15 ways to know if someone is thinking of you (telepathy)

Have you ever stopped for a moment had the feeling someone is strongly thinking about you?

It’s a flattering and comforting thought.

There also be nefarious reasons why someone is thinking about you.

Maybe someone is cursing you inside their mind. Or harboring a dangerous obsession towards you.

It may be far-fetched, but there is actually a way to figure out if you’re running through someone’s thoughts.

Deep down, each of us have a strong but underused connection to the world we inhabit.

You might have the sense that someone is watching you from afar, even if you can’t see them.

Or the gut feeling when something significant is about to happen.

Or the intuitive, instinctive feelings that allow us to make “lucky” guesses.

If we tap into this sense, we can start to understand if someone is thinking of us, even if we are physically apart.

So how do you know if someone is thinking about you?

To guide you on these signs, here is a list of the major ways to tell if someone is thinking about you:

1) You get the hiccups.

Random, out-of-the-blue hiccups are considered to be a telepathic signal.

In fact, sudden hiccups are often associated with negative thoughts or bad-mouthing.

Meaning, that if you happen to get hiccups with no explanation, there could be someone thinking or speaking ill of you.

The good news is that there might be a way for you to tell who it is.

Keep track of every time you get random hiccups and take note of who are the people around you when these occur.

If there is one common person there at each time, he or she is likely the culprit for directing negative energy towards you.

You can steer clear of them, tactfully probe them, or look for proof before confronting them.

Do keep in mind that you’re looking for inexplicable hiccups. Make sure to rule out the following:

  • Medications
  • Health conditions
  • Eating in excess
  • Drinking in excess
  • Eating too quickly
  • Nerve-irritating diseases
  • Abdominal surgery

2) There’s a burning sensation in your ears or your cheeks.

If you feel a burning sensation running in your ears or cheeks it can be a sign that someone is intently thinking about you.

You don’t remember feeling embarrassed. You didn’t put on any blush. You don’t feel particularly warm nor feverish. No part of you is experiencing inflammation and the weather isn’t cold yet.

So why are you so red?

Pay attention to these telephatic signs that someone is thinking of you.

Some people believe sudden redness or a burning, tingling sensation is a sign that someone is thinking about you — but maybe not in a good way.

It feels like the aftermath of a hard slap. Your face tingles and burns hotly flushed red rather than a soft blush.

The blood rushes to your cheeks or your ears and you warm up instantly.

If this is what you’re feeling, someone is definitely thinking about you in a negative way.

It’s likely that they’re badmouthing you behind your back; instead of hitting you directly, they’re slapping you with words.

Other people also believe that if your ears suddenly grow hot, it indicates that someone has more romantic feelings towards you.

And at that moment, they are thinking about you in a passionate way.

It could be difficult to distinguish between loving or hateful thoughts because they manifest physically in a similar way.

If you’re confused about it, try to sense if what you’re feeling is more positive or negative. It could help you determine exactly what kind of thoughts are being thought about you.

3) You suddenly sneeze.

One belief, especially in Asian cultures, is that when someone is thinking about you, you repeatedly sneeze or your nose may start to twitch and itch.

Sometimes, these thoughts may also manifest as a cough that came out of nowhere, like a reflex to clear your throat.

This sign is not applicable if you’re sick, of course. And be sure you’re not around pollen, mold, dust, or some other allergen that could trigger your sneezing.

If it feels like you’re suddenly sneezing for no discernible reason, it’s a good chance you’re in someone else’s thoughts. But what kind?

Tradition dictates that if it’s two consecutive sneezes, someone is thinking of you negatively.

On the other hand, three consecutive sneezes and more signifies positive thoughts directed your way.

This person is probably missing you, wishing you well, or having romantic thoughts about you.

4) You have dream contact with the person.

In dreams, people are more open to telepathic connections. Because you’re relaxed and rested, you’re not actively guarding yourself against energies trying to make contact with you.

Dreams are usually a mystery to us, however. They could signal a special encounter, a warning of things to come, or impending change.

Intense and vivid dreams where you meet the same person, again and again, can indicate that someone is thinking about you.

But did you know that there’s actually a way understand these dreams better?

In this course called Ybytu by renowned shaman Ruda Iande, you will learn about shamanic breathing techniques that can solidify and strengthen your connection with the universe. 

These breathing techniques can help you realign every cell in your body to be in perfect harmony with the universe. When this happens, you’re able to understand not just your dreams, but your connection with this person that you’re dreaming about, too.

Maybe they’re missing you and thinking actively about you — or maybe there’s a whole other reason that you might not know about, which this course can also help you discover.

If you want to know for sure, click here for the free course.

5) You get a random eye itch or twitch.

Signs exist to tell you that someone likes you that you might experience a random itching or twitching in your eye.

These uncontrollable eye movements signify that they are thinking of you immensely and channeling your energy in the process.

The meaning changes depending on the eye and your gender.

