7 signs you’re naturally intuitive, even if you don’t feel psychic

Have you ever met someone new and had that gut feeling that something wasn’t right, or experienced that strange feeling that warned you about a situation, and it turned out you were spot on?

Here are six quirky signs that you’re naturally intuitive even if you don’t feel psychic:

1) Your gut knows

I recall this one time when I was about to purchase my first second-hand car. 

As soon as I met the seller, there was this weird vibe I couldn’t quite figure out. He was super kind and helpful, but I couldn’t get over my gut feeling that something was off.

I really should have trusted my instincts and walked away from that deal right then and there.

Instead, I ended up with this ancient hunk of junk that’s practically set up residence at the mechanic’s shop rather than in my own garage.

It turns out the guy was totally exploiting people who were new to the car scene, peddling vehicles that were just barely roadworthy.

So, the next time your stomach ties itself in knots, don’t brush it off; it could be your inner compass pointing you toward the right choice!

2) Your dreams speak volumes

Who needs a crystal ball when your dreams can offer their own brand of wisdom? 

Dream premonitions are a real thing.

If you’re an intuitive person, your dreams might just be your personal guidance system.

You know, it could be a dream pointing you in the right direction for a big decision, giving you a heads-up about something on the horizon, or maybe even offering some clarity on a person you’re not entirely sure about. 

My best friend is an intuitive person who once called me up in the middle of the night to tell me about her dream.

She dreamed about this enormous, ancient oak tree toppling over in her backyard. 

The dream was so vivid, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that it meant something big was about to happen.

So, a few weeks down the line, her company dropped a bombshell and downsized, leaving her jobless. 

She couldn’t help but connect the dots between her dream and this major life twist. It’s like her subconscious was trying to give her a heads-up about the impending change, even before she consciously realized it. 

3) Empathy is your middle name

If you’re the friend everyone turns to for a listening ear and comforting advice, you might be a total empath. 

No, you don’t need to channel spirits or read palms – you’re just super in tune with others’ feelings. Your empathy is like a neon sign pointing to your intuitive talents.

An intuitive empath can understand and relate to people or situations more than one might think, making it more of a dual-edged sword.

If you’re one, then it’s a blessing to speak to you due to your depth of understanding and relatability, but it can also be quite draining. Being aware of it all, even if it’s on a subconscious level, can be taxing.

So, appreciate that special superpower you have, and make sure to recharge when needed.

4) Coincidences much?

Ever noticed a string of mind-boggling coincidences in your life? Maybe you’ve thought about an old friend, and voilà, they call you out of the blue. Or you stumbled upon a book that felt like it was narrating your life and giving you head-on advice?

It’s quite scary when you think of the subconscious and how much it affects our lives without us even knowing.

These are the universe’s winks, telling you that your intuition is alive and kicking.

When you’re someone with a strong sense of intuition, you’re in tune with the signals the universe sends your way. 

You understand that when coincidences become a regular occurrence, it’s not just about luck anymore.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve rearranged out-of-town meetings because my gut feeling told me to, and it often turned out to be a smart move. It saved me from getting stuck in traffic due to accidents or unexpected weather changes.

5) You’re an animal whisperer

Do animals seem to gather around you like you’re Dr. Dolittle? 

If you find that every cat in the neighborhood ends up on your porch or that dogs at a party can’t seem to get enough of you, it’s because of your special connection with furry friends. 

Animals pick up on your intuitive energy and your ability to empathize not just with humans.

They instinctively know that you can understand and feel with them, which is why they often choose you as their go-to human. 

It’s as if they can feel the genuine connection and trust that you share with them, making you their preferred companion.

6) You read the room

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed the tension even before anyone spoke a word? 

Your ability to read vibes, body language, and energy shifts is your secret intuition superpower. 

It’s like a sixth sense, but it doesn’t come with a “weirdo” label. Instead, it helps you navigate life better.

This unique ability can be incredibly valuable in certain careers, like those of consultants, counselors, and entrepreneurs. It aids them in making strategic decisions and offering career guidance to others.

And, you know what’s really cool? You can totally sharpen and enhance this superpower through practice, getting in sync with how your intuition talks to you.

7) Your imagination runs wild

You know when someone asks you, “What would you do in this situation?” and you find yourself stepping into their shoes, taking on their mindset and surroundings to give the most accurate response you can? 

This is no easy feat!

If you’re intuitive, you have a knack for wearing different hats in various scenarios because you’re highly adaptable.

You adjust your perspective to match what the other person might do. 

This skill gives you an edge in understanding different viewpoints, making you more relatable and empathetic.

Final thoughts

In a world that’s often rushed, it’s easy to overlook the superpower of intuition hiding within you. 

These signs might not make you a psychic in the traditional sense, but they’re your compass.

So, the next time your gut speaks up, your dreams turn cryptic, or you find yourself in a constant state of vigilance, remember that you’re tapping into your natural intuition.




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Lily Gareth

Beirut-based writer with a flair for all that is artistic. Follow her on Instagram: @raysofdisarrays

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