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Ideas and Perspectives for a New Generation of People

Ideapod is a new media platform aiming to inspire you – our readers and members – to get to know the incredible creativity and life that exists deep down within. We do this by exploring themes such as alternative lifestyles, culture, spirituality, politics and technology. Our overriding focus is to shed light on the way in which external forces shape our collective realities — and the impact this has on our individual pursuit of self-knowledge and fulfillment.

You can read Ideapod on the website or get a more curated experience via our digital magazine, Tribe. We also produce masterclasses in collaboration with our partners.


Ideapod was founded in 2013 as a platform for the free and open exchange of ideas. In 2014 we launched the first beta version of our social network promoting this aim, opening it to the public in 2015. By the end of 2016 our community had grown, with over 15,000 ideas shared and a core community of regular users.

Yet by the beginning of 2017, it was clear that the world was changing. Social media already a good job of making ideas freely accessible. But this became part of the problem with the increasing recognition of the problem of fake news and misinformation.

Ideapod therefore “pivoted” and became a new media platform with an editorial team, publishing articles exploring the ways in which our minds are shaped by culture, politics, spirituality and other external sources of programming.

Today, Ideapod is a thriving independent media outlet publishing stories on alternative lifestyles, spirituality, politics, culture and technology. We champion independent thinking and promote the art of thinking for yourself. Our aim is to report on the prevailing zeitgeist with a vanguard of next generation writers, documentarians, opinion formers and culture creators.

Ideapod’s digital magazine, Tribe, is available on Android and iPhone. You can experience the best Ideapod has to offer via our homepage.

Editorial Team

Co-created Ideapod. Co-founder of The Vessel. Failed doctoral research candidate in international political economy. Passionate about people pursuing their own paths in life.

Senior editor of Ideapod. Also created Hack Spirit and many other digital media websites. Passionate Essendon supporter, table tennis player and all round good guy.

I am a shaman. I am a voice blooming from the soil. I am ancestral root, memory of ages. I am alchemy of elements, nature in action. Senior editor of Ideapod and co-creator of The Vessel.

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How we are funded

Ideapod is a for-profit company incorporated in Delaware, USA, initially funded by private angel investors. We generate revenue through advertising, reader subscriptions, and eCommerce sales. Advertising is clearly labelled when it appears within articles. At times, we enter into affiliate partnerships and disclose the arrangement at the top of relevant articles.