The hidden trap of trying to "improve yourself"

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Shattering the myths of the self-improvement industry

A letter from the journey instructor, Justin Brown (founder of Ideapod)

Self-help is a $10 billion industry. But what if the advice that most “gurus” give is bogus?

You’ve probably heard that the key to success is to:

  • Repress your anger to make it go away
  • When you’re down, think positively
  • Visualize your goal to make it come true
  • Repeat affirmations to change how you think.
  • The so-called gurus that give this advice probably have good intentions.

But their advice is completely useless.

The reason is very simple.

This industry is predicated on the notion that you are a broken individual to begin with. There is something wrong with you, and you need to fix it.

How do the gurus recommend you fix it? By following the prescriptions offered by them.

I don’t think this is the most effective approach to personal development.

There is an alternative path to changing your life.

And it comes from making the decision to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

When you take responsibility, you shift focus from external circumstances to what’s happening inside you.

When you take responsibility, you empower your instinct to start operating.

When you take responsibility, you instinctively take action.

The reason this works is because you are not a broken individual to begin with. You already have all of the key elements inside you to take control and improve your life for the better.

These key elements just need to be brought to life.

In my life, taking responsibility was the key to improving my life for the better.

Now I have created the online workshop Developing Your Personal Power, containing a process for you to embed a motor of change deep within. This motor of change will fundamentally change how you interact with the world.

This process offers a 5-step program (with accompanying action steps) to be carried out over a 30-day process.

During this process, you will bring your power back to where it belongs – with you.

It’s about taking control away from other people and external circumstances so you are in full control of your life.

Everything offered in Developing Your Personal Power is based on what has worked in my own life. It’s impacted millions of Ideapod readers already, and for the very first time we’ve put it together in a focused program to deliver real change.

By enrolling in this journey, you are making a powerful decision to live a better life. You’re deciding to turn your obstacles into your greatest ally. You’re embarking on a program of change by living your life according to your deeper purpose.

Join us today and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

justin brown signature Developing Your Personal Power - Taking Responsibility
Justin Brown
Founder, Ideapod

Only 30 Days...

To Re-Engineer Your Life and Create a Motor of Change Deep Within

Without Risking Time, Money and Pain


Justin Brown breaks down how to create a motor of change deep within so you can develop your personal power. 5 modules with lessons, videos and action steps.


You can follow our suggested 30-day schedule or work through the program at your own pace. It's entirely up to you.


There's a private forum where you can connect directly with Justin Brown and the others taking the program. It's a small community so you'll have direct access.

Is this you?

You feel stuck. Held back by the same rut, every day.

You want to change your life, but don’t know how to begin.

You wish for a chance to create a new beginning in your life.

If this is you, then this is your workshop.

Here's what this online journey will do for you

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of, without compromising who you really are.

You know you want to change your life. But you’re afraid of what that involves.

It’s time to break the cycle and do something that will push you forward in life.

The best part:

With this online journey, you don’t need to give up the best part of your life to make changes.

We give you the tools to identify what it is that makes up the “real you”. We then design a new reality around this.

With the skills you learn in this online journey, you’ll finally be living the life of your dreams, and it’s going to come from a very powerful place within.

Identify your true life purpose, and let it drive your forward.

Don’t settle for anything less than living your true purpose.

Because the brutal truth is that you have only one chance at this life.

Join us in this journey and you’ll be given the tools to identify your deeper purpose.

While creating an entirely new reality where this purpose drives you forward from within.

Create a motor of change within that will always be with you, no matter what challenges you face.

Creating your motor of change within is no trivial matter.

It’s the key driving force that the world’s most successful people seem to naturally have.

But there’s a way to jump start your own self development and embed this motor of change deep within.

Once you’ve switched it on, you’ll have the power to face whatever life obstacles are before you.

In this journey, you’ll gain the skills to dramatically jump start your life. Your own motor of change will drive you forward, and it will be impossible for anyone or anything to ever switch it off again.

You Are One Decision from Creating the Most Powerful Kind of Change ... Change That Comes From Within

Take a Journey of Transformation Across 5 Key Dimensions

Take a sneak speak inside the Developing Your Personal Power online journey.

