15 physical traits that reveal a lot about your personality (according to science)

They say you should always focus more on people’s inner beauty. That is definitely sound advice that we must all try to follow.

But what if our outer appearances can actually tell more about our inner selves than we may actually think? There have been numerous studies proving that there are correlations between one’s physical appearance and personality and we want to share these with you today.

Without further ado, here are 15 physical traits that reveal a lot about your personality based on science.

1) If you have more prominent cheekbones, you may be more aggressive

Who would have thought that even your cheekbones can predict your personality?

This study concluded that if you have more defined cheekbones, you are more likely to be violent and aggressive.

People with this facial feature can also be more arrogant and boastful. And overall, you may be seen as having a more intense personality compared to others.

But why is this the case? It has been claimed that this face structure and the associating behavior may be caused by high levels of testosterone.

2) Narcissists are more likely to wear flashy clothing

This may not come as a surprise to you since narcissists are known to have an excessive desire for admiration and validation from external sources. Their self-identity is easily threatened once they feel that they no longer have the approval of those around them.

Because of these traits, they often care too much about their physical appearance or what they look like. They absolutely love being the center of attention.

Have you ever noticed how narcissists always make it a point to wear flashy clothes, jewelry, and accessories?

Well, you’re not the only one! This has also been concluded by a study entitled “Portrait of a narcissist: Manifestations of narcissism in physical appearance”.

Narcissists may always go for expensive and over-the-top clothing to impress other people. For females in general, it may mean that they will always put on excessive makeup and wear clothes that may be very revealing.

If you see these attributes in yourself, know that other people can also sense this too. You’re far better off if you work on achieving a sense of self-worth on your own.

3) Men with wider faces might be better CEOs

Elaine M. Wong at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee conducted research on whether or not one’s face shape can determine a company’s performance.

Wong and her team analyzed 55 male CEOs who work at Fortune 500 companies. Aside from this, they also took into account the financial performance of the organizations they were working at.

Their findings show that men with wider faces outperform those with long faces as CEOs. They are able to provide more financial success to their respective companies.

According to the study, this is because they usually feel more powerful and aggressive, and they are able to use these traits well in a business setting. When solving problems, they also like zooming out and looking at the big picture first.

4) Your strongest fingers may determine which values matter to you the most

pexels ryan jvr 2536257 1 15 physical traits that reveal a lot about your personality (according to science)

Kay Packard is the head of the American Academy of Hand Analysis and he has a lot of insights that he wants to share with the rest of the world.

The first step is to identify your strong and weak fingers. Strong fingers are straight and do not bend or lean towards other fingers.

If your strong finger is the little finger or the pinkie, it means you value good communication.

If it’s your ring finger, you may be a more creative and artistic person. You love expressing yourself and being in the spotlight.

If you find that it’s your middle finger, you may have a strong sense of accountability and responsibility. You also have a passion for growth and efficiency.

You usually exude influence and power if your index finger is the strongest one. You are an authority figure that people admire.

Lastly, if it’s your thumb, you have a great drive to succeed in everything that you do.

5) How you handle money may depend on the tip of your nose

Yes, even a detail as small as the tip of your nose may be indicative of your relationship with money.

If you have a larger tip, it may mean that you can be a really good financial adviser. In contrast, if you have a smaller tip, you may not be interested in the field of finance.

The way you handle money may also depend on whether your tip is pointing upward or downward. If you have a downward tip, you may be generally responsible when it comes to spending money. On the other hand, if you have an upward tip, you may have a more casual and relaxed approach to handling money.

Also, if you have larger nostrils, this may reveal that you spend more generously compared to those with smaller nostrils.

6) Your eye structure may reveal how sympathetic you are

Research made at Orebro University in Sweden reviewed the eyes of 400 people along with their personality traits to see if there was a relationship between the two factors. Their results showed that people with densely packed crypts tend to be more sympathetic and warmhearted.

According to researchers, this relationship may exist because the genes that shape our irises can also be responsible for developing a portion of our frontal lobe. This part of our brain determines our personality.

They’ve also concluded that different eye structures may point to different personalities as well.

In total, the findings from this research can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, it has the potential to be useful when selecting the right candidates for a particular job.

7) You may be more extroverted if you’re always smiling

It’s no secret that extroverts get energized when they’re communicating with other people. They usually don’t like spending too much time alone and they thrive when they’re the center of attention.

