how to tell if someone is highly intelligent

Here are 10 signs you’re highly intelligent even though you don’t appear to be

Ever sat down and wondered why the world lacks smart people? No matter where you turn a person is making odd comments, lacking wisdom, and thinking they’re God’s gift on Earth.

So, is the world about to self-destruct because intelligence is an isolated occurrence? No, of course not!

Smart people are all around you, and often you miss them because they’re humble, patient, and calm around others.

Here are ten signs a person is smarter than they let on in public.

1) You Are Quiet

The loudest person in the room is rarely the smartest. They might claim to be intelligent, but that’s rarely the case. Those who are quiet often display the highest levels of intelligence.

Sure, you might assume this person is an introvert or shy, but that doesn’t take away from their intellect.

The reason smart people are quiet involves a desire to process, plan, and project in a precise manner. They wish to think about what should be said before opening their mouths. The same cannot be said for those who are loud and brash.

Now, does this mean all introverts or shy individuals are smart? No, it does not. However, it is a telltale sign to look out for before judging someone based on their ability to speak in public.

2) Love Staying Up At Night

Many intelligent people prefer the idea of staying up during the night to soak in new information through books, audio files, and the Internet. The night provides an enhanced ability to focus.

The reason this intelligence gets hidden involves when these individuals are working.

No one else is around to notice a night owl do his/her thing.

3) Find Smart or Creative Minds To Hang Out With

These individuals prefer to hang out with those who share their intellect. They venture away from those who might be deemed unintelligent, brash, or ill mannered. The reason is simple; they wish to acquire new knowledge from those around them and wish to optimize their time during the day.

It helps improve their wealth of knowledge, and that makes them happy.

4) Handle Problems With Passion

An intelligent person refuses to back away from a current or pending problem. They face it head on, and that’s what separates them from everyone else. In their eyes, a problem always has a solution, and it’s important to tackle it with a positive mindset. No problem is too big for them.

They take this as a new challenge and enjoy unraveling it bit by bit.

5) Enjoy Self-Criticism

Self-confidence is often confused with narcissism. A smart person is willing to accept criticism and often opens themselves to these situations as a way to improve who they are.

Self-criticism becomes a way to become a better person.

6) Desire Perfection From Themselves

This is a universal sign with intelligent individuals since perfection is a goal they set for themselves. They wish to improve who they are and what they stand for on a day-to-day basis.

Every time you meet them, they will have refined who they are.

It’s a never-ending process because for them it’s a part of the journey towards self-improvement.

7) Enjoy Multi-Tasking

Instead of focusing on one project, a smart person expands his/her list of things to do because it’s a battle against themselves. They have a thirst for knowledge and wish to push towards greater goals.

You will see them learning new languages, setting up DIY projects, and even aiming to add new skills to their arsenal. It’s all about pushing themselves to new heights every single day to see how far they can go.

8) Always Informed

These individuals are well read and understand what’s going on around them. They will keep up with the news and aim to recognize how the world is doing around them.

If they’re unaware of something, you’ll see their thirst for knowledge creep up again as they race for books or articles on the subject. They will not let the matter die down because it’s important to them.

9) Don’t Show Off Their Intelligence

The irony of it all is these individuals never realize they’re intelligent because it’s assumed the loudest ones must be the smartest. These quiet, striving people stay to themselves in the hopes of doing as much as the can. They wish to push their intelligence away to remain humble around others.

10) Ask The Right Questions

These individuals always know what to ask and how to ask it. They wish to learn from those around them and to gain new information every step of the way. These people are good listeners and understand the value of soaking in information before providing their opinion.

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