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Out of the Box by Rudá Iandê

A blissful cyber-shamanic journey of self-exploration for developing your personal power and reframing your reality

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We're going to be blunt...

…but you’re here because something is wrong.  

Maybe you’re worn down from constantly struggling to maintain healthy relationships…

…perhaps you’re seeking greater prosperity…

…or you could be exhausted from endless life frustrations.

But no matter what it is, one thing is clear, you believe you could be in a better place than where you’re at right now.

And we agree. 


Before we continue, we want to make one thing perfectly clear…

Out of the Box is UNLIKE any other self-help workshop you’ve ever come across. 

We don’t preach “positivity” for the sake of positivity.

We don’t guarantee you’ll wake up tomorrow and feel great about yourself.

And we DO NOT tell you your journey will be easy. 

Because, no matter what any of the self-help “gurus” tell you…

…none of it is true. 

In fact, much of what we’ve been taught about self-improvement is a lie. 


From the corporate elites telling us what we need, to the politicians ordering us to defer to them, to our family, friends and religion commanding us to fall in line…

…if you’re feeling weak, anxious, depressed, or just confused, understand this…

…the problem is not you.

 It’s the external forces (educational conditioning, societal programming, self-created expectations) which sink their claws into us at a young age, and without us ever knowing it, shape our minds and turn us into easily manipulated sheep all-too-eager to jump through every artificial hoop set in front of us. 

Our workshop is an antidote to the soul-killing poison being served us by fake gurus, religions, corporate elites, and political agendas.

Now to be clear…

There’s nothing wrong with having ambitions, external goals, of desires for material wealth.

But they must be YOUR ambitions, goals and desires.

And understanding this is the beginning of breaking free of the matrix and discovering true self-empowerment. 

Which is why we’d like to say…

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Welcome to Out of the Box

Led by world-renowned shaman, Rudá Iandê, Out of the Box pushes aside the usual “feel-good” shamanistic mysticism and instead offers you a practical self-development program which promises you one thing…

…if you make a sincere effort to apply it’s teachings, you’ll unleash a personal power which makes you stronger, more confident, and more peaceful than you ever thought you could be. 

So how special is Out of the Box?

Well, for starters, you get…

25 Lessons

Rudá Iandê is going to sweep away your doubts and show you how to connect with your purpose, enhance your personal power and live the life of your dreams (this will be through exclusive videos, challenges, exercises and a whole bunch more).

An Exclusive Program

Rudá hasn't just created a program to help, he's created a program to teach you how to RESHAPE YOUR REALITY. By practicing his teachings 10-20 minutes per day over 16-weeks, you'll develop into something stronger, more clear-minded, and achieve greater peace than you've experienced in a very long time.

A Unique Opportunity

Rudá hasn't just created a program to help, he's created a program to teach you how to RESHAPE YOUR REALITY. By practicing his teachings 10-20 minutes per day over 16-weeks, you'll develop into something stronger, more clear-minded, and achieve greater peace than you've experienced in a very long time.

The breakthrough method of Out of the Box will help you create a new blueprint for your life.

Rudá Iandé introduces Out of the Box and explains what changes it will bring to your life in the video below.

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What is Out of the Box?

Out of the Box is an online workshop for people who are truly ready to achieve success in life.

And the way this is done is by learning to live our lives in alignment with our true nature. 

But what does this mean?

Well, as human beings, we have been gifted with the capacity to imagine – this brings with an often overwhelming abundance of myths, concepts, ideologies and religions. 

And what happens next, is quite subtle yet unintentionally sinister…

You see, as children, we become imprisoned by many false myths and concepts which disrespect who we are as human beings, limiting our capacity to achieve success in life on our own terms. 

We end up seeing ourselves in an extraordinarily limited way. We conform to what society expects of us. We live our lives based on expectations which are not truly ours. We end up basing our lives not only on the expectations of family and close friends, but also from societal expectations which are deeply planted in our subconscious mind.

It’s like a waking dream where over decades we unknowingly walk away from ourselves and burn through a precious life never to get another chance. 

Out of the Box is an online workshop which saves you from that. 

It invites you to rip the veils off our manipulative world and explore the mystery behind the mask. 

With Rudá Iandê as your guide, you’ll experience a 16-week program (loaded with video and written lessons, exercises and challenges, self-exploration quests, guided meditations and much more) to wake you up out of the matrix. 