A study conducted in 2009 asked 24 people to rate people’s personality types according to their portrait. They found that extroverted people generally displayed happier and more cheerful expressions in their pictures. You can usually see them smiling and having a more positive demeanor than introverts.

8) Men with larger eyes may usually be more agreeable

Research has revealed that men who are more agreeable may have “eyebrows that appeared to be “lifted up” and smaller forehead spans”.

Also, a man’s conscientiousness may also be determined by whether or not he has “lifted eyes”, “laterally extended” eyebrows, and wider eyes when opened.

9) Extroverted women tend to have larger lips and noses

pexels sound on 3760944 1 15 physical traits that reveal a lot about your personality (according to science)

How often you smile may not be the only sign that you are an extrovert.

The same study as the one mentioned in no. 8 also found that women who are extroverted may have more protruding noses and lips. Aside from this, they may also have recessive chins.

10) The shape of your mouth can describe how you act in relationships

Jane Haner is a face reading expert who shared her expertise in the book The Wisdom of Your Face. Her conclusions are based on the Chinese art of face reading. Here are a few of her insights:

An average mouth is characterized by its medium size. It also means that your mouth does not have any distinct or unique features. If this is the type of mouth that you have, you may not like associating yourself with drama when it comes to relationships.

If you have fuller lips, you may like putting yourself in other people’s shoes. You have a strong sense of empathy and are a natural parent. People may describe you as considerate and helpful.

On the other hand, if you have thin lips, you may enjoy your alone time quite often. It may take more effort for people who have this type of mouth to form deep relationships with the people around them.

11) Your selfies can also say a lot about your personality

Are you the kind of person who loves taking selfies? Depending on the emotion you portray, the people who view your pictures may be making a lot of judgments about who you are.

A study concluded that people who make duckfaces in their selfies may be more neurotic. If you display more positive emotion, you may be more agreeable and open.

12) People can also tell how religious you are based on a photo of you

Another study conducted on personality judgments called on students to evaluate a person’s religiosity based on a full-body photograph.

People who looked happier and energetic were perceived to be more religious. When these results were compared to how the individuals and their friends see themselves, the findings were usually accurate.

13) Men with longer faces may be more intelligent

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In 2014, an article was published with the goal of analyzing the possible relationship between facial shape and intelligence. For the purposes of this study, photographs of eighty men and women were analyzed.

It was shown that men with longer faces were accurately perceived to be more intelligent. To determine the correctness of this, they measured this with the actual IQ of each individual.

These faces were described as “prolonged with a broader distance between the eyes, a larger nose, a slight upturn to the corners of the mouth, and a sharper, pointing, less rounded chin”.

For women, however, they found that there was no relationship between facial shape and intelligence.

14) Your eye shape may also give others a hint of who you are

As they say, your eyes are the window to the soul. For many years now, the following conclusions have been assumed by Chinese face-reading experts.

If you have large eyes, it may mean that you are very expressive and emotional. You can be very curious and open-minded about what the world has to offer.

If you have smaller eyes, it is believed that you are a very detailed and meticulous person. You are very observant and attentive to the things happening around you.

You should also notice whether your eyes slant upward or downwards. If your outer corner is higher than the inner corner, you may be an optimistic and hopeful person. But if your eyes slant downwards, you may be the opposite of this. In contrast, you may tend to always see the negative side of things.

15) The shape of your fingertips may tell what you actually desire

There are four types of fingertip shapes: round, square or flat, broad, and pointed.

If you have round fingertips, you may desire to have peace and harmony with other people. You may always seek the approval of others.

If your fingertips look more squared or flat, you are not the type to like risks and uncertainty. People who are like this value accuracy, precision, and perfection.

You like being original and inventive if you have more broad and flat fingertips. You may not like taking traditional paths to success.

Finally, if you find yourself having pointed fingertips, you may be known as an impractical person. You may enjoy unique and unusual pursuits.

There will always be exceptions

We’ve established a lot of interesting relationships between your physical traits and your personality.

If you’re concerned about the negative traits that you are predicted to have, remember that, ultimately, you don’t have to be defined by your physical appearance.

Although you may have a tendency to exhibit one trait more than the other, you still have control over the kind of person that you want to

No matter what the predictions may look like for you, we hope that you will always strive to become a better version of yourself than the one before.

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