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17 alarming signs your partner is only interested in a physical relationship

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When two people are in love, physical intimacy makes them feel fulfilled.

However, sometimes, we mistake mere physical attraction for emotional attachment.

A lot of time we might not even realize that love is not the only ingredient that keeps a relationship alive.

When one partner likes the other person just for physical gratification, it can become a major issue between both parties.

If you suspect your partner of this, use these 17 signs to confirm it. This way, you can break up or start your relationship on the right footing.

1) The conversation has changed drastically

When you used to talk to each other passionately, but now the conversation is different.

For instance, you can no longer talk about your dreams and aspirations, because he or she has lost interest in it.

He or she might be very interested in only your problems and concerns as well.

This is a clear sign that there is only physical attraction in the relationship.

It’s true!

At the beginning of a relationship, we talk about daily activities and all kinds of topics that come easy to our minds.

However, in a relationship, conversation topics start narrowing down to just the things he or she likes to hear.

It can be music or fashion news but suddenly the conversation goes on a different track and it seems that your partner is making you talk only about them.

2) ​Lack of emotional attachment

When one partner lacks emotional attachment to the other, it is a clear sign that this is all about physical attraction.

A partner who only wants you for sex is not going to be very interested in how you feel.

In addition, he or she will not be very concerned with your health and well-being since it’s all about getting you in the bed.

Emotional attachment means that a person is interested in knowing how you feel about things.

They want to know if you are happy, excited, angry or sad.

This kind of partner will be more concerned about how your health is and whether you’re taking care of yourself.

These things can be part of a physical encounter but they should not be the main focus.

3) ​Spend most of your time in the bedroom even on weekends

When the night is spent in the bedroom and you don’t get to spend time together, it’s clear that there is no emotional attachment.

Even on weekends, the guy will come over but he will not spend much time with you.

He probably won’t even give you a hug and kiss on your cheek before leaving.


When your partner is only interested in the physical side, you will feel as if you were never a part of the relationship.

He or she will not want to take you out or even spend time with you on weekends.

This is a clear sign that there is only physical attraction between the two of you.

4) They avoid eye contact

If your partner avoids eye contact with you, it is another sign that they are only interested in physical attraction.

When a person is looking at you, they are trying to get to know you better and discover new things about their partner.

If your partner avoids eye contact, it is proof that he or she doesn’t want to get too close.

If your partner makes a lot of eye contact but does nothing else to show interest, then it might be all about physical attraction.

But on the other hand, if your partner is looking at you but doesn’t say anything to show interest, then it could be the other way around.

It’s important!

The important thing is to watch how your partner acts around you. It is a clear sign that he or she does not want to get too close.

5) Their phone is always out

Always look at your partner’s phone. If it is out most of the time, this is a clear sign that he or she doesn’t want to get too close.

This is strange when you think about it because how can you get closer if you don’t really want to!

In addition, when your partner is always looking at their phone and ignoring you, this is not a sign of interest. It is a sign that they are not really interested in you.


Even on weekends or just before taking a nap, they will look at their phones.

However, they won’t do anything particularly interesting on the phone either.

They may even have the phone out when you are starting to kiss or cuddle.

6) Their contact with you is inconsistent

When your partner is only interested in the physical side of things, you will notice that their contact with you is inconsistent.

They might not even be available on weekends when you want to spend time with them.

In addition, they might avoid talking to you for long periods.

It is also possible that sometimes they will contact you every day and other times, they won’t call or text for a few days.

No wonder!

If your partner’s contact with you is too inconsistent, this is a clear sign that there is only physical attraction.

Look at their phone, their texts and all the things you two do together. The things are just not consistent at all.

This means that your partner is not interested in you.

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7) Your interactions end after sex

Interacting after sex is really important.

It shows that how much your partner cares about your feelings.


When your interactions with your partner end after sex, it’s a clear sign that he or she is not interested in you.

When you are talking to each other or just the two of you and nothing else, this is a sign that they don’t want to get close.

However, when one partner only wants physical attraction from you, they will ask for certain things.

They will not say anything to show interest in getting closer.

8) They refer to you as their friend

When a person calls you their friend and refers to you as such, it is a sign that he or she is only interested in the physical side.

