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In a polarized world, ideas need to bring people together.

Ideapod is a source of inspiration for people who see things differently. Our products help people to escape from societal and educational conditioning so they can live life on their own terms and turn ideas into reality.

Our platform promotes much more than a free exchange of ideas. We support people in building a deeper connection with themselves, others around them and society more broadly. We believe this helps to create the conditions for ideas to become meaningful and ultimately change the world.

Our online media platform has thousands of articles exploring the ideas shaping our world, reaching millions of people every month. We also provide online education programs providing our students with the knowledge and tools to break free from societal conditioning and live life on their own terms.

Thanks for stopping by to check out Ideapod. Since 2014 we’ve created products that are designed to be a source of inspiration for people wanting to escape from societal and educational conditioning so they can think for themselves and live life on their own terms. I’m particularly excited by our two new online journeys, Out of the Box and Developing Your Personal Power. Also, I can’t wait to launch the Filter Bubble Buster, a new search engine surfacing perspectives from around the web that liberate people from echo chambers. I’d love to meet you in our new social network, Ideapod Discussions or from signing up to our weekly newsletter.

Justin Brown

Ideapod Founder

Filter Bubble Buster (Coming Soon)

The filter bubble is “a situation in which an Internet user encounters only information and opinions that conform to and reinforce their own beliefs, caused by algorithms that personalize an individual’s online experience.”

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Out of the Box

Out of the Box is created by Rudá Iandê and delivered by Ideapod Academy. It is a 16-week online workshop providing the knowledge and tools to escape from societal and education conditioning to live your life with a deeper connection with your true nature. Find out more about the impact Out of the Box will have on your life by watching the introductory video.

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Below, you can explore some of our must-read articles that challenge conventional ways of thinking, inspiring people to think for themselves and break free from societal conditioning.

Mind & Brain
Genefe Navilon

Fixed vs Growth: The two basic mindsets that shape our lives

Your mind is a powerful thing. How you think of yourself can either hinder your growth or empower you to achieve unbelievable things. Have you ever heard of the “Fixed vs Growth Mindset” and the power of our most basic beliefs? University of Stanford researcher Carol Dweck is making a groundbreaking argument about how our More

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Mind & Brain
Justin Brown

4 reasons not to commit suicide, according to Dr Jordan Peterson

“I plan on taking my own life very soon. Why shouldn’t I?” The room fell into a deafening silence; the audience waited with baited breath for Dr Peterson’s response. “I don’t know if I should address it,” Dr Peterson began, continuing: “but I’ll give it a shot (it’s important) because it’s very serious.” Dr Peterson More

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Quotes & Inspiration
Justin Brown

Alan Watts: The essential introduction to his life and ideas

Alan Watts has completely changed my life, and he’s not even alive. He was a philosopher, writer, poet, radical thinker, teacher and critic of society who popularized Eastern wisdom, interpreting it for a Western audience. Alan Watts was prolific in the 1950s and 1960s, eventually passing away in 1973. Watts’ ideas have become widely popular More

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Philosophy & Religion
Genefe Navilon

Osho explains why “f*ck” is the most versatile word ever created

The English language has its fair share of colorful and versatile worlds. But perhaps, none takes the crown other than the word “f*ck.” What other word can be used in hundreds of situations? As a verb, adjective, noun… you name it. Try to wrack your brain for another word as versatile and magical as “f*ck.” More

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