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Ideapod helps you break through the societal myths, toxic relationships and limiting factors that are holding you back from living your most creative and inspired life.

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Embrace Your Inner Beast: Turning Your Anger into Your Ally

With Rudá Iandê

Do you feel guilty for feeling angry? Do you try to repress your anger so it goes away? Discover how to embrace your true nature and turn your anger into personal power.


Our self-guided online learning journeys are vehicles to explore and empower various aspects of the self, providing you with the tools to live a more enriching and fulfiling life.


You are about to start a profound and transformative journey through the most basic and powerful element of life: the air you breathe.

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Developing Your Personal Power – Taking Responsibility

This learning journey will support you in developing a motor of change within to increase your personal power and move powerfully forward in life. It provides the blueprint for discovering your true life purpose and redesigning your reality around it.

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Out of the Box

Out of the Box is an open door for you to explore your most authentic core, your uniqueness and your creativity. It will provide you with a complete set of tools to develop your innermost self and harness the best of your creative potential so that you can redesign your destiny and take the reigns of your life.

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