To show you just how powerful and resourceful you really are. 

And to give you the tools necessary to develop your innermost self so you can redesign your destiny and take the reigns of your life.

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An invitation for you to build a connection with your true self

At some point, everyone needs to ask themselves:

How well do you know yourself?

How much of yourself have you truly explored?

Do you want to know how powerful you really are?

Will you risk leaving behind your preconceived view of yourself and the world to explore new dimensions of reality?

Out of the Box is much more than an online workshop. 

It’s an invitation. 

One for you to explore your most authentic core, your uniqueness, your creativity.

image003 Out of the Box Journey Overview - Inner Beast Masterclass

This is not a typical "new-age" program in self-development

Simply put, there’s a BIG problem with the majority of so-called “new-age gurus”.

They’ll tell you that you can quickly change your life and accomplish your dreams by hyper-positive talk of “defeating your anxieties,” “confronting your fears” and “healing your shadow side.”

We’ll tell you right now this is a myth.

It’s a beautiful myth, but it leads to disempowerment and frustration.

And it isn’t what you’ll encounter with Out of the Box.

Because while Rudá Iandê will guide you on a grounded journey of self-discovery to get to know yourself at a very deep level, he won’t throw you in a fight against your mind and emotions.  

And when it comes to becoming a stronger and happier version of yourself, the reality is that long-term success only occurs when there’s commitment to truly challenge your thoughts and your preconceived concepts about yourself and about life.  

This is not about feel-good platitudes or daily affirmations…

…it’s about facing up your inner-beasts (which you’ve been told over and over again are bad for you), looking them in the eye and MAKING FRIENDS with them.

Within this program, you’ll get the knowledge and tools to detoxify your mind from all the spiritual, religious, ideological and educational bullsh*t which has limited you nearly every day of your life.

And when this happens, you’re going to unleash an intense level of personal power, unshackle creativity you never knew you had, and finally start living a life of authenticity – one which reawakens a deep connection with your true nature. 

So we ask you…have you had enough of wearing your social mask?

Are you sick of allowing external mechanisms and institutions lie to you, control you, and bully you around?

Are you tired of playing the frustrating game of pursuing empty goals?

Do you want to explore the mystery of who you are in order to discover a far more fertile, profound and yourful life experience?

Then join us in Out of the Box.

Meet your instructor, Rudá Iandê

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Rudá Iandê is a world-renowned shaman who has helped thousands of people to align their lives with their instinct, consciousness and true nature. His knowledge is unique because it comes from allying ancient shamanic knowledge with a modern day focus on helping people to drive change in their lives. In Rudá’s own words:

ruda here again Out of the Box Journey Overview - Inner Beast Masterclass

“My work is unique because it comes from the essential knowledge in my core, from my intuition and from my talent, which has been refined over more than 25 years of practice, during which I have been working with thousands of clients from all over the world. I share this knowledge with people who value it and dedicate their time and energy to a purpose: that of knowing themselves. My language is not mystical, it is practical. I instigate people to overcome their limitations. I believe true spirituality should generate impact on the material and day-to-day dimension. I only believe in knowledge that can be applied, that drives change.

“I will not offer you a miraculous cure, but I will put you face to face with the causes of your physical and emotional imbalances, helping you transcend them by employing your own personal power. Nor will I give you ready-made formulas of performance and immediate success, but I will show you your inner resources, so that together we can seek and polish your deepest dreams. My purpose is to lead you beyond the barriers of your intellect and your need for control, so that you can access the mystery of your being and, from this primal source, get the clarity, the knowledge and the power to live your personal legend, rooted in the purpose of your existence and materializing your deepest ideals.”

How your live improves when you start living "out of the box"

Your experience of living life “out of the box” will be different to others and unique to you.


… you can expect to experience the following improvements to your life.

Find yourself and build an authentic connection with the "real you"

Every day you’re bombarded with news, posts, ads and propaganda designed to disconnect you from who you really are and manipulate you. It’s almost impossible not to get lost.

When you're lost, the most effective way to "find yourself is to build an authentic connection with your true nature. Out-of-the-Box guides you through this process - integrating your mind, body and spirit so you can meet your true self, and express yourself from this place.

Align how you think with your deeper instinct

One of the biggest issues we face is suffering a disconnect between our conscious thoughts (i.e. the surface thoughts we're aware of) and our deeper instinct (our true desires, fears...etc.). This means we're not pursuing what we truly want, but rather, simply reacting to what we've been told.