This kind of person is not going to be very interested in a romantic relationship.

They will speak about you in the third person, this means that someone else will talk about you but not directly to your partner.

If your partner refers to you as their friend, it is a clear sign that there is only physical attraction.

He or she will not call you by your name or even say I love you.

They may even say that they love to hang out with you and this could seem really nice and cute.

However, when they refer to you as their friend, it means they don’t feel the same way about you. They aren’t close enough to call each other by their names.

They probably won’t say anything about marriage or having kids but if you ask them about these things, they will say that you’re just friends and it is not going to happen.

9) They don’t include you in their social media posts

When you are an official partner and are in a serious relationship, you will be included in all social media posts.

You will get mentioned on photos, friends will tag you and your partner will post about you.
This is not the case with someone who only wants you for sex.

However, when your partner is only interested in the physical side of things, they may not even mention your name on social media.

They are not even interested in tagging you, they won’t say anything about being in a relationship and they probably won’t mention you at all.

When you notice these things, it is clear that there is only physical attraction.

10) They haven’t told their friends and family about you

It can be a bit weird when your partner keeps it secret from you.

They probably don’t say anything about you to their friends or family and they may even avoid talking to people about you.

When your partner is only interested in the physical side of things, he or she will not want to talk about you.

They are ashamed of what is going on between the two of you and this can be hurtful.

For example, even when you two go to a party together, they will try to keep it secret and only talk to their friends.

They will also not tell their family or even mention you in the posts they make on social media.

When they are just trying to get into your pants, you won’t be included anywhere. This is an indication that there is only physical attraction between the two of you.

11) They don’t remember important details about you

When a person only wants sex, they don’t keep track of other details.

For example, they might not remember important phone numbers or anything that happened in the past.

They won’t even thank you for a gift that you give to them. Anything that is related to sex will be forgotten in this case.

As a result, you’ll notice that your partner doesn’t remember your names or the things important about you.

They will not remember the things that you do together, your interests or even where you live.

Just like when they don’t call you to ask if you want to hang out on weekends.

This could be because there is only physical attraction. They don’t really care about what happens between the two of you.

12) There is always a sense of dissatisfaction

You won’t feel satisfied with the physical relationship either.

When your partner only wants you for the sex, they will not be interested in the details.

They will not want to spend any time together and they don’t want to talk a lot.

In addition, you will feel like there is something missing but you won’t know what it is.

They just want your body and give a straight criticism if you don’t meet their need.


They don’t even care about your feelings, but your body.

13) They lose interest in hearing about your problems

Having a partner who listens to your problems and provides valuable feedback can be extremely helpful.

When you are in a relationship with someone who only wants your body, they have no interest in hearing about your problems.

They won’t say anything about any of the things that happen to you, neither good or bad. In addition, they will not offer their support to help you out.

However, if you ask them for help or advice, it is likely that they will say something mean.

That’s right!

They will not be supportive of you in any way and they won’t really care about your life.

All they want is a one night stand or a physical relationship.

This is a clear sign that there is only physical attraction between the two of you.

14) You and your partner are just lovers but not friends
You won’t feel like a friend to your partner.

When a person only wants sex, they will not feel that you are their friend.

You will not feel like they are a part of your life, you will never spend time with them.

This is why you won’t invite them to parties and you don’t want any of your friends talking about them either.

They will not want to talk about your feelings or be there for you when things get difficult.

They don’t want to deal with whatever is happening in your life and they won’t want to help you out.

A person who is only interested in sex, won’t call each other friends either.

15) They don’t expect to go out on dates with you

When you are in a relationship, it is normal to go out on dates and spend time together.

That’s right!

You can have drinks together, eat dinner or even take a walk on the beach. However, when your partner only wants sex from you, they will not want to do anything like that.

They probably won’t even ask you out for tea or lunch.

When you do go out together, they will only want sex. You will not have time to talk or listen to music or watch a movie.

Only physical attraction can explain why a person won’t want to spend time together and do things of that kind.

16) You don’t feel obligated to tell your partner about your life

When you are in a relationship with someone, you will probably do things together.

Moreover, the two of you will not want to be apart from each other for a long time either.

