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13 no bullsh*t reasons ignoring a guy works (and how to do it properly)

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Men can be strange creatures. They’re good and pretending that they don’t need us, but in reality, they do. As in, ALOT!

It’s like they live in opposites land.

Act like you give a damn, and you’re unlikely to get a reaction, but ignore them and watch how quickly you bring out their crazy.

Ignoring a guy is one of the smartest and savviest tricks to get them to chase you. It makes them want you more and is a surefire way to get him right where you want him.

If your curiosity is piqued, and you want to find out more on how to go about it, you’re in the right place. This article looks at 13 no bullshit reasons ignoring a guy works and how to do it properly.

Let’s dive in.

Why does ignoring a man work?

There is an element of predictability about guys.

As mentioned before, they seem to live in opposites land, so, to get the results you need, you have to use good old-fashioned reverse psychology on them.

It’s no secret that chasing them is a huge turn-off. Also, don’t come across as too clingy or needy because this will cause your man to run screaming for the hills.

Men love doing the chasing. The thrill of trying to get something out of their reach is what drives them.

So what do you do?

Exactly the opposite. Even though the mere thought of him makes you weak at the knees, you shut that S#it right down, and you don your poker face.

You’re going to put on the best performance of your life and act like you’re unphased, unbothered, and not interested in him in the slightest.

Think of it as a sport, or almost like squid games, but here the game is playing hard to get, and the prize is not money, but you’re dream man. (also, minus the gory parts)

It’s hard – I know!

The key here is to follow the steps provided and fake it until you make it!

1) Unleash his inner hunter

Through the ages, men have been hunters. So, yes, we live in 2022, but biologically, that instinct is still embedded in the male species.

There is nothing that men love more than the thrill of the chase. All that ducking, diving, stalking, and waiting that goes along with the pursuit, makes it that much more enticing.

So, what I’m getting at here is that when you ignore him, it triggers his hunting instinct. You start making him feel like he’s not able to have you, which makes him even more eager to pursue. It sounds idiotic and childish, but it’s the god honest truth.

So, when you find yourself in his presence, activate your inner Jennifer Lawrence and put on an Oscar award-winning performance pretending like you’re entirely unbothered by him.

2) You do you boo

Guys love feeling like they’re the ones who are in control. It makes them feel powerful and vital. It’s just how they are (generally speaking, of course)

The more unattainable you appear, the harder he will try to get to you.

When you act like you don’t care and ignore him (even though your heart is about to jump out of your chest), it makes him feel powerless.

You’re driving him insane because he is unable to figure out why the hell he can’t seem to have you.

In turn, he tries harder. When you fail to acknowledge him, you’re driving him nuts.

And no, don’t panic thinking he’s about to throw in the towel and give up. Men don’t work like that. What he’s now back to do, is to use every single trick he has in an attempt to conquer you!.

3) It can help you get out of a rut

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

If so, ignoring him might work!

Let me me explain how:

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4) You’re the s#it!

Ok, so he doesn’t need to know that you basically live in your PJ’s, have absolutely no social life, and drink box wine while binge-watching episodes of the Crown with your two cats.

Here, once again, queue Jennifer Lawrence and make it seem like you live like an absolute queen.

Social media is going to help with this one. Be sure to post loads of pictures of yourself doing things. If you feel slightly insecure about yourself, girl, use those filters to make yourself look like a celebrity.

Ok, don’t get carried away and full catfish. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting the lighting and enhancing one or two things to make yourself feel better.

Also, post pictures of yourself where you’re posing with other guys. Then, get your guy friends to like and interact with your posts.

He doesn’t need to know that so and so is your gay best friend. It’s been coined “Fakebook” for a reason so, if you can’t beat them, join them!

What you’re doing is making yourself look like you have loads of options and that he (if he’s lucky) is merely one of them. (evil laugh)

This will get him super bothered because you’re just not paying him any attention, and it will drive him nuts knowing that you’re not obsessing about him.

You’re welcome 🙂

5) Let him obsess about you

Let’s cut the crap. Guys love attention. They crave it and love nothing more than being admired and doted on.