In the previous modules, you will have completed a number of lessons and action steps to learn how to turn challenges into your life into opportunities. You will have also learned how to find your power from your personal challenges in life.

Module 4 now focuses on taking action. The lesson video below is an exercise on completing a short task every day for the next 7 days. Check it out.

Module 1: The Culture of Entitlement and Blame

Begin with shifting the culture of entitlement and blame that exists within everyone, using some of the latest theories of psychology.

  • Discover the origins of blame and culture of entitlement, right to your childhood.
  • Crush the notion that the world owes you anything.
  • Use our action steps to implement a completely new mindset, setting you up for success in later weeks.

Module 2: Finding Your Power

After creating a culture shift, we give you the tools to explore deep inside yourself to find your true source of power.

  • Create a channel from your mind to your soul, supporting you to find your true power.
  • Break through your assumptions that success and fulfillment means visualizing an idealized future and thinking positively.
  • Permanently create the channel deep inside to your true power with our action steps, designed according to the influential psychoanalytic theory known as logotherapy.

Module 3: Putting Things into Perspective

With your new connection with your deeper source of power, we create a whole new perspective around the so-called obstacles and challenges in your life.

  • Utilizing the latest pschological research, create an entirely new perception around what you previously saw as obstacles in your life.
  • We reveal the “dark side” of too much positive thinking.
  • Take a deeper look within yourself and learn to harness the mystery, beauty and magic inside of you.

Module 4: Taking Action

We have now assembled the motor of change and embedded it deep within you. Here, we outline a series of powerful action steps to move you forward in the life you really want, deep down.

  • Design an entirely new mindset that makes “just doing it” an easy and natural thing to do.
  • Create massive momentum in your life by designing it around incremental goals that actually move you forward.
  • Action steps create a powerful mindset shift, grounded in the latest psychological research.

Module 5: Creating Your Reality & Purpose

We’ve created the motor of change deep within and it’s moving you forward in life. The question is, which direction is it heading?

  • Learn the profound process for discovering the true purpose that has always existed inside you, based on the teachings of the shaman Rudá Iandê.
  • Create an entirely new reality around your true purpose.
  • Create a connection between your purpose, reality and forward momentum that comes from your own motor of change.
justin brown 2 Developing Your Personal Power - Taking Responsibility
Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod

Over $2,000 total value

​To get these kinds of results, people spend thousands of dollars to hire one-on-one coaches for a few sessions a month.

But this journey gives you the tools to make it happen yourself, for a fraction of the cost.

Each module contains:

  • An overview of the theory behind each module, including the latest research on personal responsibility and achieving success.
  • Detailed action steps. Take action immediately to implement positive change in your life.
  • Videos by Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod. Justin summarizes the key points in each module, outlines the action steps in more detail, and provides practical examples of how taking responsibility helped him transform his own life.
  • Recommended readings, including free web resources, which help you understand each topic in more depth.

Get started immediately

Special offer! Enroll today and get lifetime access to Developing Your Personal Power at a significantly reduced rate.

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Remember – individual coaching costs thousands of dollars and often leaves you reliant on the coach.

This program is different. It empowers you to create change in your life, on your own.

It’s also backed by a 30-day money-back-guarantee. If you feel unsatisfied after making your purchase, we’ll refund your money any time within 30 days. No questions asked.

Developing Your Personal Power - Taking Responsibility (Online Workshop)

$ 27
  • 5 modules, 20 lessons
  • 15 videos by Justin Brown
  • Private forum moderated by Justin Brown
  • Lifetime access to all future improvements
  • 30-day money-back-guarantee


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The one condition of this refund policy is that you complete all of the lessons and modules in order to give the workshop a good chance. This is in your interests as it’s the best way to benefit from making these changes in your life.

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No! We recommend completing the online journey according to a 30 day schedule. We also provide some email updates according to this schedule to help you on your journey. But it’s entirely optional. You get immediate access to all of the modules and lessons and can complete it at your own pace. Some people complete the program in 15 days. Others do it over the course of a year. It’s entirely up to you.