Out-of-the-Box shows you how to enhance the creative power that resides in your guts - freeing yourself from external stimuli and giving you the awareness and strength to live the life you were meant to.

Learn how to love yourself, no matter what happens in life

Too often we allow external events to control how we feel about ourselves. But by embracing the mystery of life and the infinite, undefeatable expanse of your true nature, you'll create the foundation to love matter what happens in life.

Start living life on your own terms

Many of our anxieties and insecurities can be directly traced to the expectations of others dragging us down. Out-of-the-Box takes you on a journey - one where you'll root out these external aggravators, allowing you to finally experience the liberation of living life according to YOUR desires and who you truly are.

Achieve success in the areas of life which truly nourish you

One of the most powerful sayings of all time is also one of the simplest... "play to your strengths."

And in Out-of-the-Box, you'll create a new blueprint for your life - one which empowers you to live a life aligned with your talents, values, instincts and true nature.

Harness your so-called "negative emotions" of fear, anxiety and insecurity

Forget what you've heard; emotions such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, and even anger, are NOT bad things. In fact they can become very powerful allies. BUT you must know how to harness them properly.

In Out-of-the-Box we'll show you exactly how to do that. Instead of wasting your precious energy fighting against your own emotions, you’ll learn how to channel them for constructive purposes.

What you'll get

Out of the Box is designed as a 16-week online journey to transform you into something stronger than you are now. 

Through a powerful combination of video and written lessons and practical real-world challenges and exercises (all of which you will have lifetime access to, including all future updates), you’ll move through your journey at your own pace with Ruda by your side every step of the way.  

In fact, from your very first moment with Out of the Box, you’ll start to experience a profound connection with your deeper self. By the end of the program, you’ll have the tools to live your life in harmony with your true nature, constructing the life of your dreams. 

And it can all begin today. 

With Out of the Box you'll get:

4 Modules Containing 25 Videos, 18 Challenges & Exercises, and 8 Self-Exploration Quests

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Module 1: Meeting Your True Self

Your journey begins with us helping you reconnect with the true source of your authenticity and creativity… ...your inner nature.

By taking a deep breath and calmly examining the concepts which have shaped your understanding of yourself and your reality up to this point, we'll unravel the influences which are currently forcing limited perspectives on you.

We'll then present you with the tools for breaking through these perspectives, allowing you to start living a life aligned with your true nature.

Module 2: Reclaim Your Power

To reclaim your power as an individual, you first have to confront the fears preventing you from living a life true to yourself.

This isn't always easy.

But by doing this, you'll discover how you can transform your fears from a limiting force in your life into a powerful impetus for creating massive change.

But we go even further than this… ...because you're also going to be armed with powerful tools which enable you to develop a new relationship with your emotions and consciousness, allowing you to fully embrace your true nature.

Module 3: Life is a Dream - Dreaming Your Life

Is your life a dream?

Not exactly.

But how you perceive reality is the result of your deeper belief system and subjective constructions which have shaped your life up to this point.

In this module, we'll turn to an examination of this deeper belief system and subjective constructions, and by using the tools we've learned, help you develop a new blueprint for your life - one that is aligned with your deeper nature.

Module 4: Make it Happen

This is it.

The time for bringing together everything you've learned to complete the final transformation and go to action…

Living life on your own terms and materializing your innermost dreams.

In this final module, we'll provide the tools to help you connect with your most powerful impetus for creating change...something beyond your thoughts…

Your instinct.

Otherwise known as the intelligence of nature within you.

And once you do this, you'll discover the most powerful impetus to life-empowering change of all…

...the ability to make your own emotions work for you rather than against you.

At this point, you'll be on the path to living out your true purpose.


(how we make this an experiential journey)

Anyone can learn descriptive knowledge from reading books and articles online. 

Out of the Box brings your experience of learning to a far deeper level. 

Experiential knowledge is “information and wisdom gained from lived experience”.

And we have a set of incredible bonuses which make this a truly experiential journey.  

Here’s what you’ll gain access to when you join Out of the Box…

Deep Level Exercises To Go Beyond Your "Thinking Mind"

Each of our modules contain video and audio exercises to help you get beyond the “thinking mind” to connect at a deep level with your instinct and consciousness.

