10 personality signs that show you’re a supportive friend

Let’s be real.

Finding a truly supportive friend can be tough. 

I mean, how many times have you thought someone was your BFF only to find out they were talking behind your back? 

It’s a sad but true reality of life.

But fear not!

There are ways to tell if someone (including yourself) is a supportive friend or not.

Here are 10 personality signs that show you’re a supportive friend.

1) You’re always present 

Like a trusty sidekick who’s always ready to lend a helping hand

I’m not saying you should be available to your friends 24/7, like some sort of superhero on call. 

But you should always be there for them when they need you.

Even if it’s in the middle of the night.

You’re not just there for the good times, oh no. 

You stick around when things get rough.

Acting as a shoulder to cry on or helping to come up with solutions to their problems. 

You answer their texts, give them a call, and most importantly, you don’t just brush them off when they need you the most. 

Just like that time your friend called you from jail at 3 in the morning and you drove all the way across town to bail them out. 

Now that’s what I call being present!

2) You go out of your way to help your friends 

You’re not just someone who will be there when they need you. 

Oh no, you take that to another level by going out of your way to help them. 

Many times we assume that our friends can take care of themselves, so we don’t offer our assistance. 

But that’s where you’re different. 

You go above and beyond. 

You don’t just say you’ll help, you actually roll up your sleeves and get to work. 

You might even go out of your way to surprise your friend with a thoughtful gesture.

Like bringing over a home-cooked meal when they’re feeling under the weather, or offering to run errands for them when they’re overwhelmed

You’re the kind of friend who truly goes the extra mile, and your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

3) You’re a good listener 

You’re not just a shoulder to cry on, you’re also great at lending an ear

On days when your friend is feeling overwhelmed, you’re the first one they go to. 

It’s not just because you happen to be around at that moment.

It’s because they know they can count on you to listen and offer encouragement in their time of need. 

You have a way of making your friends feel heard and understood.

When your friend was going through a tough break-up and was feeling really down, you listened patiently as they poured their heart out.

You didn’t try to fix their problems or give them unsolicited advice.

You just listened and offered words of encouragement. 

That’s a perfect example of how you’re a supportive friend.

You also continue to support them even after listening to their crazy life stories.

I’ll explain more in my next point.

4) You never judge your friends 

supportive friend 1 10 personality signs that show you're a supportive friend

No matter what they do. 

We all have that one friend who always does crazy things they’re not supposed to be doing (hey, I’m guilty of it too). 

But you never judge them.

Because you know that your friends are human and we all make mistakes. 

It’s easy to talk behind someone’s back and gossip, but you never do that. 

You’re always there for your friends. 

Even if it makes you look bad to the rest of the world (like that time your friend was stalking their ex and you stood by them through it all). 

Your friends know they can trust you and always come to you in times of need.

Because they know you’ll never judge them and will always have their back. 

5) You can be brutally honest with them

When we’re going through tough times, it can be really tempting to try to find someone to give us some sort of reassurance or comfort. 

And I get it, it’s natural to want to feel like someone has our back and is there for us. 

But you, as a supportive friend, are not afraid to be honest and tell it like it is. 

Even if it might be hard for your friends to hear, you don’t shy away from being real with them. 

You’re not afraid to share your thoughts and feelings, and let them know that you understand how they’re feeling. 

Sure, it might be tough in the moment for your friends to hear the truth.

But in the long run, it can really help them to see things more clearly. 

And you know that.

6) You never push your friend’s boundaries 

Another important personality sign of a supportive friend.

One thing you always do is respect your friend’s boundaries

I mean, nobody wants to hear about your freaky bedroom habits, am I right? 

Sometimes you have to tell your friend how much you care about them and that you’re there to support them.

But they don’t always want our help.

They may not need it, or they may be trying to learn how to deal with a situation by themselves. 

You’re able to recognize these situations and give your friend space when they need it. 

You never push your friends into doing something they’re not comfortable with. 

Or try to impose your opinions on them. 

Instead, you lend a sympathetic ear and let them know if you think their current situation is problematic in any way.

And it’s awesome when our friends manage to get through it and still maintain the relationship!

7) ​​You’re someone your friends can count on

You’re the MVP of friendship.

Always there for your crew whether they need a shoulder to cry on, a ride to the airport (or to the bar, let’s be real), or just someone to vent to. 

Your friends know they can count on you to be loyal, dependable, and always there for them through thick and thin. 

It’s like having a relationship with someone who actually cares about you and puts your needs before theirs. 

You’re not the type to ghost or bail on your friends, no way. 

You’re in it for the long haul, and they know it.

8) You’re supportive of your friends’ dreams and goals

someone is secretly attracted to you 10 personality signs that show you're a supportive friend

You’re not just a casual friend.

You’re a ride or die buddy who fully supports your friends’ dreams and goals. 

Even if their ambitions seem wild or unrealistic to you, you don’t try to talk them out of it. 

Instead, you cheer them on and tell them how amazing their vision is and how it could totally come true. 

Whether they’re gunning for that killer promotion at work, trying to make it big in Hollywood, or just trying to survive the daily grind, you’re there for them every step of the way. 

You’re like a cheerleader, a coach, and a therapist all rolled into one amazing friend.

9) You’re flexible and adaptable 

One thing that sets you apart as a supportive friend is your flexibility and adaptability

You’re the kind of person who can go with the flow.

You’re willing to roll with the punches and adjust to changes in your friend’s opinions or plans. 

Sure, it might be a bummer if your friend cancels on you when you were really looking forward to something, but you don’t hold it against them. 

You know they would never do it on purpose and that they value your friendship. 

You’re always there for them, ready to support them in any way you can.

10) You don’t ask for anything in return for being a friend 

I think this is the most significant personality sign of a supportive friend.

You never ask for anything in return for your kindness and help. 

I mean, it’s almost confusing how you can be such a selfless pal.

Always giving your time and energy to your friends without expecting anything in return. 

But that’s what makes you so special and supportive. 

You’re like the Oprah of friendship, always giving without wanting anything back. 

And your friends appreciate it more than they’ll ever admit. 

Like that time you stayed up all night with your sick buddy, nursing them back to health and watching every season of The Office, all without asking for a single thing in return.

You’re always giving, never expecting or asking for anything, because that’s how supportive friends are supposed to be.

Friends support friends

We may not always be able to be there for our friends in the exact way they need us.

But by being supportive and dependable, we’re showing them that they can count on us to be there for them when it really matters. 

That’s pretty cool if you ask me. 

It’s like having a squad of loyal, trustworthy friends who have your back no matter what. 

And who doesn’t want a crew like that in their corner?

Supportive friends are worth their weight in gold!

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