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The Hidden Trap of Trying to Improve Yourself

Ideapod Founder Justin Brown will make the case for why you should stop trying to improve yourself and explain what you should do instead. He’ll do this by outlining 5 common myths in the self-help industry and why you should let these go. Finally, he’ll present a framework for understanding your own personal power, resulting in a significant change in your mindset.

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justin brown here he is The Hidden Trap of "Improving Yourself" - Free Masterclass - Ideapod Academy

The Dangerous Myths of the Self-Help Industry

In this salon, you’ll learn the 5 most common myths of the self-help industry and why they’re so dangerous. Justin will also share a powerful 5-step process for creating change within, helping you to immediately create a different relationship with yourself from a place of power. This salon is completely free.

What: An Ideapod salon where we explore ideas and promote new ways of thinking

When: It’s playing now. Register below

Why: Because there are a number of pervasive myths in the self-improvement industry that need to be challenged and overturned

How long: This salon is 32 minutes

Cost: Completely free

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