6 signs your intuition is trying to tell you something important about your relationship

“I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that my spouse isn’t being honest with me.”

“It started around a month ago, and I’ve had these lingering thoughts and emotions that are causing me to doubt my relationship.” 

Red flag.

When it comes to relationships, your intuition is a gut feeling or a lingering “voice in your head” that is telling you to pay attention to potential problems. Shaking it off is nearly impossible, so what do you do? 

Trust it or trash it? 

Well, a gut feeling can be pretty powerful, but when it comes to your future with someone, the question is whether you should base life-changing decisions on it. 

Maybe you need to look at 6 signs your intuition is trying to tell you something important about your relationship that I explore below. This way, you can learn how to trust your gut while protecting your heart. 

1) You feel like something isn’t right

We all have bad days, but when you think that something is off, you experience a persistent feeling that causes some uncertainty. 

This could be your intuition talking. 

Women are more attuned to their “gut feelings” than men, and in relationships, your intuition about what your partner or spouse is getting up to is usually right. 

Even when you’ve been together for years, and you think that you’re just being silly, I encourage you to pay close attention to that feeling you can’t shake. 

I can tell you that if you suspect that your partner is cheating, even if you don’t have proof, be aware of patterns or changes in their behavior that you can’t quite explain. 

Perhaps they’re distant, becoming secretive, or spending more time on their phone. It’s up to you to trust your gut and keep your eyes wide open. 

Remember that intuition is a clear and strong feeling that shouldn’t be confused with anxiety or insecurity. 

Give it some time, and if you still feel that something isn’t right or that your significant other makes you feel unappreciated and misunderstood, you have to ask yourself an important question…

Is it worth it? 

2) You feel uncomfortable after a conversation

When you speak to someone and they ask for a favor or expect something from you that makes you feel awkward, it’s usually when your gut is saying, “Be aware.” 

I mentioned “feeling off” as one of the signs that your intuition is communicating something to you. Well, an uncomfortable “gut feeling” is a similar scenario. 

Whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a family member, if a conversation with someone leaves you feeling uncomfortable, then something isn’t right. 

And sometimes, this isn’t an obvious emotion that makes you stop in your tracks. 

It’s a niggling feeling, and you tell yourself, “Don’t be silly, this is someone I know and care about.” 

But finding yourself in a position where someone’s demands do not align with your values will leave you miserable and resentful. 

Don’t compromise your values. 

Listen to your instincts because they’re telling you something important about the health of your relationship. They’re also trying to motivate you to pursue your goals and desires.

3) You feel confused a lot of the time

There are some things that just don’t make sense. 


There’s nothing about your relationship that makes sense. Lately, your significant other’s been acting strange, and you feel lost

You don’t know what’s going on. 

One moment, you’re questioning their habits or some of the things they say because you suspect that they’re cheating. The next moment, you’re getting along with each other. Are you going crazy? 

Now, there are only two possible explanations. Either they’re no longer interested in a future with you, or you’re feeling insecure and uncertain, which is influencing your relationship. 

It’s not nice to feel confused in your relationship, but it’s important to be honest about your emotions. If they’ve become distant and you aren’t being valued or appreciated, then discuss this with your partner. 

Don’t ignore your confusion. Your gut could be telling you to delve a little deeper to reveal exactly what is going on in your relationship. 

4) You have recurring dreams

the psychology of colors in dreams 6 signs your intuition is trying to tell you something important about your relationship

Another sign that your intuition is trying to tell you something is when you have recurring dreams about your relationship. 

Sometimes, intuition can manifest itself when we sleep. You find that you’re having similar dreams about your partner or the future of your relationship. These dreams are indicative of an inner voice that is bringing something into your awareness. 

Keep track of your dreams, particularly when they have a recurring theme. 

When you’re not sleeping, intuition may come through as a daydream. A thought or an idea might pop into your head out of nowhere, and you fantasize about it. Maybe you just want to be appreciated or have a deep desire for passion and romance. 

And don’t feel guilty if you find yourself daydreaming and fantasizing. 

It could be a sign that your relationship is missing something and that you’re feeling unfulfilled

Think about this. 

Dreams stem from your subconscious, and when the same types of thoughts or feelings occur, there’s a need or desire that isn’t being satisfied. 

If you ignore these feelings, you’re simply denying your wants and needs, whether you want your partner or spouse to step up or you don’t see a future for your relationship. 

5) You think you’re being manipulated

Gut feelings can tell us when something feels right, but they also let us know when it’s not. 

When you have a manipulative partner, their behaviors are usually so subtle that you question your judgment and sanity more than the tactics or intentions of the other person. 

Manipulation in a relationship is incredibly hard to pinpoint. 

But the first step to taking control of your mental and emotional health is to listen to that feeling in the pit of your stomach. You sense that something about your partner’s behavior is off, but you can’t quite figure out what it is. 

For example. 

They make you feel emotionally exhausted, or they create constant doubt in your mind. They’re dishonest and will go as far as embarrassing or threatening you to get what they want.  

You find yourself questioning your abilities, your self-esteem, and your sanity. 

Trust your gut. 

Emotional manipulation is abusive and should never be tolerated. If your gut is telling you that you’re being manipulated, pay very close attention to what is going on. 

6) You become aware of everything around you

You wake up one day and notice minute details about yourself and others that you previously overlooked. 

You know that your spouse or partner is usually on their phone, but lately, they’ve become so focused on their social media that they don’t even hear you when you’re talking to them. 

That’s a problem. 

A higher level of awareness is a sign that you, your partner, or both of you need to make a change. 

This might include your partner’s undesirable behaviors that you initially swept under the carpet, but lately, they’re getting to you. At the end of the day, maybe you need to figure out how to be happy being single

But your intuition is not only about picking up on your deepest emotions and thoughts that a relationship could be over. Gut feelings are motivators that can get you out of your comfort zone to find what you want and deserve in a partnership. 

This reminds me of a friend who felt the flame had fizzled in her marriage. 

She was newly married and had a supportive spouse, but she had a strong feeling that their relationship had become stuck.

Trusting her gut, she decided to plan a date night at least once a week, and every alternate weekend, they would go hiking because they both love the outdoors and had lost sight of their passions. 

In this case, her gut feeling made her aware of the need to reignite the spark. It told her something important, and because she tuned in, she was able to do something about her situation. 

Final thoughts

Trusting your “gut feeling” comes with time, and it’s about understanding the difference between intuition and the effects of anxiety in a relationship

Remember that anxiety and insecurity come from an emotional standpoint, leaving you worried and panicked as to how things will unfold. 

Intuition is all about identifying patterns based on past experiences to protect us from harm. So, the less you shrug it off, the clearer things become. 

Intuition is a confident feeling that pushes us to act. The more we pay attention to it, by considering the 6 signs mentioned above, the more we equip ourselves to make informed decisions and build healthy relationships. 

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