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my_Ideapod has been a project in flux since discovering Ideapod upon their beta launch in 2014. Its my experiment, my journal, media gallery, idea repository, and inspired sense of discovery. Its a gift to my daughters. Its my artifact.

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My_ideapod v1.0 was inspired by a project I started in 1979. This seed and the desire to see where it would lead by setting myself an idea-a-day challenge got me thinking.

My_ideapod v2.0 is a physical artifact of the first six months of Mark’s Myth in Ideapod, these books were gifts to contributors of Ideapod’s development.

My_ideapod v3.0 will now be the next step in the evolution of a story willing itself to be told.

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In the four years since starting, as if by magic, I’d conjured up a cacophony of ideas filling my Ideapod with thoughts, artwork and inspirations for further reflection.

And then suddenly after hundreds and hundreds of ideas it all just disappeared. The crazy thing is I saw it coming. The pro and the con of storing my memories in the cloud. The risks of becoming an eleprocon.

With this technical glitch it has skipped me ahead to a new place exploring the resources at hand and leaning in to affect where the wind blows these proverbial storyseeds.

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It’s why I was, and am enthusiastic to play around in Ideapod exploring it’s ability as a relational idea database to ideate, create relationships, store, edit, curate, and share my ideas. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.

You could say I’m squatting, having moved into this space as Ideapod’s artist-in-residence.

This has always been a process of discovery for me, I trust the next steps will make themselves apparent. 

With that said, I welcome you to explore and click around my node of the noosphere…

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Mark’s Myth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License by Eleprocon