How to be a high-value man: 24 no bullsh*t tips

“It’s not enough to be a high-value man; you have to know how to be one.”

You might have heard this phrase before, but what does it really mean?

In order to answer that question, we’ve put together a list of 24 ways in which men can raise their value as attractive individuals.

They aren’t easy, but they are manageable and they will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

First off, take the time to read through this list.

1) Develop charisma

Charisma is the ability to be confident and attractive no matter what the situation.

It’s the ability to take on any difficult situation and make it seem easy. In order to possess charisma, you need to be able to handle yourself in different social situations, otherwise known as your areas of comfort and discomfort.

In order to develop your areas of comfort and discomfort, you need to start thinking about social situations in advance.

You need to be able to approach any situation with ease and be comfortable when it comes up.

This takes a lot of practice, but if you’re patient with yourself, it eventually becomes second nature.

2) Avoid negative traits

This one is simple: don’t do any things that make you look bad in public. This means stop drinking if it tends to make you act like a fool and stop complaining about anything you don’t like.

Your goal is to become the most positive person in the room and your actions need to reflect that.

3) Keep your looks up to date

This one is a little superficial, but with the right clothes and hairstyle, you can look better than most other people.

Of course, this isn’t long-term, so don’t expect it to work over the years.

You need to constantly redefine your style and acquire new items when your current ones no longer appeal to you.

4) Be passionate about something

Everybody is passionate about something these days.

It could be a real passion or one that you decided to make up, but either way, it makes a difference.

Being passionate about something shows that you’re focused and driven to achieve goals, which can be a very attractive personality.

5) Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman means that you are respectful to women and never act in a way that is offensive or demeaning.

This is an easy point to understand, but it doesn’t mean everyone will fully comprehend it because there are still people out there who think it is okay to treat women in the disrespectful way they did in the 1800s.

If you want to become more attractive, you should certainly be a gentleman.

6) Be clean and well-groomed

You might think this one is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many men go out in public with unshaved faces and unwashed clothing.

Make sure you’re always the cleanest person in the room when you’re out and about.

If you can be a high-value man, you’re much more likely to attract the right type of woman for you.

7) Display high status symbols

In order to be a high value man, you need to show off some status symbols. This could be a nice car or some luxury items that people want.

You don’t have to go overboard with this, but there are certain things that are expected of you if you want to take on a high value role in people’s lives.

8) Work hard on your goals and targets

If you want to be high value, then you need to work hard in order to meet your goals.

Pay attention to your daily goals, but when you don’t meet them try to figure out why. There are usually a few things that can be worked on here and there.

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9) Act like a leader

Leaders always have high status in their groups.

Leaders aren’t very popular, but they always have high status because they work hard to get the job done. They aren’t afraid to make difficult decisions and they take responsibility for their actions.

You should think of yourself as a leader who is willing to take risks to achieve your goals. You might not be the most popular, but you’ll always have high status.

10) Be a life-lover

Life-lovers have mastered the art of living in the moment and enjoying everything that comes their way.

They don’t complain about anything and they take every opportunity that comes their way.

You shouldn’t complain about anything either because that makes you low value and low status.

11) Know yourself inside and out

Know yourself as well as you can before you try to become a high value man.

This will make it easier for you to act like a leader, take risks and control your life. The more in control, the better man you will be.

12) Dress for success

Dressing well is crucial to being a high value man.

Dressing well shows that you are well put together and prepared for life’s many challenges.

It’s important that you can expect people to take you seriously when you go out of your way to make sure that you look good.

13) Don’t complain about anything

Don’t complain about anything in public because it makes you look weak and low value.

It also shows that you’re not confident in your abilities, which is a huge turnoff for a lot of people.
The worst part about complaining is that it makes you look weak and irrational; two things that can’t be helped if you want to become high value.

14) Learn to analyze

People who are analytical can often see what is going on in the world in a very different way than the average person.

If you analyze things and have the ability to take all of your observations and put it into action, then you will become a very successful man.

This is true whether it is business or personal because if you understand how other people think and make decisions, then you will have an advantage over those that do not keep themselves updated with current events.

15) Be a man of the world

Being a man of the world means that you are willing to keep yourself informed about what is going on in the world.

Being educated and connected to current events helps in several different ways.

When you understand exactly what is going on, you can be more attractive as a person.

Most importantly, you will have an advantage over men that have not kept up with current events because they will be at a huge disadvantage.

