11 signs of a unique woman everybody admires

Are you a woman who marches to the beat of your own drum?

Do you dance with the wolves or fly with the eagles where nobody else dares to go?

Here are the top signs that you’re a unique woman everybody admires.

I know I do!

11 signs of a unique woman everybody admires

1) Her failures make her stronger

None of us like to fail.

But in the bigger picture, failure is just a stepping stone.

One of the top signs of a unique woman everybody admires is that she never gives up and doesn’t let failure stop her dreams.

If one path doesn’t work, she takes a detour. So be it!

She learns from her disappointments and does better the next time.

Life advice writer Amy White puts this very well:

“I know it sounds odd, but when I realized that I could learn from my failures something shifted inside me. Just the simple realization that my failures were stepping stones to bigger and better things has changed my life.”

Simple, and true.

Failure doesn’t have to define us, it can refine us. In the fires of failure are where some of the greatest heroines of history are made.

If a business doesn’t work, a relationship goes bad or anything else comes along to ruin everything?

The woman of character stands up and says: “is that all you’ve got?”

2) She doesn’t bottle up her emotions

Our modern culture teaches many unhealthy things.

One of the worst is that it pressures men and women to bottle up their emotions and act like cold, logical robots. This leads to a stilted, fake life of depression and frustration.

The strong and unique woman doesn’t bother with this: she’s in control, but she chooses to express what she feels when it is the right time.

The truly unique woman who is on top of her game has learned how to achieve inner mastery and embrace her inner beast.

If she’s in an argument, she’s in an argument!

If she’s in love, she’s in love!

Hell, no matter if she’s shy or not, she’s never putting on a show for the benefit of others. She’s living her best life and inviting anyone along for the ride who can take the bumps.

Bring it on!

3) She understands true beauty isn’t just on Instagram

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A lot of people spend way too much time seeking likes and clout on “the grid.”

But there’s a lot more to life than posting on Instagram and looking for TikTok views.

There’s also a lot more to life than walking down the street and having every man and woman turn their head in awe at your style and beauty.

I mean, those things are great.

But what’s under the outer wrapping? Is she caring, spiritual, deep, unique?

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful,” said Eleanor Roosevelt.

Roosevelt’s right.

No woman is defined just by her outer appearance, skin quality or boob size.

Shallow men may gawk, but those who are worth the time know that these surface things fade away.

What’s left is the soul and the connection. The unique woman who brings something amazing to this world is far more than just an object.

She’s a world-changer with every step.

4) She admits when she’s wrong and tries to fix it

One of the biggest signs of a unique woman everybody admires is a woman who owns her mistakes and shortcomings.

We all have them.

The fake and resentful among us hide them and try to repress them with drugs, alcohol, sex, work or any other addiction…

The truly rare and incredible woman doesn’t hide or repress:

She faces it head-on.

She admits what she’s done wrong, takes steps to fix it if possible, and makes amends whenever she can.

She’s learned one of the most important lessons in life, which is that if you don’t have self-integrity no amount of outer success will ever matter.

Winning does matter, and outer success has its place: but the woman of character and unique integrity never chases the rewards without putting in the work.

Other people have endless lists of excuses and reasons to dodge what they did or didn’t do.

This woman isn’t interested in dodging:

If she messes up, she fesses up.

5) She stays far away from gossip and the rumor mill

Men and women both gossip and start or spread rumors. It’s not a gender thing.

But a woman who is unique and stands by her values never stoops this low.

Why spread a rumor when you could just stay silent instead?

How would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot?

Rumors and gossip can sneak up without us even noticing and once the digital or literal pile-on starts it’s easy to just join in.

But the woman of integrity is repelled by the mob mentality and just doing something because everyone else is.

After all, isn’t that part of how we ended up in such an unjust world in the first place?

Mob mentality is poison to her.

The woman of integrity knows that there’s just no point in gossiping. Even when it seems like it will be funny or bring down a competitor in the short term, in the long term it leads to bitterness and drama.

Debby Mayne explains:

“When you are tempted to gossip, stop and think for a few seconds. Consider how it would feel if you were the subject of whatever it is you’re about to say.

“Remember that it is never okay to say anything that isn’t true, but even if it is factual, what is the benefit?”

6) Her dreams are far beyond the ordinary

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Big dreams don’t have to be like those you see on the silver screen.

Big dreams are relative.

Starting a family and marrying happily can be the most wonderful thing, and so can being a medical pioneer who saves thousands of lives.