For men, an itching or twitching right eye indicates positive thoughts, while an itching or twitching left eye indicates negative thoughts.

It’s the opposite for women: the right eye is for negative thoughts while the left eye is for positive ones.

It’s important to eliminate other potential reasons for your eye itching or twitching, such as allergies, insect bites, stress, diet, sleep deprivation, tiredness, or a serious eye condition.

If any of these are a possibility, don’t overlook the need for medical attention.


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6) A butterfly landed on you.

If you encounter a butterfly, it can be sign that someone is thinking about you.

In many different cultures, butterflies are considered to be spiritual beings and messengers of change.

They are believed to help in transmitting energy from person to person, so a butterfly landing on you means someone is sending thought-energies in your direction.

If you’re in an area where fluttering butterflies are rare and one lands on you or comes close to you, it’s a strong psychic sign from the universe.

Butterflies symbolize change and rebirth as they transform through life in different stages of metamorphosis, the Greek word for transformation.

A butterfly landing on you indicates something more mystical; unlike other signs, butterflies are thought to be signs from a deceased loved one or a powerful, spiritual being.

Different colors have different meanings:

White: White is the color of purity and innocence, so many people associate it with heaven. Some people interpret white butterflies landing to be a message from an angel or a deceased loved one who is watching over you. A pure, white butterfly is a positive and hopeful sign.

Brown: Not to be confused for their fuzzier, plump moth cousins, brown butterflies are believed to be sent by people who recently passed away but love you deeply. Seeing a brown butterfly could be a message from them to let you know they’re guarding you.

Blue: Blue butterflies are rare in the wild, so they are often thought to be a sign of good luck or fulfilled wishes. As blue butterflies are a serene, calming presence, having one come near you may mean that someone wants you to take it easy.

7) You find a white feather.

White feathers can be interpreted as a sign that someone who is far gone is thinking about you intently.

White feathers usually turn up after you’ve lost someone who meant a lot to you.

It’s a touching sign of hope to see a white feather after someone you loved has just passed away.

White feathers symbolize that your loved one is now in a better place and that they’re thinking of you.

Coming across a white feather is a reminder that you can rest easy because they are okay, watching over you and wishing for your happiness.

Seeing a white feather after grieving a loss is a gift from the universe that says ‘all is well’.

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8) Goosebumps appear on your skin.

Feeling goosebumps race through your body can be a sign that someone is intently thinking about you.

Hair-raising circumstances like remembering exciting memories, witnessing something beautiful, or experiencing something terrifying like a rollercoaster ride often lead to goosebumps.

They may even occur as a reaction to cold weather.

However, if you get goosebumps for no reason, it is a surefire sign that someone is manifesting you and is thinking of you.

This person’s thoughts are reaching your subconscious mind as energy transmissions. It’s most likely that they find you attractive or are drawn to you.

Those tender thoughts are translated into goosebumps and they could even be experiencing them at the same time you are.

Although it’s difficult to connect goosebumps to someone specific, the person in question may have heightened psychic abilities because they can transmit clear, energetic signs.

It may be best to proceed with caution when dealing with this person.

9) You experience discomfort while eating.

If you experience strong discomfort while you are having a meal, it can be sign that someone is focusing on you a great deal.

Imagine you’re quietly eating. You’re not rushing your meal; in fact, you’re chewing really well and savoring each bite.

You’re enjoying the food and there really is no reason for anything bad to happen.

Suddenly, you feel discomfort and it’s like the food won’t go down your esophagus smoothly.

You might even end up coughing or choking, careful as you were.

It’s not a weird accident. Sensing discomfort while eating could be a result of energies transmitted to you.

If someone around you is experiencing stress or tension, their energy is affecting your body so it responds in kind.

If no one is around you, then it’s more likely someone is thinking of you.

They might be feeling tension while you’re on their mind, which causes you to feel the tension even from far away. Negative or bad thoughts are reaching your subconscious telepathically.

10) There’s a sense of unexplained physical touch.

Have you had the sensation of being touched even though no one is close to you? This can be a startling sign that someone is thinking or talking about you, which manifests as energy vibrations.

Depending on the intensity of how that person feels towards you, their energy is transmitted as non-physical touch.

You can tell if they have good or bad intentions through the feeling of the touch itself. A gentle caress is often soothing and reassuring.

Sometimes, it could be the soul of a loved one who unexpectedly passed, trying to provide some comfort before moving on.

An unpleasant or uncomfortable touch, on the other hand, may be sending sad, angry, or negative intentions toward you.

Either way, you’re probably connected to someone with strong, telepathic abilities.

11) You feel sudden emotional swings.

If you feel a sudden emotional swing, it can be a sign that you are picking up a message from someone thinking intently about you.

Emotions can be misleading, especially if you’re a natural empath.

Empaths have a tough time because they pick up on other people’s emotions and energies all the time. It’s easy for an empath to grow confused over the source of their feelings: is it actually theirs?

If you experience a sudden switch of emotions, they may actually belong to someone else.

