterson is now a globally-renowned speaker whose dissatisfaction with the rise of identity politics and other liberal ideologies found a place amongst millions who feel the same way Although Peterson spent decades building his reputation and expertise as an academic […]

4 reasons not to commit suicide, according to Dr Jordan Peterson

“I plan on taking my own life very soon. Why shouldn’t I?” The room fell into a deafening silence; the audience waited with baited breath for Dr Peterson’s response. “I don’t know if I should address it,” Dr Peterson began, continuing: “but I’ll give it a shot (it’s important) because it’s very serious.” Dr Peterson […]

Rethinking what matters: The 4 most important things in life

So much of our time here on Earth is wasted chasing away temporary happiness. We spend an entire month’s pay on cellphones we’ll forget next year. We miss important birthdays because of a job that doesn’t pay well enough. We say yes to too many projects and no to personal projects that make us happy […]

Your life purpose, from 8 weird questions

Some lucky people seem to be born with a defined sense of a life purpose. From an early age, they can articulate their dreams and wishes in life. They can say things like “I’m going to be a doctor”, or “When I’m president…” I wasn’t so lucky. For many years, I was on the search […]

How to find meaning in life: Psychology identifies 4 key pillars

Self-reflection is important but to what extent does it become too much? It seems the most persistent question we ask ourselves is: Am I happy? This question haunts us everyday as we go about our lives. However, psychology says this question prevents us from finding meaning in life. In a study conducted by the Harris Poll […]

Krishnamurti helped me reassess everything I’ve been told about life

Every now and then you’ll come across a passage of writing that changes your entire perspective of life. For many years I was on the search for the truth about life as though someone could reveal it to me. Then I read the below passage by the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. He perfectly explains why […]

Rudá Iandé reveals the dark side of “positive thinking”

“Focus on the power of your thoughts and you will transform your reality.” Thousands of books, workshops and self-help gurus repeat the same mantra: “change your thoughts, change your life.” If only the mythical “law of attraction” worked for even half the people who tried it! We’d need a bigger Hollywood for all the positive […]