10 surprising signs he likes you by the way he looks at you

Do you have your eye on someone special?

But you’re not sure how he feels about you?

He might smile and ignore you, or send you mysterious glances, or seem like he wants to talk with you and then shy away.

Are you trying to figure out if he likes you or if it’s all just in your head?

We’ve all been there.

When you don’t know what signals to look for, men can send off cues appear confusing and cause us a lot of grief.

I’ll take you through the 10 most surprising signs he likes you by the way he looks at you. Sometimes his eyes will say more than his word ever will. Let’s jump right in.

1) His eye contact is strong

Ladies, if there’s one surefire way to know a guy likes you by the way he looks at you, it’s through the quality of his eye contact.

You know what I’m talking about. He keeps glancing over and when he catches your eye he holds his gaze for a long time.

Maybe it’s the guy who checks you out from across the bar or your colleague who always makes eye contact when you pass by him in the office. Notice how he looks at you.

The truth is, you’ll know he likes you because it will happen more than once.

If he likes you, he’ll try to catch your eye every time he sees you. He’ll maintain eye contact every time you speak to each other. He’s letting you know that you have his attention and that he’s interested in what you want to say.

Now, there are different types of eye contact:

  • The smoldering gaze. This signifies he’s lusting after you, especially if he looks you up and down too (we’ll cover that a little later on).
  • The cheeky gaze. This is fun and flirty, you might notice a slight smile form while he’s locked eyes with you.
  • The intense gaze. This can mean several things – he’s overcome with your beauty, he’s intently listening to what you have to say, he’s intrigued by you.

And while there’s no doubt eye contact is a sign he likes you, it might also be his way of figuring out if his feelings are mutual by seeing whether you reciprocate his gaze.

2) He can’t help staring at you

If you notice that he keeps staring at you, even when you are not looking at him, it’s a clear sign t that he is attracted to you. Staring can go two ways, it can feel:

  • Flattering and exciting
  • or Creepy and weird

The main difference here is how you feel about the man watching you.

If you find him captivating and attractive, you are much more likely to find his attention flattering. If you realize he can’t take his eyes off you as you work or sip your coffee, you might feel flustered, excited, and even nervous, but in a good way.

If you aren’t attracted to him, his attention is much more likely to be invited and feel strange.

What is it that makes guys stare when they like you?

Well, it’s human nature.

We naturally stare at things we like – the sunset, pretty colors, art, and beautiful sea views. The same applies to people we find appealing.

When a guy stares at you, it’s because he likes what he sees.

If you’re already acquainted with this guy, he may stare while he imagines what it would be like to ask you out.

Or, he might stare because he wants to learn more about you. While looking at you, he can pick up on your body language, facial expressions, and reactions.

On the other hand, he might feel extremely awkward and give off a sense of creepy staring.

There’s a fine line between the good type and the bad, and that usually depends on his disposition, if he is being playful or way too serious with his stare and how you feel about him.

Think about it, if it’s that cute guy you’ve been crushing on, you’ll take his stares as a compliment.

If it’s a guy you find repulsive, you’ll probably resent the fact he can’t stop looking at you.

But with that in mind, if a guy keeps staring at you and it makes you uncomfortable, you should move away or ask him to stop. Especially if you have to work together.

Some guys don’t realize they’re doing it, but too much staring can become creepy.

3) His pupils dilate when he looks at you

If a man’s pupils widen and get darker, it’s a clear sign that he is feeling at ease and attracted to you.

This might not be the easiest sign to look out for – you’ll need to stare at his eyes for a good few seconds – but it’s a telling sign nonetheless.

Research has shown that when we see someone we’re attracted to, the chemicals dopamine and oxytocin are released into our system. These are often referred to as “happy hormones”.

They give us feel-good feelings, but that’s not all.

When these chemicals are released, it causes the body to relax and the pupils of the eyes to dilate.

