26 signs of intense chemistry between two people (complete list)

Chemistry is a term often used to describe the intense feeling of attraction between two people.

Some people say that the most intense chemistry is the kind you feel when you’re in love with someone. But the chemistry between two people can occur in a wide range of ways, from cuddling on the couch for hours to being able to finish each other’s sentences.

Sometimes, it can be so intense that it becomes difficult to put into words the feelings you have for each other.

While this feeling may seem impossible to describe, there are some clear signs that your chemistry just might be off the charts.

Here are 26 signs of intense chemistry between two people.

1) You’re drawn to each other

Have you ever felt drawn to someone without understanding why or how?

Sometimes, when you meet someone new, you may feel an immediate spark. There’s just something about them. You can tell they feel the same way.

When two people feel a strong pull towards each other, when they are attracted to each other like magnets, it’s a clear sign of strong chemistry between them.


If you’re trying to find out if someone is attracted to you, pay attention to what they do before and after meeting you.

  • Are they agitated or excited?
  • Are they distracted?
  • Do they try to avoid you?
  • Or do they want more time with you?

These are all signs that your chemistry might be too intense for them to control their feelings.

2) You only have eyes for each other

Do you find yourself ignoring everyone else when they are around?

The chemistry between you two is so strong that it feels like you are the only two people on earth. You feel like you are one soul, one mind, and two bodies.

  • You ignore the other people around you.
  • You hardly pay attention to your friends.
  • You don’t notice other attractive people.

When you are in love, it is hard to think of anything else. Your entire life revolves around the person that you love and everything seems perfect when they are with you.

This feeling can be extremely intense at times.

3) You can’t stand to be apart

  • Do you find it difficult to be apart from your partner?
  • Do you have a hard time thinking of anything else when you’re together?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating on anything else other than your significant other?
  • When you are apart, are you upset and anxious?
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Do you miss them as soon as they leave?

If you answered “yes” to more than one of the questions above, it means that you share a strong connection to your partner.

It’s true! The chemistry between you is so strong that you find it difficult to be away from them.

4) You can be yourself

Did you know that chemistry between two people can also be measured in how comfortable they feel in each other’s presence?

Think about it:

Are you relaxed when you are with your partner? Do you feel like you can be yourself with them? Talk about anything?

Is being with them so comfortable that it “feels like home”?

If your answer is yes then you are very lucky!

When you are with them, it feels as if you were meant for each other and that nothing can come between you two.

5) You are friends

There are different types of chemistry between people, and it’s not all about sexual attraction.

If your partner is a true friend, then you have a strong base for a happy and healthy relationship.

Let me explain why.

A friend is someone you can talk to about your feelings and share your secrets with.

They are someone you can laugh with. They are a shoulder to cry on.

You can learn from each other and grow together. And another thing, you can have a lot of fun together!

You feel comfortable around them and you know that they will always be there for you.

This is the type of chemistry that will make the relationship last for years to come.

6) Time flies when you are together

Have you noticed that when you are together you lose track of time? It’s like nothing else matters so long as you’re with them.

You’re often late to work. You forget appointments.

It feels like time has stopped.

Everything is about the two of you. There is no past and no future, all that exists is the present moment. Together.

Now that’s some kind of chemistry!

7) You think about them all the time

Do you find that your thoughts are consumed by your partner? Do they consume your entire life?

When you are not together, you can’t help but think about them and wonder what they’re up to.


It is easy for people in love to be so obsessed with their partner that the other person becomes more important than anything else in the world.

This makes it difficult for you to get any work done because they are constantly on your mind when you are apart.

There’s no denying the chemistry you share, but it’s important to remember that you have other things in your life too.

Don’t neglect your work and hobbies, don’t forget about your friends and your family. The life you had before the relationship still exists.

8) Body language says it all

Body language is an integral part of communication and it sends a message to those around you.

Did you know that when you are in the presence of another person, your body language is constantly sending out signals?

The way two people’s bodies react to one another shows whether or not there is a good amount of chemistry between them.

We’re all constantly sending out signals through our posture, gestures, movements, and facial expressions.

