17 unique signs you’re an old soul and wise beyond your years

Has someone just met you and called you “an old soul?”

It’s a compliment to be called an old soul.

Rather than dealing with the superficialities of mainstream society, an old soul has deeper interests.

Some people say an old soul is simply more mature than those around them. But that doesn’t tell the full story.

An old soul creates their own path while the rest of society.

Banality and toxic energy are non-existent in an old soul’s life. Instead, an old soul questions conventional wisdom and critically thinks for themselves.

They’re not concerned with gossiping or making money. They want to understand more about life and what makes the universe tick.

But if being told you have an old soul, you might not know exactly what it means. In fact, you might have spent your entire life struggling to fit in with a society that cherishes youth and action.

So let’s go through the top signs to help you understand this unique title better.

1) You seek out alone time

If you are an old soul, you tend to be introverted and like time to yourself.

People with old souls need time to think and focus on themselves.

Introverts are often considered old souls because they spend time reading and journaling and doing things that make them feel alive, instead of focusing on an outward sense of purpose.

They live their lives the way they want and find peace by themselves.

Additionally, old souls are picky with people they choose to spend time with. They don’t like superficial relationships. So they would rather be alone than being with people they don’t relate with. As a result, they are often seen alone.

2) You find peace in knowledge

pexels yana moroz 11825226 scaled 17 unique signs you're an old soul and wise beyond your years

If you seek out knowledge and truth, you are almost like an old soul.

Do you read a lot? Do you find yourself dropping everything to seek the answer to a question that is burning inside you?

Are you curious about the world around you and long to find more information about the things you want to know?

Are you happy to listen to people tell old stories and learn from how things used to be?

Old souls love asking questions. And they love the journey of getting answers. If you find yourself never satisfied with just any answer and have this deep desire to know the truth, then you’re probably an old soul.

You might like to spend more time with books than people. And you prefer to go reading or studying rather than going out to parties.

For you, curiosity is a virtue and you always want to know more.

3) You feel tapped into your spiritual side

Do you feel like there is more to life?

Not everyone feels comfortable acknowledging their spiritual side, and even fewer people feel comfortable connecting with it. But you spend time every day getting to know you for yourself, and enjoy what you have found so far.

You are encouraged by the fact that there is something bigger than you and the world. You feel motivated to do good because of it.

And unlike other people who tend to pursue superficial feats, you do things for your self-development. Not only that, but you also understand that you’re not the center of the universe. This is why you are more inclined to help people.

You are grounded by the knowledge that you are only but a speck in this vast universe.

God, the Universe, Mother Nature – whatever it is that you feel connected to, don’t hide it away.

(Do you feel trapped in your spirituality? You need to embrace your inner beast. The shaman Rudá Iandê teaches how to do this in our free masterclass. Learn more here.)

4) You feel connected to the past

An old soul is someone who tends to feel connected to the past.

You look to your past and the lives of others to learn about the world. There is a feeling of special connection with those that are older than you and you cherish the information, knowledge and skills you have learned from them over the years.

History fascinates you. Somehow, you ache to be a part of an era where life was simpler, where people are more connected by life rather than technology. And this is the way you want to live your life, too.

You see the purpose in taking care of our elderly and work to ensure that they understand their worth in the world today. For you, the older someone is, the wiser they are. And in turn, you can learn more from them.

You feel closer to someone older than you do to people your own age – but that is nothing new. You’ve always been ahead of everyone else when it came to your age group.

5) You spend time reflecting on your life

You like to learn about yourself and how you can improve your life from the inside out, you are likely an old soul.

You’ve always known not to look to others to make things better for you. Instead, you know how to take responsibility.

Old souls are humble enough to acknowledge that life is random and surprising but are comforted by the fact that they can always choose how to react to what happens. And the ability to reflect on one’s life is an absolute must.

As an old soul, you know that it’s up to you to make it through this life in one piece.

And you ensure that you take time every day to reflect on what has transpired in order to learn about how you can move forward in life.

But when it comes to your personal spiritual journey, have you also looked into which toxic habits you unknowingly picked up? 

Are you falling into the trap of trying to stay positive and keep a specific mindset?

Sometimes we can pick up tactics and approaches to get through difficult moments, but later on, find that hold us back, and they end up doing more harm than good.

