Affiliate Disclosure

Hi, it’s Justin Brown from Ideapod here.

We have always believed in providing transparency on how we earn revenue.

One of the ways we generate revenue is through affiliate partnerships. This is where we write about products (usually an online education product) and link to it. When you click on an affiliate link and go on to purchase the product, we will usually receive a commission. Please note that this doesn’t increase the cost to you at all.

We don’t always promote affiliate products. But when we do, we disclose the affiliate partnership at the top of the article and by including a note near the link.

Our affiliate partners are Mindvalley, Masterclass and CreativeLive. We sometimes also promote products from affiliate marketplaces such as Shareasale and Clickbank.

We only promote products that we have personally used and truly feel could be valuable to you.

The costs of running Ideapod have grown tremendously with the growth of our audience. Along with selling our own eCommerce products and advertising, promoting affiliate products has been an important way for us to generate revenue.

If you have any questions about our affiliate partnerships, please contact us via our contact page.

All the best,
Justin Brown, Ideapod