Dreaming of another man while in a relationship? What it really means

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Suppose you’re dreaming of another man while in a relationship. It might not be because you’re looking to cheat on your partner.

In fact, some experts believe that the opposite is true — that your dreams could be a signal of your unconscious desire for bigger closeness with him.

Here are some of the reasons why you may be dreaming about another man!

1) You are not quite sure you love your boyfriend

If you’re dreaming of another man because you’re not really sure that you’re in love with your boyfriend, or because you’re secretly comparing him with another man, it means that the love you feel for your partner is not quite fulfilling at the moment.

The dream may be telling you that there is something inside of you that you are ignoring. You should continue to search for love in your relationship.

Don’t forget that relationships are not only about physical attraction but also commitment and trust. This is something that you may be missing now in your relationship.

Your dream can be a reminder that you need to work on deepening the bond with your boyfriend and be more honest with yourself.

Relationships require effort and work. If you’re in a relationship, but your dreams are showing you that you may be comparing yourself with someone else or dreaming of another man, this is the perfect opportunity to talk with your partner about how you feel.

2) You are being unfaithful in real life

Women who dream about other men when in a relationship could be trying to work through feelings about cheating or being cheated on by their partners. If you have cheated on your boyfriend recently, or if he has cheated on you, this dream is part of the self-forgiveness process.

It is a sign that your inner conscience tries to work through the guilt. Your unconscious will make you remember the way in which you treated previous partners so that you can forgive and forget and go on with life without being torn apart by remorse.

That is not an easy process, and it can be very hard to find the right direction, especially if you are together for a long time. Now that you have had time to think about your dreams, it is also advisable to ask your partner what he thinks of them.

Let him know if there is any truth in them or if they are part of the “private imagination” while dreaming. And if they really are true – well then, you should talk with him about it!

Dreaming of another man while in a relationship can sometimes be a sign that you need to put some distance between yourself and your partner to think things through and understand better what you need to do better to make things work in your relationship.

If the dream really is true, and you are drawn towards the other man, it is not time to make drastic decisions yet. It means that you have a lot of things to take care of first. Deal with your fears and issues you have, so you can make an informed decision about your next step.

You may want to deal with these negative feelings on your own, without involving anyone else. But then, what could the meaning be?

If you feel overwhelmed by the content of your dream, don’t try to find the solution by yourself. Rather, seek help from someone experienced in helping resolve the issues in the relationships.

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

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4) You are working through your fear of breaking up

If you are deeply in love with your boyfriend in reality, but you have these dreams, you may actually be very scared that your boyfriend will break up with you and leave you. That may be an underlying issue of separation anxiety and wanting to be completely connected with someone.

Make an agreement to be completely transparent before your relationship moves to the next level. That way, you will be able to share your worries, insecurities, and fears about being together for a lifetime.

You can express how important it is for you that he’s committed and dedicated 100% – as you are towards him! So, if you’re dreaming of another man while in a relationship with another, it might not be time to run off with the other guy – yet.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are with a man other than your partner, it is because deep down inside, you feel like there might be something better out there, so you want to keep the door open. It is the fear of breaking up with your boyfriend because of this doubt.

Also, dreams of other men could be a premonition of moving on from a relationship that is not working or from over-analyzing a new or old relationship to death.

5) You have a crush on someone else

If you dream of a man other than your partner, it might be because you have a crush on someone else and are considering making the first move. The dream is showing you that this person could be interested in you, so you may be thinking about giving him a chance.

It is also possible that you’re dreaming of this other man because you are not satisfied with your relationship and may want to explore other options. Think about your relationship and if your needs are fulfilled.

Would you think or dream about anyone else if you were completely satisfied? Probably not!

Try to objectively assess your relationship and the guy you are dreaming about. What do you think would be better if you left your boyfriend and started something new?

Women tend to be very romantic, and most likely, you are dreaming about this other man because he makes you feel like a woman!

Dreaming of another man in a relationship could also be a sign that you’re feeling bad about yourself or are too focused on your flaws and what others might think. Consider getting involved in something that makes you feel good about yourself or talking with someone who can lend an objective point of view.

You may want to deal with these negative feelings on your own, without involving anyone else.


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6) You’re attracted to someone else in real life

Your dreams of another man could also mean that you are attracted to someone else in real life, and you’re trying to find a way to act on it. It is not uncommon for women to be completely in love with their boyfriends or husbands but still be attracted to other men and want to spend time with them.

These dreams may also signal that you have an insecurity issue regarding the current relationship. Being involved with someone doesn’t mean that you will never think about anyone else ever again.

You can either accept it as a normal part of the relationship or decide to change course in your life. Sometimes dreams of another man can be a good time to figure out your true feelings about your relationship.

You will be able to look at things clearer and concentrate more on the real issues that may be keeping you from moving forward with your relationship.

7) You’re looking for something more with your partner

If you dream of another man and you are feeling lonely, then it means that your inner self is trying to tell you that there is something missing in your relationship, and it may be time to move on from it. This dream may also be a sign that you are dissatisfied with your current partner.