Body language cues for intense chemistry include:

  • Touching such as a brush on the shoulder; holding hands; hand on the knee
  • Your bodies turn towards one another when you speak
  • Blushing
  • Higher heart rate and faster breathing
  • Prolonged eye contact

9) Eye contact

Chemistry is one of the biggest indicators for whether or not you’ll get along with someone, and if it’s there, then you can also tell that there’s chemistry when the two of you maintain eye contact.

Eye contact is a non-verbal form of communication, and when you make eye contact with someone, it tells them that you’re interested in what they have to say and interested in them.

Simply put, the strongest way to show someone that you like them is by maintaining eye contact.

10) You make each other laugh

Laughter is an amazing thing. It can be found in so many different ways, and it has so many ways of bringing people together. It also releases endorphins and adrenaline that make us feel good, lowers stress levels, and helps to reduce pain.

The best way to show someone that you like them is by making them laugh.

Sounds good right?

Laughter also releases oxytocin – the feel-good hormone that facilitates bonding between people. When two people who care about each other share laughter, they’re biologically wired for increased closeness and trust – something that can lead to more shared moments and a stronger relationship in general.

11) You look forward to being with each other

Remember how you felt the night before Christmas when you were a kid?

You know what I’m talking about – that feeling of anticipation and excitement – knowing that something special was about to happen.

Well, that’s how you feel every time you’re supposed to see them. Exhilarated, because being together is like Christmas morning. It’s like first snow. It’s like magic.

The two of you have such great chemistry that every time you are together is amazing and special.

If you’ve found someone that you feel that way with, don’t let them get away!

12) You have similar interests and goals

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Some people just click, others, don’t.

We’re all different. It just so happens that we tend to have chemistry with people who are like us, who have similar interests and goals.

This is why it’s important for couples to like some of the same stuff and share hobbies.

If you’re dating someone who has nothing in common with you, you’ll find it difficult to bond over anything.

However when you have a lot in common, when you have similar interests and goals, then it’s a sign that you’re compatible.

For instance, if you love to travel and your partner loves to travel too, then you’re a match made in heaven.

If on the other hand you’re with someone who never leaves town, you’re in trouble.

13) You compliment each other

Complimenting is one of the strongest ways to show someone that you like them. It’s a kind and thoughtful act that shows the person that you see them and that you care about them.

Best of all, when you compliment the other person, it makes them feel good and boosts their self-confidence.

People who have good chemistry together tend to compliment each other.

14) You connect on every level

People who are destined to be together share special chemistry. Whether it’s love, friendship, or some other form of connection, people with similar energies are drawn to one another for a variety of reasons.

When two people connect on every level, it’s a sign that they have a strong bond and intense chemistry.

15) You talk about the future

When the chemistry between two people is right, it results in love.

When two people are in love, it’s only natural that they talk about the future.

If you find yourself in love, then you’re gonna want to make plans together.

First, it can start with small things, like plans for the weekends. Then, you’ll move on to making plans for the summer. Before you know it, if the chemistry is right, you’ll be talking about marriage and kids.

16) You have a deep respect for them

Respect is one of the most important components of any relationship.

The way people approach and interact with each other can say a lot about their personalities and how they might react to certain situations in the future.

There are many different factors that contribute to whether or not your chemistry will work, but one major component is respect for one another.

Here’s the deal, respect is an incredibly important element to having chemistry with someone, and it’s something that everyone should be aware of when trying to figure out if they have chemistry

17) You feel happy when they’re around

You feel happy when your partner is around because you love them and want to be with them.

It’s a sign that you feel good in their company.

They make you feel special, like you’re someone worth loving.

You wouldn’t feel that way unless there was intense chemistry between you.

18) You feel close to them

The closeness that a couple share is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Considering that a partner’s presence is needed for survival, humans have evolved to be attracted to people with whom they can share their lives.

This means sharing little and big moments. It means sharing your happiness and your sorrow. It means sharing your chemistry.

19) You feel a deep spiritual connection to them

Do you feel a deep spiritual connection to your partner?

The idea of a deep spiritual connection between two people is an indicator of special chemistry. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know the feeling well.

You see, spiritual connections are one of the most important components in any relationship.

20) You have a lot of fun with them

Not only are you attracted to your partner, but you like to talk to them and enjoy spending time together.

Sounds perfect, right?

You both like to do similar things and you are able to have a good time together. You enjoy spending time with each other and having fun doing the same activities that make you happy.