Powerful Challenges To Help You Embrace What You Are Learning

Rudá Iandê has specifically designed powerful challenges (there are 2 per module) for you to embrace what you’re learning and apply it into your life.

Self-Exploration Quests

Self-exploration quests take you on a powerful journey within.

They enable you to develop a more powerful understanding about yourself and the concepts which shape your life.

Rudá Iandê has designed 6 self-exploration quests – each one challenging and guiding you to a greater self-awareness, inner-peace, and confident strength.


"Out of the Box for me was a chance to connect on a deeper level with who I really am, shattering all of these pre-conceptions I have about myself. It's very grounded and has a really authentic feel to it. It can be confronting at times, and that makes it even more powerful."
paige here Out of the Box Journey Overview - Inner Beast Masterclass
Paige Talbot
Innovation Manager
"Out of the Box for me was a deep dive into the nature of self, the nature of life and how, as a human being, play into this and what my experience is. And doing so with a group of other people, being guided by a very fantastic human being."
michelle lim Out of the Box Journey Overview - Inner Beast Masterclass
Michelle Lim
"Rudá Iandé is a very authentic person and is really good in giving you a different perspective. He also gives a framework on how to deal with your basic emotions like fear, anger, and frustration and it completely changes how you actually feel."
gosia jurowska Out of the Box Journey Overview - Inner Beast Masterclass
Gosia Kurowska
Fashion Blogger

World class education at a fraction of the price

Rudá Iandê is a globally influential shaman who has shared his teachings to thousands of people individually and in retreats around the world. And yes…

… it’s very difficult to gain access to Rudá on a 1-to-1 level.

Which is why Rudá has partnered with Ideapod to make his teachings available to a much wider audience, at a fraction of the price.

In fact, on a 1-to-1 level, the materials, insights and teachings of what’s available in Out of the Box, will cost THOUSANDS of dollars.

Just check out what your standard life coach charges per hour and you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about with our private elite teachings.

But…our dream isn’t simply about money, it’s to support a global movement of people ripping off their social masks to live lives in harmony with their true nature.

This is why we’ve priced Out of the Box at $895.

Still seem like a lot?

Well, 10 years from now, when the former, easily manipulated you is a dusty memory, and you’ve lived – and are living – a life you feel awesome about, do you think you’ll even remember paying what’s the equivalent of a few cable bills?

What about 5 years from now?

A year from now?

Or even 6 months?

Because in 6 months, yes just 6 months, you can be a stronger, more confident, happier person.

Someone who’s broken free of society’s shackles and finally experiencing life on your own terms.

And at this point, you’ve achieved immeasurable inner wealth.

Okay, now that you know the goal of Out-of-the-Box…

… if you take the first big step towards reclaiming control of your life today, here’s what you’ll gain immediate access to:

And again, while what's listed here costs anyone seeking private training by Rudá Iandê THOUSANDS of dollars… all yours - forever - for only $895 $395

Get started now

This is much more than an online workshop.
You’re about to gain access to a world-renowned shaman who’s helped thousands and will guide you to a life-changing experience.

2 iso compressor Out of the Box Journey Overview - Inner Beast Masterclass

When you enroll in Out of the Box, you’ll gain lifetime access to all materials and future updates. 

In addition… 

…because Ideapod’s life-changing results do not occur overnight, but rather through a challenging, 16-week commitment on your part, we are backed by our 30-day-money-back-guarantee (i.e. if once you begin, you decide you’re not quite up for the challenge, we will.refund 100% of your money).

This means your purchase is risk-free.

So why not start your journey today?

You’ll never look at yourself the same way again…

The full price of Out of the Box is $895. For a limited time you can join for $395.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

When you enroll, you also create a user profile at the same time. To access Out of the Box, simply login to Ideapod and you can easily navigate directly to the workshop.

Yes! Your enrollment in Out of the Box is backed by Ideapod Academy’s 30-day money-back-guarantee. All you need to do is send an email within 30 days to and we’ll process your refund. No questions asked.

Out of the Box has been designed according to a 16-week program, with a clear schedule that we recommend you follow. However, you are free to move through the program at your own pace.

The lessons, videos and exercises have all been broken down into smaller chunks to make it easy to spend 10-20 minutes per day on Out of the Box.

Some people are concerned that they are already living very busy lives and won’t have time for Out of the Box.

To the contrary, Out of the Box is most effective when you are already busy with life! You are able to implement what you learn into your current life as you move through the program step-by-step.

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