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the poetry of life

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I awoke slowly, uncertain if I should

rising to the occasion

wondering what the story was to be

alone in the dark, I asked to receive


looking out into the void

distant eyes peering back

Venus was there waiting

a beautiful alluring beacon

in the twilight betwixt and between

where uncertainty seems certain


as darkness births the dawn

the solar winds brush my cheeks

a sense of calm washes over

in the promise of a new day


yet with this rising light

something goes missing

for the darkness still tugs

awaiting its eventual call


Venus invites me

with her last waking breath

to take it all in, breath deep

remember with each exhale

letting out what once was in


with this unexpected gift

a seed fell from the tree

then another, and still more

until I couldn’t help but notice


who are these two birds

one eating from the fruits of life

while the other watches

in contemplation, wondering


I called out asking

who are you two

whence they replied


I am Gnosis, tweeted one

I Agonia, chirped the other

yet this made no sense to me

these simple sounds


then let us introduce you

to our friends

Logos and Eros

to confuse you even more

they replied

chuckling as only birds can


it was Eros who welcomed me first

a warm embrace was her gift

the mother of love

the grounding of presence


Logos then stepped in

uttering something unclear

what was this word I was to hear

this notion of mind out there


suddenly I felt off balance

teetering and twisting

what seemed anew

was everything I knew


these seeds, the gifts of two birds

dizzying as digested

sent my head spinning

in every which way


Eros embraced me again

ensuring I wouldn’t fall

yet Logos prodded and poked

with all his might

to keep me off balance


the sun soon set

as certain as the day, night befell

Venus appeared once again

this time at twilight

showing the way


she winked at me

and said…

sister Earth

who am I

but we


in your minds eye

you will find

the resources to grasp

to question all you can


be still at night

awake with the light

feel the rhythms

create the rhymes


let go and wander

this is the poetry of life

your path is to ponder

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footprints follow us around

as we all leave our mark

in the air, sea and ground

footprints is a story

about leaving impressions

how everyone

leaves an impression,

a footprint

ducks make footprints

dogs make footprints

you leave a footprint

I leave a footprint

we make footprints

in the soft snow

we make footprints

in the shifting sands

we make footprints

after the water puddle

we have jumped into

look, my footprint

is bigger than your footprint

some footprints

stay longer than others,

for example fossils

fossils are really old footprints

some footprints won’t last so long

like the footprints

we made in the sand at the beach

that the waves washed away

with each new baby

begins a new set of footprints

our family leaves a lot of footprints

and a lot of families

leave a bunch of footprints

like a city,


that’s what culture is

a whole bunch of footprints

and different cultures

have different religions

which are footprints

of different beliefs

there are those

who forge the path of footprints

that lead to wisdom

and those who seek their trails

footprints tell us

where we come from,

and the direction

in which we are going

there are people who read footprints

like trackers,

and detectives

there are some people

who chase after footprints

of creatures they’ve never seen

and aren’t even sure exist

footprints show us

how far we’ve gone

like the footprints on the moon

meteors leave footprints,

we call them craters

and the stars leave footprints,

trails of light

that tell us the story of the universe

footprints is a story

of looking, seeking,

going someplace,

finding something,

exploring and learning

footprints is the story

of the impression

that we make

on that journey

the letters in this story

are like footprints

words are like footprints

the printed message

is a footprint,

a memory

we keep our memories alive

with stories, photos, movies

and bits and bytes

while the stroke of a brush

paints a trail to behold

or how about music notes

dancing on the page,

as the footprints of  sounds

language is a lot of footprints,

a map

to help us understand

each other

footprints are like clues

atoms leave footprints

DNA is a footprint

with much to say

the seed of a tree

is a footprint to be

dinosaurs left footprints

glaciers leave footprints

there are natural footprints,

for example after the passing

of a hurricane

or the river of lava

creeping from volcanoes

and not so natural footprints,

like the destruction

we cause to the forests

or our trails of trash,

and oil spills in the ocean,

or the hole in the ozone

footprints can come

when we tread too heavy

with fighting

and wars

and we have to tread lightly

over old landmines

and hatreds

footprints are impressions,

or marks, or dents,

or even scars

some scars

take longer to heal

than others


we don’t realize

we are leaving footprints

like germs that get spread

or diseases that wander the world

hopping from person to person

and sometimes

we try to cover up

our footprints

like buried waste

out of site out of mind

and sometimes

when we look back

to try to read the footprints

its not very clear

where we have come from

history is a trail of footprints

and we all leave our footprints

on that trail

all the while leaving impressions

in the hearts and minds of others

and when the trail of footprints

comes to an end

we wonder

where did they go

making footprints

can be like

thinking of an idea

or like telling this story

which is just my impression

of what footprints

means to me.

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