29 signs your ex-husband regrets the divorce (complete list)

It’s natural to feel sad about a divorce. It’s even normal for people to mourn for the relationship that once was.

But what if your ex-husband misses you? What if he regrets the decision he made?

While it might seem like a stretch, there is actually a list of 29 signs that your ex-husband regrets the divorce.

So let’s get down to it.

1) He talks about getting back together

I know it might be a bit obvious, but one way to know whether your husband regrets the divorce is if he talks about reconciliation.

That’s right.

He’s talking about getting back together with you, about patching things up and going back to the way you were before.

2) He sends you gifts

Does your ex-husband keep sending you gifts?

Ask yourself:

Do they come from the heart?

If the answer is “yes”, then there is a chance he regrets the divorce and misses you.

3) He shows you how much he’s changed

Does he tell you that he’s a changed man, that his life is different now that you’re gone?

For example, does he look up to you and appreciate what you do? Or is he just being nice so that you will go back to him?

If it’s the latter, then there’s a chance he regrets the divorce and misses you.

But how can you know whether he’s actually changed?

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4) He asks for advice or tells you his problems

Does your ex-husband ask for advice on how to improve their life? Or does he come to you with a problem that he has no answer for?

Let me explain:

Some people do this as a way to feel closer to their ex-wife or husband.

But if it’s more than that, then there is a chance that your ex-husband regrets the divorce and misses you.

5) He asks you to be friends again

Does your ex-husband ask you to be friends?

You’re divorced and it’s not like he has to ask you.

But if it’s more than just a simple request, then there is a chance that he regrets the divorce and misses you.

6) He talks about the good times together

Is he constantly reminiscing about the good old days?

  • Does he talk about the good times with you, and what you enjoyed doing together?
  • Does he talk about how much fun you used to have?


If it’s more than just a simple nostalgic memory, then there is a chance that your ex-husband regrets the divorce and misses you.

7) He asks about your love life

Is your ex-husband strangely curious about your love life?

Is he constantly asking about your latest fling?

Does he show up unannounced at your house, hoping to run into your new man?

Let’s dig a little deeper:

If it’s more than just simple curiosity, then there is a chance your ex-husband regrets the divorce and misses you.

8) He gets all emotional when you mention going back to your maiden name

The marriage is over and you no longer want to have his last name.

You feel it will help you move on with your life if you change back to your maiden name.

But when you tell him, he gets all emotional, as if you told him his puppy had been run over by a car.

What does this mean?

Why does he have trouble with you changing your name?

Is he missing you?

It could be that he’s saying, “I still love you and miss you, even after all these years. I’m sorry.”

Maybe the reality of the divorce is hitting him hard, maybe he thought you’d always be Mrs. X.

In essence:

He regrets that you will no longer be Mrs. X. He regrets the divorce.

9) He stays in contact with your friends, family, and coworkers

pexels trinity kubassek 246805 29 signs your ex-husband regrets the divorce (complete list)

Your divorce is made final and you no longer need the reminders of what he did wrong while you were together.

Now that your marriage is no more, your ex-husband doesn’t want to lose contact with those around him who knew you.

What does this mean?

Why is he staying in touch so strongly? Is he missing you?

Here’s the thing:

It could be that he misses you and wants to stay close to you.

Maybe he’s saying, “I still care about you and miss you.”

You see, by clinging to your friends and family, he feels like he’s holding onto a piece of you because he doesn’t want to let you go.

10) He always picks up the phone when you call

When he calls you’re often busy and don’t want to talk to him.

But when you’re the one to call him, your ex-husband will always answer your phone.

What does this mean?


If it’s more than just simple courtesy, he could be saying, “Do you love me? I miss you.”

He is also saying, “I still care about you, even after all these years.”

11) He tells you that he misses you

He takes any opportunity to tell you how much he misses you, even if it’s something completely unrelated.

What does this mean? Why does he miss you so strongly? Is he missing you?

It could be that he still cares about you and misses the old times.

In a nutshell:

He is saying, “I miss our life together.”

It could be that he misses the thought of waking up beside his wife every morning.

He misses the thought of being married to someone who loves him unconditionally.

Maybe he thinks about what good times you had and sometimes wonders what might have been if things had worked out differently.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself this question: “Is my ex-husband still doing all of these things because he truly misses me?”

If the answer is yes, then it’s safe to say that your ex-husband still loves you and wants to try again.

If there are no more signs of love after many months or years have passed, then it’s time for a new beginning with some new rules.

12) He tells you that he is sorry

He wants to apologize for any mistakes he made during the marriage, even if it’s something that happened a long time ago.

You’re wondering:

Why does he want to apologize? Will he ever be able to make it up to you?

Maybe he wants to explain his actions and say how much he regrets hurting you.

Maybe he is genuinely confused as to why things didn’t work out.

Maybe he thinks that telling you “I’m sorry” will get him off the hook or would make his relationship with you easier in the future.

13) He doesn’t date after the divorce

Does your ex-husband have a hard time moving on from the divorce?

He’s always by himself and isn’t interested in dating anyone new.

But wait, there’s more!

He doesn’t even go out with his friends.

Is he depressed? Is he missing you?

It could be that he regrets the divorce and doesn’t want a new partner, he wants you back.

14) He asks why you left him

He wants to know why you left him, even if it’s something that happened a long time ago.

What does this mean?

Why does he suddenly want to know the reason for your divorce?

Is this the first time he’s asking you this question?

Does he think that it will help him get his ex-wife back?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to start the next chapter of your life. It’s important to be honest and clear in explaining your reasons for leaving him and a good way to do this is by writing a letter.

You could include a personal essay about how you feel as if you were telling your ex-husband directly. For example, “I’ve always loved my husband, but I’ve realized that his love for me was based on lies. I want a man who loves me for who I am and not what I do.”

