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Our salons are similar to webinars or masterclasses. We bring a leading thinker to the Ideapod community in an online conversation exploring their big ideas. The topics we cover are diverse, ranging from hypnotherapy to blockchain technology to politics in the Middle East. You can see the current salons we’re playing below. If you would like access to one of our previous salons, become an Ideapod Prime member.

The salons below are playing for a limited time. New salons appear every couple of weeks.

How to change your mindset for wealth and prosperity

World famous hypnotherapist, bestselling author and public speaker Marisa Peer joins us for this fascinating exploration of mindsets and how to instantly change yours to create more wealth in your life. In this salon, you’ll get the chance to go through a powerful exercise to get to the root of some of your childhood beliefs around money and quickly replace them with something more conductive to creating an abundance mindset.

The past, present and future of Ideapod's social network for ideas

Ideapod began as a social network for ideas and evolved into a media network with millions of monthly readers. In May 2018 we took down the social network and will be re-launching it early in 2019, fully integrated with our media platform. Mark Smith (aka @eleprocon) has been using Ideapod in all of its forms and has some unique perspectives to share about its past, present and future. Join us for this fascinating exploration of the past, present and future of Ideapod.

F*ck perfection, get it done

From farm to the catwalk and now as a writer and actress, Shelley has had many opportunities to demonstrate how imperfect she really is. In this wide ranging conversation, Shelley shares her very best tips for getting over writer’s block. This conversation will be useful for any creatives looking to connect with their inspiration to break through blockages and finally start moving forward, getting things done.

Opening our minds to new ways of thinking

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Some noteworthy recent articles

I went to a women’s self-defense class. Here’s everything they got wrong.

I’m a mother who loves to travel with her young daughters and backpack in the wildnerness with them. I’m aware that these are “risky” activities and want to be able to protect my daughters. So, when I saw a Krav Maga women’s self-defense class being offered, I signed up immediately. As expected, I left the […]

Finding meaning in the noise by asking “The Big Why”

The Big Why The Curious Universe Conjecture – Finding meaning in the noise. I have been working on an idea about Purpose for a long time now yet the prospect of actually communicating it is terrifying. Partly, I guess, it’s the investment in energy and hours that stand to be wasted if I don’t communicate […]

Beyond the simple senses

Tapping into the #senseof is a broad thought. So many ways to bear witness. So many refractors to consider. So many overlapping moments. We’ve found ourselves stranded together.   OF Intertwined sense of being… of gratitude for the wonders of nature and the willingness of the universe of wandering generational genes finding us here and […]

Why Ideapod

It’s been an interesting time in my life since I bumped into Ideapod when it launched in beta in 2014. It was Jason Silva who introduced me to Ideapod in his video, The Power of Ideas.  The original allure to me was timing. The timing of me wanting to engage in my mind, and life, […]

For the love of language

Valentine’s Day, the quest for reflections of a shared #lovestory. Perhaps of distorted intentions we have arrived at the notion of love and how to communicate it. In honor of all of those valiant attempts by humanity to intertwine ourselves in this marvel I offer this reflection… Language is the lovestory of the technium…   […]

Universities should ban PowerPoint — It makes students stupid and professors boring

Any university teacher who does not harbour a painful recollection of a failed lecture is a liar. On one such occasion, I felt early on that I had lost the students entirely: those who hadn’t sunk into comatose oblivion were listless and anxious. Ungracefully, I threw myself even deeper into my PowerPoint presentation to save […]

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