16) Create a strong network of friendships and relationships

Being popular makes you more attractive because people will want to associate with someone that other people like.

If you are popular and have a great social life, a lot of people will want to be your friend simply because you are fun to be around.

Those that do not have a well-established social circle will have more difficulty establishing lasting relationships with women; however, you can become successful by creating strong social groups to help you get dates.

17) Improve your finances

High value men are financially independent.

They are in a position to live the lifestyle that they want, and they know how to spend money effectively.

18) Know how to make good first impressions

First impressions are crucial to getting high status.

If people see you working hard, looking good and even being nice to them, then they’ll think that you have high social value.

However, if they see you working hard, but acting like a jerk or dressing like a slob, then they’ll think that you have low status.

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19) Give value to people

You can actually give value to people without giving them everything they want.

For example, you can give value if you buy a cup of coffee for a coworker, help a friend move or even just look them in the eye and smile.

Giving value is smart because it makes people feel good about themselves and they are more likely to want to give you the same treatment in return.

20) Be smart, clever and practical

If you want to become a high value man, then it’s important that you are smart, clever and practical in your everyday life.

You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room, but you should be clever enough so that if you see someone having problems, you can come up with a practical solution for them.

21) Don’t take life too seriously

Being able to take a joke and not take life too seriously is one of the most attractive qualities that a man can possess.

It shows that you can be relaxed and fun, which makes people enjoy your company.

22) Recognizing your true worth

A high value man knows what he has to offer to the world. He doesn’t see himself as superior to others, but rather as a guide and leader.

He’s responsible for his own actions and knows that he deserves the best in return.

A high value man doesn’t feel like being admired is a burden; on the contrary, he’s more than happy to have people look up to him, because that means they are following his example.

The ultimate goal is to be valuable to yourself and those around you.

23) Be yourself

Sometimes when we’re putting our best foot forward, we can end up coming across as fake people by trying too hard.

If you want to be a high value man, you should be yourself and focus on being authentic.

This means that even if there are things about yourself that you aren’t too proud of, like your inability to dance, then it’s okay.

Just be honest about what you’re good at and what you aren’t.

24) Get rid of old habits

Old habits can hold you back in more ways than one, and it’s important that you let go of them.

Whether this means getting rid of old eating habits or bad habits like smoking, the sooner you can kick these things to the curb, the better off you’ll be.

You should also make sure that your new habits are healthy ones, like exercising regularly or sticking to a clean diet.

What every woman loves in a man?

You might want to be a high value man to attract the same quality women. But do you also want to know what every woman loves in a man?

There are some qualities that every single woman loves in a man.

Here are some of these qualities:

  • He’s sincere and has integrity.
  • He’s sensitive, treats people well, and cares about others.
  • He recognizes that this is not just a casual relationship – it’s a long term commitment.
  • He has a good sense of humor.
  • He’s kind and compassionate.
  • He’s happy and optimistic.
  • He accepts and loves her as she is.
  • He’s mature and knows what he wants in life.
  • He can express his feelings.
  • He has self-respect, confidence, and integrity.
  • He has a plan for his future, usually with family.
  • He wants to get married and have children someday soon.
  • He has goals and works hard to achieve them.
  • He’s a good communicator.
  • He treats her with respect and expects to be treated the same way.
  • He doesn’t play games or manipulate her emotions.
  • She can trust him, and she knows it won’t change overnight.
  • She knows that he would never cheat, abuse, or lie to her.
  • She knows he will be faithful and loyal to her forever.
  • He supports her in everything she does.

Being a high-value man means knowing that you’re a man

Knowing that you are a man, and not just any man.

Being sure that you are unique, important, and irreplaceable. People love to feel wanted, so why not make them feel exactly that?

High-value men take command of their lives, lead the way and inspire others toward a better future.

This all relates back to the incredible advice I learned from Kate Spring.

She is a relationship expert who has transformed dating and relationships for thousands of men.

One of the most valuable things she teaches is this:

Women don’t choose the guy who will treat them the best. They choose guys they are deeply attracted to at a biological level.

Women don’t like assholes because they’re assholes. They like assholes because those guys are confident and they give off the right signals to them. The sort of signals a woman can’t resist.

What if I told you that you could quickly learn the right signals to give to women – and you absolutely don’t need to become an asshole in the process?

Check out this free video by Kate Spring.

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