Your dream is trying to point out to you that there is another man out there who has what it takes to make you happy. However, don’t forget it is only a dream.

If you didn’t make contact with the man you are dreaming of, then you may not want to take this dream too seriously. Think about what you already have with your partner and the way you can make it work.

Sometimes making even a small effort can make a great difference. Do everything on your side to make your relationship better, and you will surely realize that the feeling after dreaming of another man will fade away fast.

Dreaming of another man could also be a way for you to release your frustrations from the pressure you may feel to save your relationship. If you are dreaming about this other man, it is because deep down inside, you feel like there might be something better out there, so you want to have your options available.

But is there any way to get what you’re looking from your partner?

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8) Your insecurities are getting the best of you

If you are dreaming of other men, it could be a sign that your insecurities have gotten the best of you, and you are afraid to express them to your partner. You might dream of another man because you feel insecure in real life.

It can also be a fear of commitment too, so this way, you could be rebelling against having a peaceful relationship. Your subconscious may be telling you that you are not ready to commit to one person just yet, and you want to test the waters.

You may feel like you are not good enough for him or that you don’t deserve him. So instead of trying to work through your insecurities in real life, you may be doing it in your dreams.

In this scenario, sleeping with another man acts as a safety net. It’s the reassurance that you need that no matter what happens, at least someone out there is attracted to you and might potentially want to be with you.

Dreaming of another man can also be a way for women to express their unfulfilled desires and needs. Because women are often more private than men, it may be harder for them to explore their dreams of other guys.

Sometimes sexual frustrations may come out in this way and give you a message that you are ready for a change.

9) You are feeling lonely and unworthy

pexels engin akyurt 2174625 Dreaming of another man while in a relationship? What it really means

Sometimes dreams about another man can be a sign of loneliness and insecurity when your relationship is not strong enough for you to feel secure.

If your dream is about another man and you feel angry with your boyfriend, it could mean that you are trying to distance yourself from him so that you can be alone in order to calm down and think things over.

Subconsciousness can have weird ways of showing us that we should work on our sense of worth. If you didn’t spend enough time with your boyfriend lately and you simply don’t get enough attention you need and want, your mind may just be wandering and looking for some fun, at least in this way.

Do the things that improve your confidence at the moment and remember that it was just a dream. This kind of dream could be a message to find more balance in your life.

If you are dreaming of another man and you are feeling that your relationship is not fulfilling, then it might be time to open up and talk with him about what’s missing—dreaming of another man can teach you how to love yourself more and express yourself better.

10) You’re not happy with your relationship

Dreams of other men could also be a sign that you’re not happy with your relationship and need something to make it work better, so you dream of another man so that you can reach out to him, perhaps for advice or support from someone who knows more than your partner does about relationships.

Keep in mind that you are in control and can choose not to act on your dreams if you feel that they are interfering with your real life.

Just try to pay attention to when you have these feelings. Dreaming about another man could be a warning that you aren’t happy with your current relationship, and you should try to work on it instead of trying to look for another one.

Ask for the things you want, change the things you don’t like, and do everything you can to improve your relationship. There is always something that can be done to make things better.

When you’re dreaming about someone other than your current partner, it may be that you want to know whether or not your partner is faking his feelings for you. If so, the dream will become more passionate and intense and will force you to really examine what’s going on in your relationship and remember to take some time for yourself.

11) It is just a dream

Dreams of other men do not necessarily mean anything. You could be simply having a dream about someone you know or admire, and your mind is just wandering.

Dreams are indicators of thoughts, feelings, and desires in your subconscious mind. Explore what it is that you want to change, who you are not satisfied with, or what is missing in your life so that you can change it for the better.

It may be just a way for your mind to get rid of stress piled up throughout the day. The feeling of guilt may be accompanying these dreams, so you may feel like you have really cheated on your boyfriend, and if you are in a loving relationship, the dream can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

It is nothing to be ashamed of because we cannot decide when we dream about another person, and we are not responsible for these feelings. However, if you want to be a bit careful and don’t want to hurt your partner, you should avoid taking the dream too seriously.

Telling him that you’ve had a dream about another man can never be good, trust me on this. I was very open and naive in the past and shared those dreams with my boyfriend.

These conversations didn’t end well! Be careful about the information you share because it may not be such a good idea after all. Sometimes women dream about someone famous because it can be a way for them to live out their dreams.

If you admire him or think that he is really something, it could be just a way for you to live out your fantasy with the man of your dreams. You may feel like this famous person can make you happy and this way you can enjoy his company without feeling guilty because it’s only a dream.

Final thoughts

Dreams are powerful. What happens in your dream can have a powerful effect on you and your life. If you are dreaming about someone other than your boyfriend, this could symbolize a transformation in your life, as well as some doubts that you’re having about the relationship.

Take some time to focus on what it is that you want from the relationship and take steps to make changes within yourself. It’s not easy, but this will help improve the situation.

Hopefully, you will be able to find the deeper meaning behind it, and you will be able to find out the answers you seek. Take some time to talk things over with your boyfriend, so you can improve on your relationship and figure out the meaning of your dreams!


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