So whilst you probably won’t want to get right up close and personal to check out the size of his pupils, if you get a chance to, check to see if they’re larger than usual.

4) He looks flustered

If a man looks shy and red and flustered when you lock eyes with him, it’s a sign that he is attracted to you. Your presence is having an unexpected effect on him.

Not every man is smooth-talking and oozing with confidence. He might even feel very nervous around you and break into a sweat during the act of seduction.

Most guys feel nervous around a woman they like. They have the same reactions most women would have if we had to ask someone out.

So if you notice that his cheeks are flushed, he smiles anxiously, or he keeps biting his lips or fidgeting around, it’s a sign he probably likes you.

Now, even if you’ve had great eye contact and he seems self-assured, make no mistake that he could be on edge when you’re around.

He might stumble over his words, laugh for just a few seconds too long, or appear overwhelmed. This is normal. Especially if he’s a shy guy.

You might still notice his flushed cheeks and bright eyes. This will probably be more from excitement and anticipation than from nerves, but it’s still an impossible sign for him to hide.

I have to be honest — I wasn’t always the expert in body language when it came to love. I’m still not. But I do know how to read the more profound aspects of it, thanks to the insights I gained from Rudá Iandê’s free masterclass called Love and Intimacy.

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In his teachings, I’ve learned that love isn’t just about the physical or even the emotional — it’s also about a deep spiritual connection that you can feel but can’t always see.

If you’re looking for more than just a fleeting attraction, understanding these deeper signs of true love can be incredibly helpful.

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5) You catch him smiling at the little things you do

If you notice a man is smiling at your mannerisms and quirks, he is definitely attracted to you and noticing all the little details about you.

This will depend on the situation you’re in – if it’s a guy who you pass on the street who gives you “the look” it might not apply to you.

But if it’s a guy you study or work with, or maybe a guy you’re friends with, you can easily identify this sign.

And it’s as simple as noting his facial expressions whenever you’re around.

Maybe he smiles whenever you’re talking, even if it isn’t to him, or you catch him grinning at you for no apparent reason at all.

The truth is, if he’s always got a cheeky smile whenever you’re around, it’s probably because you make him happy and he likes it.

He finds you cute, and he can’t help but show it.

When my partner and I first met, before we started dating, he used to smile whenever I laughed at something. It was adorable.

And it was also the ultimate signal to me that he liked me.

So if your guy can’t suppress his happiness whenever you’re around, it’s a safe bet he likes you!

6) He tilts his head when you speak

If a man tilts his head to the side while you speak, it’s a telling sign that he likes you and is attracted to you.

You may have seen the classic head tilt in the movies. The guy longing after the girl he’s into, his head slightly cocked to one side, and a slight grin playing on his lips.

So why do guys do that when they like a girl?

Well, one reason is he’s showing you he’s listening to you. When you’re in a conversation and he leans forward, he’ll instinctively tilt his head to hear you better and show you you have his focus.

But it can also be a “come-hither” look displaying his lust and attraction toward you.

His body is naturally reacting to your presence, inviting you into his space and making it clear you’ve caught his attention!

7) He raises his eyebrows at you

pexels william fortunato 6140679 1 10 surprising signs he likes you by the way he looks at you

If a man’s eyebrows raise while you interact, it’s a clear sign that he is into you.

Do you notice him arching his eyebrows at you?

Maybe when you talk, he lifts just one of them in a flirty manner? Like he’s amused by the whole interaction…or you’ve said something insanely interesting and he can’t help but lift his eyebrow in surprise.

Another reason is that when we like something we see, we instinctively raise our eyebrows to open our eyes more. This way we can see our subject of attraction even better!

Some guys will even flash a quick double eyebrow raise as they pass you – if this is coupled with an intense dose of eye contact, you can be sure he likes you.

8) He looks you up and down

If a man’s glance scans your body up and down, it’s a clear sign that he is surveying your beauty and attracted to it.

It’s a definite sign of lust.

