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The hero instinct

Learn about a fascinating new concept in relationship psychology called the hero instinct. James reveals the biologically drive that motivates all men in relationships.

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The key to relationship success

Want to be in a deep and passionate relationship with him? James explains why men will only seek out a relationship (or stay in one) with a woman who makes him feel that powerful emotion.

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How to trigger this instinct

A step-by-step blueprint for triggering the hero instinct in your man. Learn the phrases you can say, texts you can send, and little requests you can make to bring this instinct to the fore.

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Empower your man

Meaning and purpose are essential for men. Discover how triggering this instinct will not only rocket your relationship to the next level, but will also supercharge his confidence as a man.

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Who this video is for

Do you want to feel an emotional connection with your man that you’ve never felt before?

The techniques James Bauer reveals in his video can help women who:

Learning about the hero instinct has helped thousands of women forge a deeper connection with the man they love.

What he needs

Not only will your relationship rocket to the next level, but you will make your guy feel better about himself.

By triggering this instinct in him, you’re giving him a sense of meaning and purpose.

Something which all men need.

Because the hero instinct speaks to the built in desire men posses for something in life that goes beyond sex and even love. 

I think empowering your partner to be the best version of themselves is one of the truly great things about being in love.

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Hey. I'm Justin Brown, the founder of Ideapod. And I've always been an emotionally unavailable man... until now.

I don’t usually take much notice of “popular” new concepts in psychology or recommend videos by relationship experts.

However, it’s not often that a mirror gets held up to my lifetime of relationship failure.

Because that’s what happened when I first discovered the hero instinct. I ended up learning more about myself than I bargained for.

The simple truth is that I’ve been emotionally unavailable to women my whole life. I wrote about this here.

I now realize it’s because the hero instinct was never triggered in me.

My relationships with women involved everything from ‘best friends with benefits’ to being ‘partners in crime’.

In hindsight, I’ve always needed more.

Learning about the hero instinct was my “aha” moment.

For years, I wasn’t able to put a finger on why I would get cold feet, struggle to open up to women, and fully commit to a relationship.

Since I discovered the hero instinct, I’ve written extensively about the hero instinct and other key biological drivers of male behavior on

If you want to learn about what really drives men romantically, and create a passionate relationship with the man you love, check out James Bauer’s unique video.