The top 19 jobs for empaths that make use of their rare talents

We all know that empaths are special people. They have an uncanny ability to understand the emotions of other people, animals, and even objects.

That’s why a lot of empaths find themselves working in the human services field as counselors, teachers, and social workers.

When it comes to finding a job that is fulfilling for an empath, there are many options out there from those that involve working with other people to those that involve working mostly by themselves.

Before we get into the top 19 jobs for an empath, let’s first define what an empath is.

What is an empath?

Empaths are often described as highly sensitive people. This means that they have an acute awareness of their surroundings, and feel more than others.

They have heightened internal awareness, and are often receptive to what is going on around them.

They connect with other people on a deep level, picking up on the emotions that everyone is experiencing.

It is important to know that empaths will thrive in a career that they are passionate about.

They are usually intelligent and deep, and putting their complex emotions and thoughts towards a purpose can lead to excellent results.

So without further ado, here are the top 19 best jobs for empaths:

1. Interpreter

This is a great job for empaths who are bilingual and speak two languages.

Being able to help others communicate in another language can be a rewarding career choice.

Empaths are naturally empathetic, so they will be able to help people on an emotional level as well.

Interpreting for people in hospitals, schools or any type of place where language barriers exist is an amazing way for empaths to use their abilities and do something that they love.

2. Therapist

Did you know that therapists are ranked as one of the best jobs for empaths?

Therapists work to help people solve problems and manage their emotions.

Empathy is important for a therapist to have, and empaths obviously have empathy in spades.

They enjoy the opportunity to listen and understand someone else’s feelings.

Empaths often find that therapeutic work is a great way for them to use their unique skills to help others.

3. Social Worker

Empaths will find social work a fulfilling career.

They will go above and beyond, helping others in need and seeking to make their life better.

They may be working with drug addicts or helping people who are grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Empaths carry themselves with a beautiful type of kindness, and they enjoy helping others.

Social work is very rewarding in this way.

4. Writer

The unique gifts that empaths have can be used for writing.

Their gift for understanding people on an emotional level can come in very handy when writing.

Empaths are also natural storytellers and will often enjoy getting their complex thoughts and emotions jotted down on a page.

This job is great for empaths who enjoy their creativity and want to express themselves on a deeper level.

Readers will feel the emotions of their words.

Empaths also have many thoughts and emotions, and writing them down helps them structure the information in their heads.

7. Librarian

When empaths work as librarians, they will be able to be around books all day long.

Most empaths usually love reading, so being a librarian suits them well.

Librarians are skilled at finding information for people. They’re patient, detail-oriented, and dedicated to assisting others.

8. Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists help people cope with their disabilities and limitations. They use a variety of techniques including psychotherapy, ergonomics, and vocational rehabilitation.

What makes this such a great job for empaths is that they will be able to care for others and help them navigate the world and find their place in it.

As we’ve mentioned, empaths have strong empathy so they’re able to help people who are in need.

9. Counselor

Understanding and being compassionate for others is a natural gift for an empath.

This type of work is perfect for them because they have the ability to sit with someone who is going through something tough and help guide them through.

In order to be a counselor, you need to have a degree in social work, psychology, or counseling.

10. Psychologist

Empaths are naturally inclined towards helping others.

Empaths are very empathic and empathy is an important trait for a psychologist.

Psychologists work with all types of people with all types of problems, and empaths are great and understanding and communicating with all these different people.

11. Spiritual healer/ counselor

Empaths feel energy around them intensely, and this makes them excellent spiritual healers.

Whether it is something as simple as reiki, or much more involved such as chakra balancing and astral projecting, empaths will benefit others by bringing these healing energies to them.

They’re also very caring and understand what other people are feeling, which is an essential trait for a spiritual healer.

This can be a very rewarding career for an empath.

12. Therapist

If the empath has a calling to help others on a mental level, then becoming a therapist is a great career choice for them.

Sometimes people just need someone to talk to and an empathetic ear is just what they need.

Therapists will often find themselves dealing with people who are struggling with their personal lives.

They can be both a listener and a counselor to the person, helping them through the issues that are troubling them.

13. Research Scientist

The research scientist is the perfect occupation for empaths who want to be able to change careers often or who enjoy working in a laboratory.

The typical duties of a research scientist include designing experiments, collecting data, analyzing data, and publishing their findings.

Empaths are usually quite intellectual, so being a scientist suits them. It’s also great for the empaths who just want to work alone and take a break from absorbing the emotions of others.

Though it’s typical for this job to require an advanced degree in science, some people are able to work their way up from an entry-level position.

14. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are healthcare professionals who work with patients to diagnose, assess, and treat various medical problems.

They fall between nurses and doctors- near the top of the health care hierarchy.

A nurse practitioner’s job is great for an empath because they care for other people, particularly those who are going through a tough time physically and/or mentally.

15. Career Counselor

Empaths are great at understanding and guiding others through the workplace and career difficulties they may be facing.

Intuitive and insightful, an empath can offer great advice on what career path someone should follow.

This is because they understand other people so well and they can put themselves in their shoes.

Often empathic people find themselves as counselors, therapists or psychologists because they can provide such valuable advice for those who need it most.

16. Veterinarian

Veterinarians are compassionate people who consider it a privilege to help animals in need.

Empaths love animals, so it makes perfect sense for them to have a career as a veterinarian.

Empaths are very sensitive to all living things, particularly animals. This is why empaths are great Veterinarians because they deeply care for animals.

They want to help animals live healthy, happy lives.

17. Lifestyle/life coach

Empaths love helping others, and this can be a great career for them if they have the calling to help others on a life coaching level.

This type of coaching can be done in a one-on-one situation, or in a group setting.

It is very rewarding for empaths to help people with their problems by giving them new insights and awareness.

18. Massage therapist

Empaths are especially attuned to physical body sensations, so being able to use these gifts are a great way for them to find fulfillment in life.

Furthermore, as empaths are naturally empathetic, helping others with their physical body is a great way for them to connect with others.

They will be able to use their healing energy to help people relax and feel better.

19. Actor/actress

The ability to express one’s emotions is great for empaths, especially in the acting or performing industry.

They are able to communicate and connect with people on an emotional level when they are acting out their role.


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