If you do the opposite, he’s going to try his damnedest to make you notice him. For example, you’re out at a bar. There are loads of girls around him, hanging onto his every word. They’re giggling and flirting, all trying to vie for his attention.

So, instead of acting like a giddy school girl like the rest of them, act disinterested in what he’s saying. Then, take it up a notch and fake a yawn. Look at your watch and keep your poker face on at all times.

There might be loads of ladies around, but he’ll start wondering why on earth you’re yawning, looking at the time. Is he boring you? How can this be?

When he realizes that you’re not fixated on him, the opposite will start happening. He will begin to obsess about you. You’re unique, unimpressed by his boyish antics, and you become hot property. You leave him intrigued, wanting more and more.

6) Curb bad behavior

Another one for my non-single ladies, but this can also apply if you’ve got a crush on someone.

Sometimes, ignoring a guy is necessary to give him a reality check. But, unfortunately, some boyfriends take great pleasure in pushing our buttons to get a rise out of us.

For example, does your boyfriend purposely do things to piss you off? Does he try to say something to get under your skin to cause unnecessary drama? Maybe he thinks causing a rift will give him leverage to go out and spend the weekend with the boys.

You know what I mean.

If you have a man who does this and enjoys winding you up, go ahead and ignore him completely. Don’t respond to his messages, engage in his silly antics, and just give him the silent treatment.

It’s a great way to get him to see the error in his ways, make him stop dead in his tracks, and think about what he’s done.

7) Show him who’s boss

This is for my ladies who’re currently in a relationship.

If your man doesn’t pay you any attention and if he’s the type who likes to let his eyes wander when you’re out and about, give him a taste of his own medicine.

Let him feel you’re scorn and show him what it’s like when feelings are disregarded and what it’s like to feel inferior.

A guy who doesn’t seem to give a damn about you needs to be taught a lesson. So, do just that. Dump his ass. Shut him out entirely and cut him off cold.

Utterly drastic and dramatic, I know, but it works.

This will evoke a massive wake-up call in your man. It shows that if he’s not going to get his [email protected] together and is unwilling to play an active role in the relationship, you’re not afraid to pull the plug.

Disclaimer – This step takes guts! Only attempt this if you are 100% sure it will work. I would hate this to backfire!

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So, with all that said, what you’re doing is making him feel like he’s replaceable, and he’s going to cling onto you like saran wrap. Remember when Beyonce said: “ I can have another you in a minute.” Channel your inner Sasha Fierce and go for it.

When you make him feel like he’s replaceable, and you’re not, he’ll hold onto you much more tightly.

Still, sometimes he might want to feel like a real hero.

There’s actually a psychological term for what I’m talking about here. It’s called the ‘hero instinct’. 

This concept is generating a lot of buzz at the moment as a way to explain what really drives men in relationships.

I know it might all seem kind of silly. In this day and age, women don’t need someone to rescue them. They don’t need a ‘hero’ in their lives.

But this misses the point about what the hero instinct is all about.

The hero instinct is an instinctive need that men have to step up to the plate for the woman in their lives. This is deeply rooted in male biology.

When a man genuinely feels like your everyday hero, he’ll become more loving, attentive, and committed to being in a long-term relationship with you.

But how do you trigger this instinct in him?

The trick is to make him feel like a hero in an authentic way. And there are things you can say and messages you can send to trigger this natural biological instinct.

If you want some help doing this, check out James Bauer’s excellent free video here.

I don’t often recommend videos or buy into popular new concepts in psychology, but the hero instinct is one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve come across.

Here’s a link to his unique video again.

8) Limited access

Remember when I suggested you need to make it seem like you’re living your best life, even if you’re a social caterpillar?

This is similar.

I know, you’re waiting for him to call or text, and you’re pacing up and down, anticipating it. Don’t do this.

Instead, keep your hands and your mind busy and make sure that you have loads of things on your to-do list.

When you have your own life and do things that make you happy, you’re effectively ignoring him.

How so?

Well, because you’re showing him that he’s not the only thing going for you in life.

You have lots of friends, things to do, places to be, and it will make him feel like he’s an option….even though all you want to do is spend time with him.

This is a practical tip to make him want more of you because your busy life will be intriguing. He’ll want to be part of it. It’s like having your own little “member only” club.

