Welcome to Ideapod

Ideapod is a technology platform producing media on the ideas shaping our lives. We publish creative and intelligent journalism, helping our readers to understand the ideas that shape their worldview — and where we’re headed.

Our core mission is to provide ecosystems of thought where ideas are surfaced, discussed and critically analyzed through dialogue. We raise provocative questions and aim to eschew groupthink in the age of echo chambers and filter bubbles. We value open mindedness, critical analysis and people thinking for themselves.

You’ve probably found your way here through one of our core products:

  • Digital media platform: Our writers provide commentary on the ideas shaping our lives to 5 million monthly readers. You can see our content on the front page of Ideapod, or by following us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Social network: This is the place where anyone can join and share an idea in 1,000 characters, with ideas generating responses, supports and related ideas. Over 15,000 ideas have already been shared generating over 100,000 interactions.
  • Marketplace: This is our marketplace for ideas where we provide premium content and online courses.
  • iPhone app: We created a mobile app for capturing ideas in 40 second video. People use it as an ideas journal, and you can easily share your ideas directly to the social network.
  • My Science Academy: We also run myscienceacademy.org, a digital media platform providing commentary on new developments in science and technology. Join more than 500,000 fans following our Facebook page.

There are a number of ways you can join Ideapod and contribute to our ecosystems of thought.

  • If you’re an ideator: Share your ideas and discuss them with the Ideapod community. To join us, create a profile on the social network. Discuss ideas with the community. Explore your mind with the help of others.
  • If you’re a reader: You’re in good company, joining millions of our monthly readers. Check out our articles on the front page and in the categories, subscribe to our daily email newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you’re a writer: We welcome your contributions to Ideapod. The best way is to submit a pitch for an article in 1,000 characters on our social network. Include the hash tag #pitch in the idea, and if it starts a conversation we’ll ask you to expand on your idea (incorporating the feedback you’ve received) and publish it on our site. Read our writer’s guidelines to find out the articles we’re looking for and how we’ll compensate you for writing articles.


The team

Justin Brown is co-founder and CEO of Ideapod. He left behind his doctoral research in international political economy to start Ideapod, and has spoken publicly at New York Ideas, the United Nations, TEDx and the AFR Innovation Summit. Author profile | IP:@justin | FB:@justinb3 | IG:@justinrbrown.

Lachlan Brown is Ideapod’s editor-in-chief and has been a guiding force in developing the strategy behind our digital media platform. He also runs Hack Spirit, a blog focused on providing simple wisdom on mindfulness and eastern philosophy. Author profile | IP:@lachlanb | FB:@lachlanb2 | TW:@lachybe

Rudá Iandé is Ideapod’s inspiration adviser, providing strategic guidance across all areas of Ideapod. He’s currently designing our marketplace and creating its initial courses and workshops. Rudá was educated as a shaman in Brazil and is the creator of the Primal Source coaching system. See his article about the “dark side of positive thinking” here. IP:@rudaiande | FB:@rudaiande.

Gosia Kurowska is Ideapod’s head of partnerships. She also writes for Ideapod, and in her previous life worked as a communications and press officer for the EU institutions. Author profile | IP:@gosia | FB:@gosia.kurowska.9440.

Stephen Roux is Ideapod’s corporate adviser, providing strategic advice on Ideapod’s corporate structure and business development opportunities. He is the CEO of Dragon Tree Capital, director at Dosatsu and his background is computer science and philosophy. IP:@istvan.

Bo Vargas is Ideapod’s tech adviser, helping guide Ideapod in developing a number of projects such as our ideas map and revenue sharing programs. He is an expert in artificial intelligence, data infrastructure and the blockchain. Bo is a director at Dosatsu. TW:@vargasbo


Regular contributors

A number of leading thinkers regularly contribute to Ideapod either by organizing meet-ups, writing for us or participating in online salons.

Kat Dunn launches platforms, forums and think tanks that connect people around a shared curiosity for exploring unconventional ideas. She has run some of Ideapod’s largest engagements, including Reimagine and #TechForACause. Author profile | IP:@katdunn | FB:@kat.dunn1

Christine Owenell is an entrepreneur, purpose economist, and unconventional global business executive from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s the founder of Owenell Global Consultancy which focuses on discovering our shared humanity through the lens of business and business operations. IP:@christine11.

Jay Shetty is an award winning host and former monk. He makes wisdom go viral and his videos have been viewed over 100 million times. Author profile | FB:@jayshettyiw

Tia Kansara is the founder of Replenish, a movement designed to help humanity give more back to the earth than we take. She is a sustainable design expert, co-founder of Kansara Hackney and advises governments around the world. IP:@tiakansara | TW:@2050city