Imagine having a bad day and you suddenly enter a peaceful state of mind. Maybe you feel a jolt of sadness out of the blue, even if no one is nearby.

These could be the thoughts of someone emotionally attached to you.

And this could also be one reason why you can’t stop thinking about someone you barely knew.

Depending on the intensity of their thoughts, they may interrupt the flow of your energy and alter your emotions, unsettling you.

If you want to learn if the emotions are yours, it’s important to be in touch with your inner being first.

You have to be more cognizant of your emotions and how they are tied to the energy inside and outside of you.

Having a clear baseline can guide you to accept or reject inexplicable feelings that occur.

But I get it, letting those feelings out can be hard, especially if you’ve spent so long trying to stay in control of them.

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12) Synchronicities occur.

Have you ever experienced thinking about someone, then receiving a call or a message from them later in the day? This can be a strong sign that someone is thinking a great deal about you.

Or maybe they were on your mind while you were out shopping and you suddenly bump into them.

If you’ve been having a lot of “I was just thinking about you!” incidents with people who haven’t seen you in a long time, it probably didn’t happen accidentally.

Most likely, your precognition and intuition were at work so your thoughts drew them to you. The converse can happen as well.

If you encounter someone whom you haven’t seen for a while out-of-the-blue, you were probably on their mind beforehand.

14) There’s tension in your mind.

If you are feeling a great deal of physical tension in your mind, it might be that someone else is intently focused on you.

You may also be asking the question, “How do you know if you like someone?”

The fairly unexplored human mind has limitless power and it’s difficult to set boundaries on it. Think of how many ideas, solutions, and thoughts are processed by your brain, day in and day out.

So if something happens to your mind all of a sudden — like moments when you can’t focus or your mind feels like it’s everywhere — there is a good chance that someone out there is thinking of you and trying to communicate with you subconsciously.

This tension may exhibit itself as a physical reaction as well.

You might be drinking water and it suddenly “went down the wrong pipe” or eating something slowly but end up choking on the food.

Your mind is forming this tension because it can feel your name coming out of someone else’s mouth.

It wants you to be alert and wary of your surroundings.

After all, if there are no reasons for something to happen, why did it happen to you?

The best possible explanation is that the negative energy affected your mind like a slap from a distance.

15) You feel a rush of energy.

Have you ever experienced a sudden rush of uplifting energy? Or a surge of motivation? This can also be a sign that someone is thinking of you a great deal.

Human minds are truly remarkable instruments, capable of sensing negative energy and bad-mouthing.

You don’t really have to see that someone is talking about you behind your back. Sometimes, you can just sense it and it feels off.

The same is true if the mind is sensing that someone loves and supports us, even if we’re miles away from each other. By paying attention, you’ll be aware of telepathic signs this person is falling in love with you.

In cases like this, you may feel a sudden burst of energy when someone is thinking about you positively.

It may have been transmitted because they’re thinking fondly of you and wishing you well, like a switch that flips you from being down and depressed into someone who is more vibrant and alive.

It’s possible that another person’s kind thoughts have helped you feel better. And it could also be that someone is thinking of you sexually. 

Deeply connected couples can sense this phenomenon when they uplift each others’ energies and overall feelings.

In more intense situations, they might even be able to send physical sensations through their minds to tell their partner that they’re thinking of them.

It may feel like a fleeting touch on a cheek or a comforting pat on the back.

Open your mind to possibilities

Few people truly believe in telepathic phenomena and energetic transmissions.

It’s totally fine if you don’t believe in it either.

However there is a great deal that we don’t understand about the mind and universe.

One things is certain – our thoughts can be powerful tools, while the human mind can be a gateway to extraordinary things. Our thoughts inform and create the way we experience the world around us.

So if something odd suddenly happens to you and you think another person’s thoughts are infiltrating your brain, it’s best to simply send positive vibes in return.

Is there really any harm in that?

If it is something that resonates with you and you gain a stronger sense of connection with, then feel free to try.

The harm can come from doing something because someone else tells you to do so.

It’s important to make sure that any sign interpretation, techniques and suggested methods for exploring your inner and outer world feel authentic to you.

If you do it because you want a specific outcome or because someone else is telling you it’s the truth, approach with caution.

Even well-meaning guides, gurus and experts can get it wrong. 

The result is that you end up achieving the opposite of what you’re searching for. You get your hopes hung up high on certain expectations and then experience even more disappointment. 

You do more to harm yourself than to heal.

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us can fall into the toxic spirituality trap.

He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey. 

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about empowering yourself. Not about manipulating others, suppressing emotions, nor judging others, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core. 

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

Even if you’re well into your spiritual journey, it’s never too late to take a deeper, critical look and reality check into the myths you’ve bought for truth. 

Remember the most important signal you have is your own judgment.

It’s important to tune in and connect with this most authentic part of yourself.

It’s important to live your glorious life. It’s the only one you’ve got.






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