Osho explains why “f*ck” is the most versatile word ever created

The English language has its fair share of colorful and versatile worlds.

But perhaps, none takes the crown other than the word “f*ck.”

What other word can be used in hundreds of situations? As a verb, adjective, noun… you name it.

Try to wrack your brain for another word as versatile and magical as “f*ck.”

Did you come up with anything?

Din’t think so.

And famous Indian Guru Osho definitely agrees in the hilarious video below.

The spiritual guru said:

“One of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word ‘f*ck’. It is one magical word: just by its sound it can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love.

“In language, it falls into many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb, both transitive and intransitive, and as a noun. It can be used as an adjective.

“As you can see there are not many words with the versatility of ‘f*ck’. Besides the intimate meaning, there are also the following uses:

Fraud: I got f*cked at the used car lot.
Ignorance: F*cked if I know.
Trouble: I guess I am f*cked now!
Aggression: F*ck you!
Displeasure: What the f*ck is going on here?
Difficulty: I can’t understand this f*cking job.
Incompetence: He is a f*ck-off.
Suspicion: What the f*ck are you doing?
Enjoyment: I had a f*cking good time.
Request: Get the f*ck out of here!
Hostility: I am going to knock your f*cking head off!
Greeting: How the f*ck are you?
Apathy: Who gives a f*ck?
Innovation: Get a bigger f*cking hammer.
Surprise: F*ck! You scared the shit out of me!
Anxiety: Today is really f*cked.

“And it is very healthy too. If every morning you do it as a Transcendental Meditation – just when you get up, the first thing, repeat the mantra ‘F*ck you!’ five times – it clears the throat. That’s how I keep my throat clear!”

Osho is many things to many people. He’s a philosopher, charismatic spiritual leader, mystic, and many more.

One thing is for sure, he was wise… and definitely humorous.

What do you think? Do you want to follow his advice?

Osho’s 10 Non-commandements

You can definitely learn a thing or two from the famous Zen master.

When asked to list his 10 commandments, he famously said, just for fun:

  1. Never obey anyone’s command unless it is coming from within you.
  2. There is no God other than life itself.
  3. Truth is within you, do not search for it elsewhere.
  4. Love is prayer.
  5. To become a nothingness is the door to truth. Nothingness itself is the means, the goal and attainment.
  6. Life is now and here.
  7. Live wakefully.
  8. Do not swim—float.
  9. Die each moment so that you can be new each moment.
  10. Do not search. That which is, is. Stop and see.

Now those are definitely some wise words to live by.

Notable replies

  1. ACD says:

    Bloody hell! Fuck is more important than God? What the Osho ! People in Christian societies used to say, instead of fuck, “God help me” or any number of other exclamations inspired by religious faith. Now, in a society wherein fewer and fewer give a fuck about religion, nobody knows fuck-all except fuck. And we need a Zen guru to tell us this? God help us !

  2. When I was a child back in the 50s a man who frequented my dads motorcycle shop used to speak in profanity constantly. It was later explained to me that he had Tourette Syndrome and was not responsible for his poor choice of words. Ever since then I have viewed people who speak frequently with profanity that they had some problem and really did not know better or were not able to control how they spoke. Also I learned that words are just that and people can use or misuse them. I do not get upset by words nore am I impressed by words. I am able to understand the meaning of collections of words but often people do not have the ability to deliver rational thoughts using the vocabulary available to them. This can be noticed during conversations about politics, religion and human relationships. I trust that Ideapod will provide the highest standards for people to follow as they post.

  3. ML1 says:

    Voilà, voilà ! Je crois que c’est une autre manière de regarder les choses, de se défaire de nos circuits habituels de perception pour en acquérir d’autres, et d’en revenir plus riche, change…

  4. ACD says:


    I think it is laziness evidenced by a general disregard of decorum and want of consideration of others. Speech is action.

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