When a guy looks you up and down, most likely he’s checking out your figure. Some women don’t appreciate this, and some guys definitely overdo it.

But if it’s a guy you’re into and you want him to like you back, this is a good start.

By taking you in with his eyes, he’s not only showing he finds you attractive, but he’s initiating his desire to talk to you or ask you out.

But there are other reasons why he might do this – he could be trying to decode your body language to know whether he should make a move or not.

Or…it’s just something about the way you walk and move your body.

He’s captivated by you and thinking about you a lot and he just can’t help but admire you in full form!

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9) He looks away when you catch his glance

Another surprising sign that a man likes you is that he will quickly glance away when you catch him staring at you.

Why do guys do that?

There are a few possible reasons:

  • He’s shy or introverted
  • He doesn’t want to be “too forward”
  • He thinks you don’t like him back so he doesn’t want to embarrass himself
  • He was looking at you for another reason and doesn’t want to give you the wrong impression that he likes you

So, bar the last point on that list, if he looks at you and quickly looks away, there is a good chance he’s into you.

It could be that he’s nervous about keeping eye contact, and although he can’t help staring at you, he doesn’t want to make the situation awkward.

But equally, it could just be that he doesn’t realize he’s staring and that’s why he quickly looks away when you see him. Either way though, it’s a sign he likes what he sees!

10) He blinks more than usual

Finally, a dead giveaway that a man likes you by the way he looks at you is that he blinks more than normal.

Now, I’m not saying you should count his blink rate per minute (no one has time for that) but you might casually pick up on it when you’re face to face for a few minutes.

You might not have been aware of this interesting fact, but our blink rate actually increases when we’re excited.

And that excitement can come from seeing someone attractive.

The average blink rate per minute is believed to be between 15-20. So if the guy you have in mind exceeds this when he’s looking at you, he’s either got something in his eye or he’s completely into you.

It’s clear that he like me, so now what?

Figuring out whether a guy likes you is no easy task, but hopefully, with these non-verbal signs, you’ll have a better idea the next time you see him around.

The truth is, the eyes never lie. So if he’s been giving you any of these signals, there’s a good chance he’s attracted to you.

The question is, do you feel the same way?

If so, be sure to send a few flirty looks of your own his way and see what happens.

The way I see it, you have two options:
1. You can play his game and try to communicate your eyes and flirt back and wait for him to make a move
2. You can take action on how you feel and approach him to let him know you are attracted to him

What’s the difference? Self-confidence and knowing that life isn’t up to you to control.

So often we find someone attractive and enter into relationships because we want to fix someone or we are waiting for someone to save us from all of our problems.

We get attracted to them and we build a relationship with them on these false standards in our head that we must be together because they are better than us, because they are perfect and don’t let us down.

When we actually get to know them, it’s much different than what we had originally anticipated.

So, all we can really do is be open and honest with the people we are attracted to and see how the relationship progresses.

But the most important way to feel empowered in this experience is to realize that you know yourself well and love yourself to the point where it doesn’t matter if this special man enters your life or passes on through.

You will continue to live and full and vibrant life with or without him.

Rudá’s teachings on love and intimacy showed me a whole new perspective on the unrealistic expectations and games we play in love.

While watching, I felt like someone understood my struggles to find a perfect love – and finally offered an actual, practical solution to my deeper feelings of loneliness.

The only real solution is to be authentic and allow love into your life by allowing yourself to receive the love that is already available within you.

The more you are open to loving yourself and feeling more confident in your skin, the less it matters if someone else notices you or not.

If you are struggling to try to decipher someone’s gaze and intention, remember that you do not need anyone to tell you that you are worthy of love or fulfillment.

This feeling is rooted in a deep sense of knowing and loving yourself.

So, before you spend another moment decoding someone else’s feelings, give this free masterclass a try and take some time to understand your own.

Here’s the link to the Love and Intimacy masterclass again.

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