The unique and well-loved woman doesn’t stop at society’s expectations or the conditioning imposed on her.

She follows the dreams she has and doesn’t ask for permission.

The woman of integrity isn’t necessarily doing the “eye-catching” things that the media tells you women should do: she’s changing the world through her words and actions in thousands of small ways that many of us might easily overlook.

But it all makes a big difference.

She changes her life, she changes the world and she changes the destiny of all those she comes in contact with.

I’ve met unique and incredible women before and I can guarantee they will change you forever.

7) She never blames others unfairly for her problems

When the train goes off the tracks there are two main types of people:

Those who look for somewhere to point the finger;

And those who look around and try to figure out how to fix the situation without bothering about focusing on who’s to blame.

We live in a society that wants more and more of us to get angry at the pawns of ideologies without ever peeking behind the curtains at the puppet masters.

The rare and headstrong woman doesn’t fall for that.

Even when someone is to blame for a situation she moves on and gets shit done.

Gustavo Razzetti has great advice for how to stop playing the blame game:

“Blaming is avoidance. It’s easier to think that the other part is wrong or bad, that to look inside ourselves.

“Rather than sharing responsibility, you blame one person. And avoid all accountability on your end. Accusing others blinds you.”

Well said.

8) She leaves ignorance and aggressiveness in the dust

One of the brightest signs of a unique woman everybody admires is that she has no time for small-mindedness and ignorance.

She doesn’t even get angry about it or respond to provocations.

She just leaves the negativity in the dust. She ain’t got time for that.

Most people get easily stuck in the drama. But the strong and rare woman rises above it naturally like oil and water.

It just effortlessly passes her by because she’s above backtalk and bad vibes.

If anyone comes at her with any kind of manipulation or narcissism they’re also out of luck:

She’ll just brush it off with no hesitation and walk right by you.

The woman of integrity isn’t a blamer, it’s just too weak of a road to go down.

She’d prefer to blaze her own trail than complain about the bad one made by others.

9) She’s generous with her time and attention

Another of the top signs of a unique woman everybody admires is that she is generous with her time and attention, but:

She always makes sure to still care for herself.

There’s no binary situation in which she’s either all for others or all for herself. Because she knows – and respects – her own need for self-care with her desire to serve and care about others.

This manifests in her jobs, relationships, and every aspect of her life.

There are effective ways to be generous but still have time for yourself.

As Marie Forleo puts it:

“When you give to get, all you’re really gonna get is the experience of being put upon, this experience of being a victim and probably feeling like a doormat.

“Now, on the other hand, giving to give is where all the magic is at. You wanna give of yourself because you actually wanna do it.

“You wanna offer your time and your love and your heart and your resources, whatever, with zero expectation of getting anything in return.”

10) Self-love is more than just a slogan for her

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Related to the last point, a unique woman everybody admires doesn’t ever ignore her own needs.

She loves to help others and is kind and generous, but she cares about herself.

And she knows that without making sure she’s doing OK there’s not a whole lot she can do for anyone else.

This self-respect naturally translates into respect from others, which is part of why she’s so self-liked.

At a certain point, other people treat you the way you give them permission to treat you.

The strong and unique woman doesn’t ever fold on her own standards or the time and space she needs for herself.

Even in a serious relationship, she will put her foot down when necessary to have the space and compromises she needs for her own self-development.

That’s a healthy and great thing.

11) She never bends to peer pressure and “popularity”

If you want to find a woman who’s truly unique and loved by all, look for those who don’t follow the crowd.

They never bend to peer pressure or doing what’s popular, they stick to their values and their heart. This endears them to those who also want to follow their heart but feel pressure.

Because it only takes one woman to stand up and everyone else knows for certain they can too.

As counsellor Paul Chernyak writes:

“Peer pressure can be difficult when all you want is for people to accept you. But true acceptance starts with yourself.

“Learn to be compassionate toward yourself — forgive mistakes and learn from them. Remember that there never has been and never will be anyone else exactly like you, and that’s a pretty amazing thing.”

Being truly unique vs. wanting to be “special”

There’s a huge difference between being truly unique and admirable and being an egotistical tryhard who wants to be “special.”

The first makes our society a better place and challenges us all to reach our full potential. The second reinforces a fake culture of Instagram zombies and fake marketing gurus.

Embrace the inner you – the truly unique you – and the world will open up to you.

The clearest signs of a unique woman everybody admires all point to a lady who defines her world: she doesn’t let the world define her.

There are more than enough copies, everybody wants the original!

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