15 clear signs you’re suffering from self-entitlement

If you’re like me, you hate spending time with self-entitled people.

They’re self-centered, crave attention and won’t hesitate to chuck a hissy fit to get what they want.

I don’t know about you, but life is too short to spend time with people who think they’re God’s gift to humanity.

So if you’re wondering whether you’re a little self-entitled, here are 15 behaviors you need to stamp out.

1. Set Unrealistic Expectations On The People Around You

Self-entitled people will always find themselves superior to others.

You expect everyone to be at your beck and call, and you tend to act violently when they don’t.

You believe that you are entitled to their attention and efforts, and find ways to punish them when reality proves you otherwise.

2. You Find Ways To Assert Your Superiority

Feelings of entitlement often come as a side-effect of deep seated insecurity.

To prevent feelings of insecurity from actually surfacing, entitled people will find ways to assert their dominance over others.

Narcissistic individuals find it hard to collaborate because they are focused on amplifying their strengths while undermining everyone else’s.

3. You Sincerely Think You Are Better Than Most People

There’s a fine line that separates self-confidence and entitlement.

Entitled individuals think that they deserve respect from peers, colleagues, and even superiors, no matter what happens.

You believe that your superiority protects you from most consequences and this encourages you to act haphazardly against co-workers and loved ones.

4. You Don’t Have A Lot Of Friends

This one is a pretty strong indicator that you have a personality problem.

People who radiate negativity and entitlement will deter any good, positive people from their lives.

Your lack of genuine, intimate relationships can be a good indication that you’re entitled.

5. You Are Convinced That Your Priorities Should Come First, No Matter What The Cost

When it comes to fulfilling needs, you think that yours should always come first, no matter the situation.

You don’t care if someone is experiencing a bad week or is undergoing through an emotional stage in their lives.

You will demand that your needs, although not as urgent as someone else’s, be put above all else.

6. Compromise Is Almost Impossible With You

Whether it’s deciding simple things like where to eat or what movie to watch to making life-changing choices, you tend to find a way to have your way with people.

You’ll find that most people find it challenging to talk to you because they know negotiating with you is like talking to a brick wall.

7. You Take Your Relationships For Granted

The people around you don’t feel like people. Instead, you look at them and treat them as objects that you can manipulate and use.

You gauge relationships according to how much value and use you’ll siphon from them.

But when it comes to asking you for favors, you never have any inclinations to help people unless it benefits you in some way.

8. You Treat Everyone Around You As A Threat Or Competition

Self-entitlement will inevitably manifest itself in toxic powerplay.

Because you recognize that your needs, thoughts, and feelings take precedence over others’, you strive to maintain this position by ensuring that people know who’s the boss.

You are deeply suspicious of individuals outside of your comfort zone, and naturally so, because you are paranoid that they are trying to “usurp” your position.

9. You Have No Moral or Ethical Bounds

You are an incredibly goal-oriented person, which is a potentially positive trait for most people.

However, your perseverance typically comes at the expense of other people and you are willing to stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are violating rules or hurting individuals; the only thing that matters to you are your goals.

10. You “Punish” People

Because you like imposing unrealistic expectations on the people around you, you find yourself often disappointed when confronted with the fact that what you want isn’t always what you’ll get.

This doesn’t stop you from conditioning people to follow through your impositions, though. You find ways to punish people–discreetly or directly–and train them to always look out for your needs.

Different forms of punishments can take place. It can be anything from silent treatment to torturing a colleague to ensure that you get what you want every single time.

11. You Think You Deserve Happiness and Will Do Anything To Have It

When you see yourself above other people, you start believing that your happiness should come unconditionally.

You often justify your manipulative and destructive behavior as a means to achieving happiness.

When confronted with your own behavior, your retaliations revolve around deserving happiness.

12. People Often Think You’re Manipulative

How people see you is often a good indicator of what you are objectively.

If your peers see you as someone who is manipulative and tends to resort to bullying to get their way, then it only means that you have a bad attitude.

13. You Love Creating Drama

Everything revolves around you.

When things don’t go according to plan, when you feel even the smallest inconvenience, you tend to stir the pot and cause drama.

You tend to rebel against other people if things don’t go your way and harbor self-pity that manifests in destructive and attention-seeking demeanor.

14. You Crave Praise and Admiration

Entitled people need to know they are the best.

Insecurity tugs at the core of every narcissistic person, so they rely heavily on compliments and admiration to both justify their unruly methods and appease their hunger for attention.

15. You Have No Regard For Others

They don’t care about anyone else but themselves. If they make your life worse, it doesn’t matter because they’re trying to get what they want.



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