This is because you will want to share each other’s feelings and thoughts. You also don’t want your partner to miss out on what pops up in your life either.

However, when your partner just wants sex, you will not feel obligated to tell him or her everything that’s going on.

You won’t want to blame them for your bad behavior on social media.

In addition, you won’t have time to care about their opinion about anything at all.

Most likely, they won’t ask you for anything either. If they do, it is only because they want something physical in return and nothing else.

17) Your partner does not have plans for the future

When you are with someone who only wants sex, they won’t want anything serious.

They will not think of any plans for the future or discuss where they want to live together.

Once you decide to start living together, they don’t have any plans either.

They may not even ask you to move in with them and they do not want their family and friends staying at the same place as them. They will have no interest in meeting your family either.

This could be because that person wants nothing more than just sex from you.

No doubt!

They don’t have the desire to keep you around for too long and they won’t be making plans for the future either.

This means that they will not want to buy a house or live together in an apartment, get married or have kids.

They don’t believe in love and they just want to be in bed with you and nothing else.

Are you wondering what to do next when your partner who only wants sex?

There are solutions to this tough situation.

1) Seriously talk to your partner

It would be nice to spend some time with that person and explain how you feel.

You may even want to show them how much you care about their happiness and how you want to help them out in any way that you can.

Also, try not to blame them for your feelings or for not doing anything to win your heart back.

If they are only interested in sex, it is likely that they have no interest in the future at all.

You don’t want to blame them for your feelings or for not doing anything to win your heart back.

If you want to stay in a relationship with someone who only wants sex, then you can try to care about their feelings as well. You might be able to win their heart back.

Even if they don’t say anything, you might find that they are willing to pay attention and listen to what you have to say before they tell you what they think is true.

Here’s the best part:

I learned this from one of the world’s leading experts on relationship psychology – Carlos Cavallo.

In this excellent free video, Carlos explains exactly what men want from a relationship and it’s actually quite simple:

They just want to feel good around the woman they’re with.

To find out how to do this, check out his free video here.

2) Tell yourself that you are better than that

Your partner is not capable of understanding your feelings and spending time with people who have a good heart.

There is a chance that they will never change their mind about love and relationships.

This means that you won’t be able to change them either. You don’t want to waste your time trying to change someone who doesn’t want to change at all.

You should never settle for anything less than what you deserve either.

It’s not worth at all!

You don’t need to spend time on that kind of people.

3) Avoid meeting them for a while

Try to avoid seeing your partner for a while if they never want to get with you.

When you are trying to win the heart of someone who only wants sex, it will be difficult to get them back.

Avoid meeting them for a while and try to relax.

You don’t have to be there when they need you. Because they always need you only for physical touch.

When not seeing you for a while, they might think how important you are, not just about your body.

If you keep meeting that person, then you won’t see the real change in them for a long time.

Eventually, they might start acting differently and your feelings might change too. Keep avoiding them and wait until things reverse before giving them another chance.

4) Spend less time in bed with them

What you should do is to stop spending all of your time in bed with that person.

You don’t need to become someone else’s drug and never do anything for yourself either.

If they really want to see you, they will try to spend time with you and listen to you.

If they don’t want that, then it is not your problem at all.

Everyone deserves to be treated well and be in a relationship with someone who cares about them.

If your partner wants nothing more than sex from you, then it is likely that he or she doesn’t care about themselves either.

Love is the most beautiful thing in life that we all deserve.

5) Leave him/ her

Don’t worry!

If you are feeling this way right now, you can move on. There is nothing wrong with staying single if that’s what you want to do.


There is no need to feel sad or disappointed with your partner.

You are free to think what you want and do what you like. There is no need to stay in a relationship that doesn’t work for either of you anymore.

If you decide to stay with this person, it would be silly to stay in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill your needs any longer.

Final thought

Before you can know if someone is just interested in sex, you have to follow the above signs.

Most people who are only interested in sex will show you their true colors before any relationship happens.

You won’t even ask them out on a dating website like tinder or bumble.

Most likely, they will want to meet you at a party or at a bar first. When they spot you, they will want to know if their intention is right.

Therefore, be careful with those types of partner, who only want the physical touch when being with you. They just want to use you!

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