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Issue 4: The Future We’re Planting

  • Ghost Debate: Donald Trump vs Greta Thunberg
  • Is Humankind a Sustainable Project?
  • Poisoned Environmentalism: Corruption Inside NGOs and Green Businesses
  • Green is Good: How Green Tech Can Make Our Planet Safer and Our Lives Better
  • Multiple Personalities and Climate Change: Resolving My Inner Conflict
  • David Holmgren on Permaculture and the Modern Environmentalism Movement
  • An Antidote to Monoculture Farming? Terra Booma and Agroforestry in Chapada dos Veadeiros
  • I Think I Want to Be a Tree When I Die…
  • 5 Steps to Sleep While the World is Burning


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Issue 3: Cults and Gurus

Who would ever willingly choose to join a cult and follow a guru? Actually, at some point in our lives, many of us will following the teachings of a guru and long for the community and connection that comes from being part of a cult. This issue of Tribe explores the many dimensions of cults and gurus, exploring the positive aspects as well as their more sinister side.

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Issue 2: The Air You Breathe

Before it’s too late, we want to invite you to journey with us and explore some fresh perspectives on the air you breathe. Each breath you take brings you a new portion of life. You can sleepwalk completely disconnected from it, or you can bring awareness and purpose to your breath.

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Issue 1: The Anarchy of Personal Development

The first issue of Tribe. This issue explores the underlying vision of Ideapod - creating a movement of people pursuing the anarchy of personal growth.

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