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See the welcome message from Rudá Iandê below.

Hello, . Welcome to Out of the Box.

It’s Rudá Iandê, here. I’m very excited for having you here on this journey! I can tell you from my own experience that the knowledge you are going to access can help you to change your life completely.

When I started creating Out of the Box, I had no idea how profound it could be. I was the first one to be impacted by it. I passed through some very difficult moments in the process. I had to change many things in my life. But at the end I’m experiencing a profound sense of peace, joy and fulfilment. The same thing has happened to many people who have undertaken this journey. They have managed to change their relationship with themselves, grabbing their power and making important decisions that changed their lives for better.

I honestly hope the same can happen to you. Although please remember that all you’ll receive here are tools. You are the one who will have to employ them and make them work for you. You’ve already taken the first step. So, go ahead and enjoy it!

Following are some basic instructions that will help you to take the best of this journey:


OUT OF THE BOX is composed of:

1 – Video classes designed to provide you a dynamic and immersive learning experience;

2 – Written content which will let you explore and reflect deeper on the subjects we’re going to study;

3 – Questionnaires specifically designed to lead you in your self-knowledge quest. We do not read or analyze any of your answers to the quizzes. Your answers will be kept private, although stored in the system so you can have access to them every time you want.

4 – Exercises to actualize your connection with your self and help you to alchemize your energy. It’s recommended that you practice each exercise exactly in the way it’s explained to you, for at least 3 times each. Although when you feel you’re beginning to master it, please bring your own intuition to the table. Listen your guts and adapt them in your own way. Each exercise is a place from where you can start your exploration, but bringing your own intuition and creativity you can refine, improve and personalize these tools.

5 – Challenges to apply what you’ll learn on your daily life. Each challenge brings an opportunity to expand your horizons. You don’t need to accept the challenge. If you don’t like it, just say no, or adapt it, creating your own version. But, once you accept a challenge, please make it a commitment with your sacred fire and don’t give up.

Essential recommendations:

You are at the beginning of a journey which can really change your life. Although, as everything in life, it comes at a cost. It will require courage, commitment and discipline. Don’t worry, it will be fun. But our everyday life offers us many distractions which can easily take us far away from the path we started. This workshop is designed to be taken over the course of 4 to 6 months. So, make sure you walk to the end of the path and that you stay focused and bring the necessary energy to each step of the journey. Out of the Box is designed to be applied in your daily life. Don’t wait until you have time or the situation in your life is favorable. Make it work for you now. Your current life, with all its positive and negative aspects is the ground you have for applying everything you’ll learn.

Set a minimum hours per week to work on your Out of The Box material. To read, watch the videos and practice the exercises, I recommend 3-4 hours per week, organized in the following way:

2 days per week: 60 to 90 minutes to read, fill the questionnaires and watch the videos.

15 to 30 minutes per day during the other days, to practice the exercises and challenges.

There will be weeks when you’ll not receive anything else to read or watch, but a challenge. Take these weeks to review the material you’ve been studying before and to practice some exercises which you feel you should explore better. You will notice that every time you go there, you’ll see that with different eyes and new perspectives will open for you.

There’s a reason for having the content of this workshop in both, video and writing. Each way works in different areas of the brain. So, use both. Always read and watch the videos, to have a much more complete learning experience.

There’s a silent relationship going on, between you and your personal power. You make a commitment with yourself, so every time you honor it, you strength your personal power. You tell yourself, through action, that you are reliable, that your intentions have power. But if you don’t do what you have proposed, because you do not have time, for example, you are silently saying to yourself that everything else in your life is more important than you. It leads to a feeling of impotence which can grow deep inside of you. So, make a commitment with yourself and make sure you’re going to honor it. Remember that every drop of effort you’re going to put in there is going to empower your core and resonate in every area of your life.

The final recommendation: have fun! You’re going to explore the chaotic and beautiful mystery of your being. Enjoy the adventure! Go deep and be constant but take it with lightness and a sense of humor. Facing some of our aspects can be painful, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Remember that you’re already doing your best, investing a lot of your time and energy, opening the doors of your inner dimensions in order to know and integrate yourself. Be humble and keep in your mind that you’re not supposed to be perfect. This way you’ll be able to enjoy and value much more each step of your path while you progress.

Warmest regards,

Rudá Iandê



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