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us fall into the toxic spirituality trap. He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey. 

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about being honest with yourself. Not suppressing emotions, not judging others, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core. 

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

Even if you’re well into your spiritual journey, it’s never too late to unlearn the myths you’ve bought into for truth to help you engage with the world and yourself as you truly are. 

6) You understand there is a bigger picture

pexels matheus bertelli 573299 scaled 17 unique signs you're an old soul and wise beyond your years

If you tend to look at the bigger picture in life, you have the quality of a wise old soul.

You don’t always need to know the how, but you always know the why of what you are doing.

Most people get caught up in their own lives. They become disillusioned and short-sighted by what’s in front of them. But not you. You know that whatever problems you might have, there are always bigger ones out there.

And this knowledge centers you. It makes you more “awakened.”

People are afraid when they don’t know how to do something, but you trust that the world will show you the way if you are open to it because you know that there is something bigger going on here.

7) You don’t need a lot of things

You don’t derive pleasure or meaning from your belongings, you are probably wise beyond your years. They are tools to help you navigate this life, but you could be fine without them.

Instead of collecting stuff, you like to collect experiences instead. Material things are just that – they are material. They don’t hold any meaning. So you are not inclined to acquire them.

And when most people get caught up with the new smartphone, you’re out there planning your next camping trip or buying your next novel.

You prefer the company of books and journals to television and people. Fancy things only distract you and keep you from focusing on what you really want in life.

8) You didn’t have a lot of friends as a kid

If you always felt like you were the odd one out when you were in school, it could be that you were more mature than the rest of the kids.

Maybe you liked different music, books, or activities. Maybe you didn’t see the point of drinking until you couldn’t see when you were in high school and so you didn’t get along with other people.

Or you had to pretend to like certain things to fit in. Now that you are older, you see that there is no need to pretend anymore.

And what you might have thought of as a bad thing when you were younger, is probably one of the things you love about yourself now.

9) You feel mature

If you feel mature, it’s a sign of being an old soul. No matter how old you get, you’ll always feel a little out of place amongst people. Because that is not where you get your energy from – you get it from inside yourself.

In the past, you were probably frustrated by your inability to relate to people your age. However, you embrace it now.

Your knowledge gives you peace and helps you feel part of the bigger plan. There’s nothing wrong with you: you are just experiencing life on a different level than other people. And that’s what makes you special.

10) You understand emotions

If you are able to understand and handle your emotions, you are likely an old soul.

You feel emotions strongly and have a unique ability to understand other people’s emotions. While it can be difficult to be so passionate and sensitive, you need to understand that your abilities make you an incredible human being.

You understand that there is something profound in emotional agility. Emotions don’t make you weak. Instead, you are stronger for them. And your ability to recognize emotions and to let them in is what makes you a happier and well-adjusted person.

In turn, you become a valuable adviser to those around you. You make people feel that it’s okay to feel.

In a broken and disconnected world, old souls are more needed than ever.

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YouTube video

11) Wise beyond your years

pexels yevgeniya fedorova 2308824 scaled 17 unique signs you're an old soul and wise beyond your years

If you are an old soul, it’s likely that you have been referred to as more mature than your friends, even from a young age.

You might have always felt like you were a bit older, not just physically, but mentally.

Perhaps you didn’t always get along with people your own age because you were seeing things from a different perspective.

And how they see things seem short-sighted to you. It can even put you off when people can’t look at the bigger picture.

It can be difficult when you are young and don’t understand why you are different, but as you age, it becomes more clear that you are meant to be this way. Being an old soul is a gift, not a curse.

12) Advice flows like water

You might have noticed that people are always coming to you for advice, you are likely an old soul.

You’ll be asked about everything under the sun: big and small. What makes you an old soul is that you take the time to talk to people when they ask you questions.

You know how to listen for things that aren’t really said. You look deeper into things. And this enables you to see things other people don’t. Your ability to dig deeper is what makes you a valuable confidante.

You realize that they are asking for your help because they trust you so you take these conversations seriously. You give a lot of yourself and never expect anything in return. 

13) Home is where the heart Is

People who have old souls are often found at home. It is where they feel safe and secure. It’s where they are happiest.

People who have old souls don’t have to look far outside themselves to find what really makes them happy.

