Awake the full potential of your heart

A Free Shamanic Breathwork Meditation on Empowering Your Relationship with your Own Being.​

Break Free from the Conditioning of Pursuing Love from Others. Tap into your Own Source of Love and Become Emotionally self-sufficient.

Why should you do this meditation?

  • To connect with your love
  • To empower yourself
  • To overcome co-dependency
  • To become emotionally self-sufficient

Self-Love Meditation

It may sound simplistic, but self-love is one the most important keys for our wellbeing and for our success as human beings. Yet, we’ve been socially conditioned to repress and to not even think about it, while only seeking for love from outside – from a partner, family, friends or even from God. Fulfilment comes from inside out. It doesn’t matter how much love you receive from the world, only your love can fulfill you.

The purpose of this meditation is to awaken the love that’s inherent to your heart and help you to develop a healthy and empowering relationship with yourself. Let’s nourish your being with love. Put your headphones on, open your heart, and breathe!

Join World-Renowned Shaman and Healer, Rudá Iandê, through a Journey of Emotional Independence and Access the Power Within Yourself to Experience Emotional Maturity and Self-fulfillment.

Ybytu Breath Meditations employ modern techniques to enhance your brain capacity and bring you into a journey.

Sound is the air you breathe by your ears, and that’s why we’ve dedicated some special attention to create these meditation tracks using the most modern resources at our disposal: multi-layering sound design, harmonic frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones and more.

To take advantage of all these audio resources, make sure to hear it on headphones. If you’re going to download the track, please be aware that some players (like YouTube Music, Spotify and Soundcloud) automatically compact the audios. The issue with compaction is that the sound waves that should tenderly caress your brain are turned into squared bits which may sound the same to your ears but will have a much more aggressive effect on your brain. With this in mind make sure to keep the track in its original (wav) format and use an appropriate player (like ITunes, VLC and Groove). Or just listen to it straight from our platform.