9) Live your best life

I’ve touched on this point before, but it deserves its own mention on the list.

Don’t let him think that you wait at home for him to call you. You have to do things you love and spend time with friends and family.

You have to spend time doing things you enjoy and investing in yourself.

Go outdoors, take up a new hobby, learn self-defense or pour yourself into your work. You only get one shot at life, and I can think about a million things you can do instead of obsessing about a man and playing mind games with him.

Staying physically and mentally sharp will improve your overall health and make you more desirable. In addition, you’ll have lots to do, which will automatically leave less time for him, which will make him desire you more.

10) Save the drama (for your momma)

Most men are allergic to dramatic women.

They don’t enjoy seeing you throw tantrums, sob, and scream when you’re upset, or watching you fly into a fit of rage.

It causes them to feel overwhelmed and makes them reluctant to be around you. Also, you end up looking like a giant douche.

Often, guys struggle to understand our emotions, especially when you’re just starting to see each other.

So while it’s natural and completely normal to show some emotion, don’t make the fatal error of sending him bible sized texts and overly emotional voice notes of you sobbing because you miss him.

Keep it to yourself. That argument you had with your friend or boss, the frappuccino that spilled all over your Good American Jeans, etc.

Keep your wits about you when you’re upset or angry with him, and do your own thing. Saying nothing and ignoring him is way better than letting him know everything about your daily grind.

Some things are better left unsaid, and you need to keep an air of mystery going.

11) Be patient

Yes, I know. Good old patience. Blah blah blah…

Patience is the best defense, and your ally with it comes to employing ignoration tactics.

You’ve done all the groundwork, and now it’s time to kick back, relax and watch him sweat.

Don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up. Also, don’t waste your time waiting on him.

Also, if you guys are just getting started, don’t respond to his text and calls immediately.

Don’t flat-out ignore him because he will lose interest.

In this case, just let some time pass before you respond to his messages. Then, keep your cool and keep it short and sweet.

12) Let him do the work

Don’t do it, girl. Yes, I know you have the next three months’ worth of dates lined up. That’s what we do; we’re women. Unfortunately, it’s also unfair, and you end up looking like a control freak.


Guys want to feel like they are in control (even if they aren’t). Remember what I said in the very beginning about hunting and chasing. Yup, let me repeat it.

When you plan everything, you’re taking away their chance to impress you. Remember, you’re an unattainable target with tremendously high standards, and he needs to pull out all the stops for you.

Remember how Kanye proposed to Kim? Ok, not that extra, But, unfortunately, what I’m saying.

When you let him do the work, you’re triggering his hero instinct. And no man I know doesn’t love being the hero in the story.

So, ignore the urge to want to control everything. Instead, leave it to him, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

13) Unleash his green-eyed monster

There’s nothing wrong with slapping on the peanut butter and JELLY from time to time.

If you want a man to chase you like you stole his money, there’s no better tactic than making him jealous—that and ignoring him, of course.

You can do this very quickly, but there’s a very fine line between making him jelly and making him feel like you’re not interested in him.

When you’re out, maintain eye contact with that hunky bartender, or laugh and gently touch your male bestie’s arm. See what I mean, subtle, yet effective.

What you’re doing is showing him that you’re desirable. Others want a piece of you too.

When he realizes that he could lose you to another guy if he doesn’t pull his weight in the relationship, he’ll sit up and start taking the initiative.

Wrapping up

So, I hope you’ve been paying attention and taking notes!

Whether you’re in a relationship or have your heart set on a special someone, using the ignore tactic is extremely important to keep his attention and stop him from acting like a douche.

Men aren’t that complicated after all. You just need to know how to play the game and be sure that you’re two steps ahead at all times.

So what can you do to make your ignore tactic work?

Well, I mentioned the unique concept of the hero instinct earlier. It’s revolutionized the way I understand how men work in relationships. 

You see, when you trigger a man’s hero instinct, all those emotional walls come down. He feels better in himself and he’ll naturally begin to associate those good feelings with you. 

And it’s all down to knowing how to trigger these innate drivers that motivate men to love, commit, and protect.

So if you’re ready to take your relationship to that level, be sure to check out James Bauer’s incredible advice. 

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