21) You feel like you’ve known them your whole life

There’s a certain feeling that we experience when we meet someone for the first time. It’s called a “sixth sense,” and it’s often described as an immediate feeling of familiarity or comfort with the person.


While this sixth sense is hard to describe, it has been shown to be one of the strongest love triggers out there.

If you are experiencing this sensation with the person you just met, who knows what could happen in the future.

There’s definitely chemistry between you and this is something worth exploring.

22) They make you feel good about yourself

Have you met someone special that makes you feel good about yourself?

Do they see beyond the flaws? Do they see your strengths? Do they appreciate everything you do?

If this is the case, then you’re very lucky because you’ll have a partner who will always think the best of you.

23) You can’t stop flirting with each other

Chemistry is an important factor in a relationship.

It’s the spark that keeps things going and makes people want to spend time with one another.

When you have chemistry, it can be obvious from the amount of flirting you do because when two people are attracted to each other they often flirt more than usual.

Flirtation has been a part of human interactions since prehistoric times when it was used to attract potential mates for courtship and dating purposes.

24) When you are together, you can’t keep your hands off of each other

There’s such a deep sexual attraction between you that can’t keep your hands off of each other!

You are so overcome with passion and desire that you’re always touching and kissing each other, even when you are in public!

People are uncomfortable being around you two and your friends often joke “get a room!”

In my own experience, this is a clear sign that you have strong sexual chemistry with your partner!

25) You can talk to each other about anything

Two people with a deep connection and intense chemistry are comfortable talking to each other about anything. They are not embarrassed or ashamed to talk about some very personal or complicated or even painful subjects.

26) Every day with them is a new adventure

You are so excited to be with each other because every day together is a new adventure, a new experience, a new way for the two of you to learn about each other.

What if you’re in love and there’s no chemistry?

It’s a scary thought, but sometimes love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship.

Sometimes you can’t really connect with someone if there is no chemistry. If you’re in this situation and the person isn’t changing, then you may need to look for someone else who has more intense chemistry.

Signs that you’re not experiencing chemistry

So you’ve been dating someone for a while now and things seem perfect. But there’s one thing that just doesn’t seem to be clicking… chemistry.

Chemistry is the term used to describe the feelings of attraction, affection, passion, and sexual tension that happen when two people come together.

While it’s not always easy to know what causes these feelings, the signs that you’re not experiencing chemistry are usually pretty clear-cut.

If you want to find out more, keep reading.

1) You’re both busy

You and your partner seem to spend less and less time together. You’re constantly busy. You’re tired. Being together is just not a priority.

Well, if this is the case, there’s likely no chemistry between you.

2) You don’t see each other much

When’s the last time you saw your partner? When’s the last time you spent quality time together? If you’re not making time for each other, then the chemistry is just not there.

3) Your schedules are incompatible

The fact that your schedules are incompatible is just an excuse. If there was any chemistry left between you, you would find a way to make it work despite your incompatible schedules.

4) There’s a lot of arguing or fighting

Have you been arguing and fighting a lot lately? Do you find that you get into fights about silly, unimportant things? Does your partner simply get on your nerves lately?

There’s simply no chemistry to help you get along.

5) One of you runs away from the relationship

If you find your partner or yourself running away from the relationship, it’s a clear indication that you’re unhappy.

If it seems easier to run away than to work on your problems together, then it means that there’s no chemistry left between you. Nothing to fight for.

6) Forcing yourself to be nice

Do you find that you have to keep forcing yourself to be nice to your partner?

If there was still a spark there, if you still felt something for them, you wouldn’t have to force yourself to be nice, it would come naturally.

7) There’s a lot of distance between you and your partner, physically or mentally

There’s a lot of distance between you lately. Maybe you keep finding excuses not to be together or you don’t see eye to eye. Whatever the case, it feels like the distance between you is just growing, because there’s no chemistry to keep you together.

8) You have different interests in life

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It’s the weekend and one of you is playing golf while the other is antiquing.

One of you wants a family, the other doesn’t.

While one enjoys watching Woody Allen movies, the other prefers wrestling.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that you have in common. You have different interests in life and you’re not willing to compromise.

Well, there you have it, no chemistry, no point in compromising.

Final thoughts

Do you already understand what signs of intense chemistry between two people look like?

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