15 things strong independent people do without realizing it

Are you constantly striving to become a more independent person?

It may be surprising to hear that you might already be one without even realizing it!

So if you want to know for yourself if this is the case, here is a list of 15 things strong independent people do.

1) You’re not afraid to stand out when it comes to your values and preferences

Generally, strong independent people are not afraid to go against the crowd when it comes to their opinions.

This could include relatively trivial things like judgments on movies, food, or restaurants. Or it could also cover heavier topics such as deeply held values, ideals, and convictions.

If you are a strong independent person, you wouldn’t wait to hear the opinions of others before you decide what you believe for yourself.

Strong independent people are also very stubborn when it comes to supporting their principles. You wouldn’t be the type to succumb to peer pressure because you are very unwavering in your beliefs.

2) You find yourself butting heads with a lot of people

Because of this inherent stubbornness, you may often find yourself being in conflict with other people. This is very applicable especially if you’re tackling more controversial topics and arguments.

If you’re in the presence of arrogant people, they may not like it if you don’t take their every word as gospel. In other words, they may not prefer people who they can’t seem to control.

Some people may also take offense to how you’re not too fond of listening. This can be considered a good thing if your ideas always hold water, and you’re clearly heading in the right direction.

But, on the flip side, this may be a bad thing if you take it to the other extreme. Of course, we all have blind spots and you’ll still need to take into consideration what other people think to some extent.

3) You are content in yourself and your circumstances

That’s not to say that you have no insecurities whatsoever. At the end of the day, you’re still human after all. What we simply mean is that a strong independent person can rise above negative ways of thinking and ultimately ignore them.

This may concern your physical appearance, which is a point of insecurity for a lot of people. Strong independent people know in their hearts that everyone is beautiful just the way they are.

You may also be very content with the various opportunities and resources that have been given to you, no matter what these look like.

4) You don’t overly cling to the people around you

If you consider yourself an independent person, you may not be so desperate to be in a romantic relationship. You value your singleness and you genuinely enjoy every season of your life.

And when your best friend chooses a different college than you, you’re not the type to be too down in the dumps. Independent people are quick to accept long-distance friendships and relationships.

This may also mean that you do not have a lot of friends. Instead of focusing on quantity, you want to give more attention to the quality of your relationships. You tend to be very selective about who you spend your time with.

5) You have a clear plan for your life

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A strong independent person also takes it upon himself to intentionally think about his future. He’s always one step ahead of everyone else.

This is because independent people don’t rely on others to direct their lives and to provide for them. With this, they know that planning way in advance is the only way that they can secure a brighter future for themselves.

6) You like spending time alone

Independent people don’t feel the need to always hang out with their friends. They’re not the type to keep their social calendars full at all times.

It’s not a big deal if ever people aren’t available to go out with you. Some people may overly stress about plans being canceled, but this doesn’t really matter to you that much.

Whereas others may feel a bit embarrassed to eat out alone in a restaurant, you don’t take the time to listen to the judgments of others. You love living life on your own terms.

7) A lot of people see you as a natural-born leader

Have you ever noticed that people naturally admire and look up to you? That may be a sign that you are a strong independent person.

People like this are not afraid to take charge, even in challenging projects and situations. You are found to be trustworthy and reliable by your peers, and because of this, you are often volunteered to high leadership positions.

8) You delay asking for help when you have a problem

Whenever you have a dilemma, you spend more time doing and less time asking. You want to take your time and think of a solution on your own first

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re arrogant and overconfident. You just believe that there’s no better feeling in the world than accomplishing difficult tasks by figuring things out for yourself.

9) You can sustain yourself financially

Strong independent people want to prove that they can survive on their own without the help of others. This means that they like prioritizing job opportunities that would allow them to be financially stable as soon as possible.

These types of people also have the habit of immediately paying back what they owe. They simply don’t like the feeling of being in debt to others.

10) You like preparing for emergencies

Even before a crisis hits, you may have already gone through the trouble of educating yourself on how to handle emergency situations. This is because independent people tend to be very cautious as they go through life.

When these types of unexpected troubles occur, you want to be absolutely confident that you can solve these as quickly as you can.

11) Some people may find you intimidating

Without your knowledge, you may be exhibiting a very powerful and intense aura because of your natural inclination to independence.

Because you don’t like asking for input from others, some people may think you’re too unapproachable. They may even think that you’re rude and boastful even if this is not the case at all.

Independent people are known to be confident. Even when others belittle you or think that you are not good enough, you believe in your skills and you trust your own judgment. Unfortunately, this confidence may be taken the wrong way by some people, which causes them to think that you are too intimidating.

12) You’re okay with taking the hard route

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Independent people don’t piggyback on other people’s successes. You are willing to take the more difficult path because you know that this is where you can learn the most valuable lessons.

If you see yourself as an independent person, you may also not be afraid to take risks and make countless mistakes.

These traits have forced you to become more resilient in everything that you pursue. You can adapt well to whatever challenges life throws at you and you are able to bounce back no matter what comes your way.

13) You are very self-motivated

When the going gets tough, you find that you can be your own cheerleader. You are able to give yourself the daily pep talks that you need to keep moving forward.

Strong independent people don’t usually rely on the support of others to get things done. They make sure that they have excellent productivity and time management skills in order to achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves.

14) People often ask you for advice

Because you are so used to solving complex issues yourself, you may have gained a lot of wisdom and invaluable knowledge on various things. This leads you to become the ultimate go-to person of your peers whenever they need any advice.

Your friends and family trust in your wisdom and they know that you have something to offer that is of value to their situation. They have no reason to doubt your intelligence and capabilities and they find that you are a great asset to them.

15) You like learning new skills

Independent people think that there is no one else that is going to do things better for themselves as they would. This is a key reason why they like acquiring new abilities and knowledge constantly.

They want to be able to execute numerous skills so that they can do as many things as they can on their own and without the help of others.

Balance is key

Strong independent people have a lot of qualities that are very admirable and impressive. They are the bosses of their own lives and they don’t need to be told what to do before they take action.

But it’s still important to note that if you exhibit these traits, you should be cautious that you don’t become too independent. No matter how skilled you are, you still need good relationships with the people around you for your overall well-being and happiness.

In everything that you do, you should carefully consider when it’s the right time to be independent or when it is more appropriate to ask for help from other people.

As they say, no man is an island. We all constantly depend on each other for love, support, and affirmation throughout our lives, and this fact will never change.

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