Is Sonia Ricotti’s Online Course Worth It? My Honest Review

“Surrender to what is. let go of what was. have faith in what will be.” — Sonia Ricotti

Life isn’t a movie. It’s hard, it’s messy and it hits us with surprises when we least expect it.

Part of growing up is facing that head-on.


The struggle you’re going through and the hard hits of life can actually be fuel for your success, not just weights on your ankles dragging you down.

That’s the main teaching of author Sonia Ricotti’s online course.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not that any of us go looking for struggle, but it will inevitably find us all at some time or another.

But what if we more effortlessly turned the challenges we face in life around and used them as strengths to propel us forward towards bigger and better things?

That’s the premise of bestselling author and motivational speaker Sonia Ricotti’s online course.

Ricotti says that the worst moments in your life can be a trampoline to success you only dreamed of.

So let’s talk turkey: is it true? Does it work?

Here’s my honest review.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, and I’m going to tell you about my own personal results after completing Sonia Ricotti’s online course.

Why I Signed Up for the Sonia Ricotti’s online course

First off let me say: I’m not a “self-help person.”

You won’t find me with a stack of books about visualization.

You won’t see me signing up for glitzy special “one-time offer” online courses full of inspirational Zen quotes about how to miraculously find the love of your life.

Not me… Not going to happen…

But I recently found myself in a place I never expected: specifically, a small apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My ex had moved out and I was feeling like crap. I was out of work and unsure how to find more. My bank account was a horror story and was starting to bleed red.

All my struggles in life had led me here, with nothing to show?

I felt unworthy, defeated, and almost ready to sign up for some kind of magical guru in Thailand or somewhere.

This wasn’t the first breakup that had brought me to my knees.

About five years ago, a separation from somebody I loved a lot made me question everything about myself and what I was doing with my life. I managed at that time to use the pain to redirect my life in a proactive, mission-oriented direction.

But this time felt different, especially with the added financial burden.

This time I felt like “come on, not again. I already did my part.”

But the same reality was staring me back in the face.

And that reality is what made me click on Sonia Ricotti reviews and start learning more about her online course.

What appealed to me was that it wasn’t promising any easy answers.

It was doing the opposite: it was promising that by stopping trying to run away from the pain I’d finally find the courage and strength I needed to maximize my potential.

I’ll be straight with you: I went in with fairly high expectations. I expect a product to do what it promises with no frills.

With that in mind, here’s my 100% honest review.

What is Sonia Ricotti’s online course?

The online course is about bouncing back from setbacks and using life’s downturns to achieve success. Think of it like buying a stock during a dip and profiting handsomely.

In the online course, Ricotti teaches you how to take troubles with money, love, career, health and your own confidence and make the problems work for you instead of against you.

This course has a promising concept behind it, like I said. That’s what made me click.

It’s all about reframing your reality and seeing how the struggle is making you stronger instead of how it’s setting you back.

I’ve had a lifelong habit of embracing the victim mentality and taking life’s setbacks personally.

Why does this shit keep happening to me? might as well be my personal motto.

You know what, I still don’t know why.

What I do know is that many other people have it worse and that the online course did help me to change my mindset in relation to life’s disappointments.

I learned the vital importance of self-responsibility, and seeing the bright side of even dark situations.

I began looking for the open doors instead of focusing all my attention on the closed windows.

I stopped cursing the rain and started looking at the rainbow.

You get the picture.

Was it a perfect course? No. But did it help me? Yes.

I’ll get more in depth on this a bit later in the article, but for now let me give a bit more background.

Who is Sonia Ricotti?

As I said, I’m not a self-help guy. I’d never heard the name Sonia Ricotti before I randomly came across her course. I started off by reading some Sonia Ricotti reviews of people who’d gone to her motivational speeches.

I was looking for content and messages to pump me up during that breakup and lonely time I mentioned.

That’s when I came across people who had found her speeches and books really helpful. I read some especially good Sonia Ricotti reviews of her books.