And if you find yourself bound to home as much as possible, then you’re definitely an old soul. There is nothing more restful than being on your favorite couch, tucked under a blanket, and simply enjoying the comforts of the place you made for yourself.

If you are an old soul, you are pretty low maintenance.

You can happily occupy your own time by learning about the things that interest you, reading, writing, or resting your mind for the next time someone needs your wisdom.

14) You need to rejuvenate your energy

As an old soul, you get tired out around people quite easily. Some old souls would identify as introverts, but it’s more than that: if you are an old soul, you feel like both your body, mind, and soul need rest.

This is probably why you love taking breaks from everything and everyone. From time to time, you like going somewhere different, where no one knows you, and you like to rejuvenate your energy with the unknown or with nature.

For you, this might be traveling to other countries or taking camping trips in the wild. Or maybe even just a day at home doing nothing.

You know how to rejuvenate when the time comes and it usually involves being alone. It’s not that you are anti-social or don’t want to see people, but you draw much of your own energy from your own company and need to refresh that way as well.

But I get it, letting those feelings out can be hard, especially if you’ve spent so long trying to stay in control of them.

If that’s the case, I highly recommend watching this free breathwork video, created by the shaman, Rudá Iandê.

Rudá isn’t another self-professed life coach. Through shamanism and his own life journey, he’s created a modern-day twist to ancient healing techniques.

The exercises in his invigorating video combine years of breathwork experience and ancient shamanic beliefs, designed to help you relax and check in with your body and soul.

After many years of suppressing my emotions, Rudá’s dynamic breathwork flow quite literally revived that connection.

And that’s what you need:

A spark to reconnect you with your feelings so that you can begin focussing on the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself.

So if you’re ready to take back control over your mind, body, and soul, if you’re ready to say goodbye to anxiety and stress, check out his genuine advice below.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

15) Looking inside instead of outside is important

People who have old souls don’t require outside validation of their worth or value.

A lot of people turn to others, the internet, their jobs, or another outside source of validation to make meaning in their lives, but as an old soul, you see the value of your experiences and what you bring to the table so there’s no need to exhaust your efforts in those areas.

Part of knowing how to take responsibility is focusing on the inside things – your journey, your needs, and improving your own life. You don’t waste time on things that are outside of your control.

So many people never feel complete because they expect others to provide that piece to them, but old souls are able to be that completion piece for themselves. It’s nice to have others in your life, but it’s not necessary on the same scale and level that most people require in relationships.

16) Memories ebb and flow

pexels luis del rA­o 15286 17 unique signs you're an old soul and wise beyond your years

As an old soul, you feel like your memories are fluid and sometimes they aren’t always clear whether they are recent or relevant to you.

When you are open to many possibilities, you realize that things are likely not how they seem.

People with old souls can tap into other sources of information sometimes.

And while it sounds a little voodoo-esque, it could be that those out-of-place memories are just from your previous life: memories coming and going, feeling like you’ve been here before, and knowing what’s coming next are all signs that you are, in fact, an old soul.

17) You feel the weight of your ancestors

Being an old soul often means feeling the weight of those who have come before you. Old souls are in touch with their prior experiences, as well as those of their ancestors who have been through life prior.

They feel the weight of their ancestors’ memories in their shared DNA, genome, and epigenome.

This can be a powerful tool to tap into — the shared memories and experiences of your lineage. However, sometimes it can be too powerful, and your soul can suffer under the weight of expectations.

It can become critical for old souls to learn how to divest their ancestors’ expectations of their own true selves in order to activate their personal power.

Struggles of being an old soul

Now you know the signs of being an old soul, there are challenges that you will face.

You might feel like you don’t fit in with people who are your age, or separate in values and beliefs from those around you.

You might feel you have an awareness that the people you relate to don’t share.

Because you experience the world differently, it’s important to be at ease and confident with your sensitivity. It’s something that can help you and help others.

So it’s important that you know yourself well and are fully connected to who you are and empower your abilities and talents. 

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how easy it is to think that other people hold the answers to our own development and spiritual journey. He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey. 

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about empowering yourself and forming a pure connection with who you are at your core. 

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

Even if you’re well into your spiritual journey, and feel wise beyond your years, there are always myths to uncover and more to learn along the way. 


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