the commons of mind

The “overview effect” must be an awe inspiring sensation.

Referring to the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth from space, this term is used to acknowledge a cognitive shift stimulating an epiphany of sorts in astronaut’s perspectives as they look back at our tiny blue dot hovering in the void.

From space, the signal becomes clearer as the noise subsides. Its all about the big picture. Spaceship Earth. Our home. Floating in a tiny envelope of life, an amazing ecosystem, where we all breath the same air, are surrounded by the same oceans, and build upon each others ideas.

Upon reentry these expressions of awe have found their way into our collective psyche affording us all the deeper view from space.

This is not simply a picture of our planet but a concept of projecting an idea as big as the universe and our place in it…

Noosphere, a #senseof mind that envelops us all yet belongs to no one.

From earth the perspective of being here present has been expressed throughout the ages.

But the view started shifting dramatically for us all once Steward Brand asked, “why haven’t we seen a picture of the whole earth yet?”

We now know where we are. Kind of. Or so we think.

Aside from learning to tune-in to our perceived physical world, the #senseof mind has seeped into our peripheral vision.

This view is an act of creation. That of mind. And collaboration. It’s how we climbed to the heavens and reached for the stars.

Now it’s about painting a picture of the noosphere and how we make it out to be…




Evolution = Mind x omnidirectional communication

Multiple journeys in a single moment…now!
Scenes from the last fairy tale, the next new mythOS c.1979

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