In particular, Ricotti’s backstory of being really in debt and dating a drug addict spoke to me. Let’s just say my ex didn’t exactly keep her nose clean.

And as I said my finances were doing terribly (they’re still not amazing now, but they’re off life support).

So the point is that I got intrigued by Ricotti’s backstory and the shit she had been through. She wasn’t just talking about turning setbacks into success, she’d lived it.

I gave her online course a real chance, and here’s what I found.

What I did and didn’t like about the Sonia Ricotti’s online course


  • I’ve always hated the feeling of being powerless in life. When a situation spirals out of control and you feel like you can’t do anything. It always brings back memories of high school wrestling when this one big kid kept pinning me down no matter how hard I tried. I felt weak and powerless. The course made me feel like I could get back up. It gave me a feeling of being in the driver’s seat again.
  • Another thing I loved about the Sonia Ricotti’s course is that it didn’t coddle me or try to make me feel overly “positive” or great. It was honest about the how shitty life can be and it got rid of some of the guilt I’d been feeling for being down and out. This made me feel like I was respected and could really engage with the content.
  • I loved how the online course is about becoming more powerful and gives you the tools to do it. Ricotti made me feel understood, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. This isn’t a copy-paste self-help course, it’s got substance to it.
  • I liked how accessible the content was in Sonia Ricotti’s online course, and how you can watch it, listen to it or read it depending what you want and need at that moment. I have a park I often go to and watch ducks while listening on my phone, and it became kind of like my “happy place.”
  • Another thing I like about the online course is that it takes all the pressure off with a 60-day money-back guarantee. I didn’t personally apply for a refund, but it was definitely comforting knowing that if I wanted to I could absolutely get back every cent I’d spent.
  • The online course is all about becoming stronger. It’s about using pain for gain. It teaches you how to take common and awful situations around money, love and life and use them to improve your life instead of give up. I began to see my lack of success in a whole new light, and I genuinely have to thank Ricotti for pointing me in that direction.


  • Sonia Ricotti didn’t make much of an appearance on her online course. It felt a bit impersonal at times without her in the videos and without her voice on the audio files. That’s my own thing, because I like to be a bit more one-on-one, but maybe I’m picky.
  • This course focused a lot on how to feel differently about what you’re going through and see it in a different way, but I don’t feel that it quite gave me everything I was hoping in terms of actual pragmatic solutions. It felt a lot more like a “starter” course than the full package.
  • It’s expensive. I mean, $247 isn’t chump change. It definitely made me take the course more seriously because I dropped some serious dough on it, but at the same time I also found it a bit annoying that it wasn’t cheaper. I’d actually be willing to pay a lot more if it offered more practical results, but at this price I expected more, frankly. Like I promised, this is my completely honest review, so I’m not going to sugarcoat.

Does Sonia Ricotti’s online course work? My results after taking the course

This system worked to help me reframe my mindset.

My breakup became the start of a new chapter instead of the end of the book.

My financial issues became something I was able to break into manageable parts of get smart about instead of a reason to throw in the towel.

Sonia Ricotti’s online course made me feel more optimistic and energized.

The mantras got in my head and stayed there, and I started seeing some results.

As I said, I haven’t asked for a refund, because I found the course honest and refreshing.

At the same time, I found it was only really a “starter,” like I said. Even after seeing some positive results, I wanted something more so I could find my purpose and my real identity.

I felt like this course was giving me all sorts of ways to reframe reality, but first I wanted to know what reality was.

I wanted to go deeper.

That’s when I found the Out of the Box course led by the shaman Rudá Iandé. It was on a whole other level and made me break through in ways that I’d never imagined.

But I’ll get to that a bit later…

Will Sonia Ricotti’s online course work for you?

Who I think will like the online course:

  • The tools and ways of reframing your life then this course will appeal to you.
  • If you’re a fan of things like the Law of Attraction and think there’s something to it, the ideas it outlines are going to be motivational to you.
  • Those who want someone to be understanding but also give hard truths is going to enjoy this course.

