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Ideapod publishes ideas and perspectives on living an authentic life in the modern age. Our stories are well-informed commentary pieces exploring the concepts that guide individual and collective action. Our aim is to inspire people to live an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.

Apart from our publishing platform, we run online education programs through Ideapod Academy on living authentically and embracing your personal power. In early 2020 we will launch Ariadne, a next generation search engine for news that unites people.

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Our products


We've published thousands of articles exploring the ideas shaping our world, reaching over two million monthly readers.


Every weekend we send the best of Ideapod, a wrap up of resources curated by the community on the ideas that have broadened our perspectives.


Our education platform delivers online courses and eBooks that help you to escape from societal and educational conditioning so you can live a fulfilling life on your own terms.

Filter Bubble Buster (Ariadne)

We're building a next-generation search engine that surfaces perspectives from media platforms around the web that inspire people from within multiple echo chambers.

Meet the team

FOUNDER, chief publisher

Justin Brown

Founder of Ideapod after dropping out of a PhD program in international political economy.


Lachlan Brown

Ideapod’s editor-in-chief. Also the founder of Hack Spirit, a blog on eastern philosophy and self-improvement.

lead instructor, academy

Rudá Iandê

The creator of Out of the Box and designing Ideapod Academy’s future curriculum. World-renowned shaman.


Maria Fe Inot

Ideapod’s partnership manager. Also runs customer service for Ideapod Academy.


Daniel Alcantara

Ideapod’s lead developer having built our new learning platform. Working on the prototype for our filter bubble buster. 


Genefe Navilon

Writer, poet, and blogger. Divides her time between traveling, writing, and working on her debut poetry book.


Justin Brown and Mark Bakacs began Ideapod in 2013 believing the world needed a platform for the free and open exchange of ideas. In 2014 we launched the first beta version of our social network promoting this aim, opening it to the public in 2015. By the end of 2016 our community had grown, with over 15,000 ideas shared and a core community of regular users.

Yet at the beginning of 2017, it was clear that the world was changing. Social media platforms had already made ideas free and open, but this was coinciding with a widening polarization of the public in Western societies (and globally).

In this polarized environment, ideas aren’t really free and open in the way we wanted them to be. Instead, ideas go viral within their own echo chambers.

Here’s the definition of an echo chamber:

“an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered.”

This describes the current state of the Internet and the polarization of Western society. We find ourselves using social media platforms that feed us media that reinforces our current perspectives. Media platforms have little incentive to create content that challenges their audience to think differently about various issues.

With this context in mind, in 2017 Ideapod launched its online magazine that now reaches millions of people every month. Our editorial focus, driven by Lachlan Brown, is to explore the ideas shaping our world so that our readers can understand the ways in which ideas condition their conception of themselves, each other and the world around them. Our aim is to publish stories that help people to find their own authenticity, and to do so in an informative and entertaining way.

In 2018, we launched Ideapod Academy, our education arm providing online workshops and eBooks that provide people with the knowledge and tools to escape from societal and educational conditioning so they can live meaningful lives on their own terms. Our Academy’s educational focus is guided by Rudá Iandê.

In early 2019, we launched Ideapod Discussions, a new version of our social network. It’s a place where our community can come together and discuss the stories shared on the main site. 

We are also currently building the Filter Bubble Buster, our search engine for surfacing perspectives in the media that manage to inspire people across multiple echo chambers.

How we are funded

Ideapod is a for-profit company incorporated in Delaware, USA, initially funded by private angel investors. We generate revenue through advertising, reader subscriptions, and eCommerce sales. Advertising is clearly labelled when it appears within articles. At times, we enter into affiliate partnerships and disclose the arrangement at the top of relevant articles.


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