Accidentally saw my sister-in-law naked – should I tell my wife?

My wife and my two visiting sisters-in-law recently went out to a bar for the evening while I babysat our 2-year-old at home. They came back drunk and all over the place (as expected), and generally went their separate ways as we have enough bedrooms for all of them to sleep separately. Now, I’m a bit of a night owl and was up on dad duty while my wife pretty much passed out in our bed. I was doing various chores when I hear a thud from the bathroom. Youngest SIL had somehow found a full bottle of wine, was running herself a bath, and had fallen over before getting in. I asked if she was alright through the door first, and she called me in – telling me she was decent when I asked. She wasn’t dressed at all and was lying on the floor completely naked and extremely drunk. Since it was past 2am at this point and my wife had also been past drunk when she went to bed, I threw my SIL a towel, turned off the bath, and helped her to bed. I don’t doubt that this was pure drunkenness and not some attempt at exposing herself, plus SIL seems to have blacked out and not remembered a thing, but it’s been a few days and I initially thought it was best not to tell my wife as she tends to get a bit jealous, but now I’m started to doubt my decision. Any input would be massively appreciated, cheers!


Hi there!

Sounds like your sisters-in-law know how to let loose! Wine plus young moms can definitely lead to some… interesting situations. Kudos to you for stepping up as the responsible dad and making sure everyone made it to bed in one piece!

Now, about your sister-in-law’s impromptu bathroom performance: I’m a bit surprised you didn’t just tell your wife the next morning. It’s a funny story, and your sister-in-law was clearly not in her right mind. Your concern about your wife’s reaction is valid, but wouldn’t you rather her hear it from you than stumble upon the information elsewhere?

Honesty is (almost always) the best policy, but at the end of the day, you know your wife better than anyone. If you’re absolutely convinced that her jealousy will overshadow any potential trust issues, then maybe keeping it under wraps is the way to go. But if you’re hesitating solely to avoid an awkward conversation, that might be a red flag for deeper issues in your relationship.

If you decide to stay silent, be honest with yourself about your motivations. Are you protecting her feelings, or are you simply dodging discomfort? A bit of accidental nudity shouldn’t cause a major trust crisis. If you’re that worried about her reaction, it could be worth exploring ways to strengthen the trust and honesty in your marriage.

My vote? Take your wife aside, tell her the story, and have a good laugh about it.

But ultimately, the decision is yours. Trust your gut, be honest with yourself, and do what feels right. If you do decide to tell her, just be straightforward and reassure her that it was a harmless accident.

I hope this helps!

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