Who it might not be the best fit for:

  • The course does tend to be fairly New Age and if you find that kind of thing creepy or lame, then this course might rub you the wrong way.
  • In addition, the law of attraction stuff isn’t for everyone, and I have to admit that I’m a bit skeptical about some of it.
  • If you want to focus on how badly your life is going and why it’s out of your control, this course won’t help you out much, because it’s arguing for the opposite.

More about the cost…

The full cost of Sonia Ricotti’s course is $247 when you pay up front. You can also parcel it out into three payments of $97.

As I said, I do think the course is worthwhile and includes lots of powerful hacks to reframe your reality.

But at the same time I also found the Out of the Box course a lot more holistic and deeper.

Out of the Box got me to realize and confront my victim mentality in a much more concrete ways. I was able to dig into the roots of why I was behaving in certain ways, such as unconsciously seeking out conflict and trying to find completion outside of myself.

It showed me how to go about my search for fulfillment in a much more meaningful and effective way, not just with advice, but with actual workable exercises and approaches to my daily life.

I began to see how early childhood patterns and a certain “script” I told myself was disempowering me and holding me back from embracing my own personal power and creativity.

Out of the Box costs more, but I never thought about it because I was so impressed by the content. Out of the Box takes you on a modern shamanic journey back to your roots so you can build a future that actually makes sense for you and empowers you.

I loved it and found it transformational in a way that Sonia Ricotti’s online course only began to approach…

More about Sonia Ricotti’s online course experience

Sonia Ricotti’s course has seven main parts and a lot of extras including guided meditations, bonus classes and mantra demonstrations.

It’s all about shifting your mindset and getting from a victim mentality to a champion’s mindset.

It’s simple to follow and high quality, as I’ve said.

The main way it’s organized is the following:

  • Welcome video, where you are introduced to the course and begin to shift your perception
  • Tools and teachings to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind
  • Master Your Mind & Recreate Your Reality
  • Letting go of self-limiting beliefs
  • Connecting to your higher self to get mental clarity and receive answers
  • Learning to ‘let love lead’ (including forgiveness, gratitude, giving and receiving)
  • Stepping into greatness and finding opportunities

Each session lasts about half an hour to 45 minutes and you just hit the pause button to do exercises and tasks in the videos.

There are also several daily meditation mini-courses that you are supposed to do for three weeks to get the full effect.

What do you get when you buy Sonia Ricotti’s online course?

  • The seven module Bounce Back System program
  • Four “Self-Awakening” Meditations
  • Two 15-minute “activation” meditations (one for the morning and one for the evening)
  • “High Vibration” musical neurological mantras
  • “Bounce booster” visualization video for daily motivation
  • Access to the “Circle of Light” Facebook group
  • Season 1 and season 2 of ‘Teleseminar Series’
  • Access to their movie
  • Three Life classes on ‘millionaire money’, ‘healing relationships’, and ‘overcoming procrastination’
  • LIVE

My final word on the Sonia Ricotti’s online course

As I said, this program is good. It changed my mindset and got me thinking more proactively.

At the same time, I found that Out of the Box did a lot more for me and challenged me in ways that Ricotti’s course did not.

In particular, Out of the Box challenged me by making me release my grip on the victim mentality and take full responsibility for my life, including my so-called “negative” emotions. I was able to see my struggles in a new light and approach life in a different way.

This was especially true with conflicts and feelings of a lack of fulfillment in relationships. I was able to see that I’d been looking for love in all the wrong places and selling myself short by expecting too much of others and not enough of myself – or at least not in the right way!

Sonia Ricotti’s course is good, and I recommend it as a starting point for those who are looking to get into self-development, but Out of the Box is where I’d recommend people go who are looking to radically shift their life philosophy and actions.

My bottom line on this is that I’m glad I found Sonia Ricotti’s course and I agree with the positive reviews.

At the same time, my completely honest review would tell you that Out of the Box is going to take you to a much higher level of breakthrough than this course, despite its many advantages.

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