15) He stalks you on social media

He’s on social media checking up on you and your social life.

If he constantly looks at your Facebook and Twitter pages, making comments on your posts and pictures.

Is he trying to find out how you’re doing after the divorce?

Does he want to know where you are and what you’re doing every single day?

He could be having a hard time being away from you, so he tries to get as much as he can through social media.

If he can’t do without you, it’s clear that he regrets divorcing you.

16) He keeps in touch


Is he constantly fixing things around the house?

He wants to make sure that you are comfortable and safe in his absence.

If he’s constantly contacting you and doing nice things, this shows that he’s trying to feel close to you again.

17) He tells you about his problems, especially in his current relationship

If your ex-husband is always turning to you when he has problems, if he’s asking you for help in sorting out problems in his current relationship, then he’s obviously not over you.

So it all adds up to this:

If he constantly asks you for advice and tells you about his problems with his partner, he could also be trying to get you back.

18) He keeps calling or emailing when you’re not home

Have you wondered why he keeps calling and emailing you when you’re not around?

Maybe he gets so desperate that he calls or emails you immediately after the divorce, hoping that you’ll come back to him.

If he keeps calling or emailing you constantly when you’re not there, it shows that he’s really upset about the divorce and that he still misses you.

19) He uses the kids as an excuse to see you more often

Do you find your ex is spending more time with the kids now than when he was divorced? Does he suddenly realize how much they mean to him? How much you mean to him?

If he uses the kids as an excuse to see you more often, it’s probably a sign that he still loves you and regrets your divorce.

He could be thinking about ways to get a relationship back together again with you.

20) He asks the kids to talk to you

Has your ex-husband asked the kids to speak to you on his behalf?

He could be hoping that the kids will persuade you to come back to him.

21) He asks you to send pictures of yourself or the kids

Has he been asking you for pictures or to see the children?

Does he ask you for your attention, even though he’s not with you?

You see, he might be so desperate to get with you again that he’d try anything.

22) He’s affectionate with you after the divorce

pexels rodnae productions 7464650 29 signs your ex-husband regrets the divorce (complete list)

Has he been a lot more affectionate with you these days?

Has he been trying to make amends for being such a jerk during the marriage?

What does this mean?

If he’s been trying to be affectionate with you and you’re happy that he’s trying, it might mean that he misses you a lot.

23) He’s more romantic after the divorce than before it?

Has he been more romantic than he was before the divorce?

I know what you’re thinking, “why did he wait for us to divorce to become romantic?”

It obviously means that he still has feelings for you.

You see, for some guys, divorce is the wake-up call that they need to realize what truly matters.

24) He’s been supportive of your parenting decisions or alternative lifestyles after the divorce

Has your ex-husband been a lot more supportive of alternative lifestyles since the divorce?

Has he supported your decision to have another baby now that you’re a single parent and not in a relationship with him?

This means that he still cares about you and wants you in his life.

And the best part?

He probably regrets the divorce and is supportive of you no matter what because he wants to have you in his life.

25) He’s been proactive in trying to rekindle a relationship after the divorce

Here’s the deal:

  • He’s sending you flowers.
  • He’s offering to help with the children more.
  • He’s in touch with your parents.

If you’re wondering why he’s suddenly being so nice, I don’t blame you.

You see, it probably means that he’s realized that the divorce was a mistake, that he can’t live without you and he really wants you back!

26) He’s been trying to be a better person and improve himself after the divorce

Has he been taking personal time to work out and refresh his mind?

Has he been trying to make amends with other people throughout his life?

Sounds good, but why?

It might mean that he wants to get his life back on track and has been trying to do right by others.

He regrets the divorce and is trying to be a better person so that you’ll take him back.

27) He’s going to therapy

You’ve been suggesting it for years and he’s always been firm in saying no to therapy.

But now that you’re divorced, he’s started seeing a therapist.

What does this mean?

He’s probably having a difficult time dealing with the divorce because he regrets losing you.

He’s finally turned to a therapist because he’s realized that you were right, he does need help.

28) He’s changed his physical appearance

Let’s face it, he’s never been the athletic type.

Suddenly he’s joined the gym and is playing basketball after work.

There’s more!

He’s bought a whole new wardrobe and is grooming himself.

Is he the same guy you were married to? Why is he doing this?

He probably regrets the divorce and wants to look good so that you can notice him.

He’s trying to make himself attractive to you so that you’ll take him back.

29) He’s trying to make you jealous

Is he always making a point in telling you about the new – much younger – women he’s been seeing?

He’s trying to make you jealous!

He’s trying to make you feel bad so that you’ll take him back.

He probably regrets the divorce and is trying to get your attention in any way he can.

If you’re thinking about getting back together with your ex-husband, here are 5 things to consider

People who get divorced usually go through a period of grieving before they can begin to consider getting back together with their ex-spouse.

But, sometimes people are just not ready to move on and the divorce is simply too painful.

If you’re thinking about getting back together with your ex-husband or wife, there are five things to consider before moving forward:

How will this affect your children?

One of the most important things to consider before getting back together with your ex-husband is how this decision will affect your children.

Divorce can be difficult for the children and can cause them a lot of distress.

If you’re thinking about getting back together with your ex, ask yourself whether you’re really sure it will work out this time.

Your kids have finally gotten used to their parents being apart. You don’t want them to suffer if things don’t work out again.

What changed during the time you were apart?

The time you were apart could have a big impact on how you feel about getting back together.

Ask yourself what it is that will make the relationship work a second time around?

What’s going on in your life as a result?

It’s important to take a moment and think about how your life has changed as a result of the divorce. What changed?

Was it something you wanted to happen or did you just hope for the best?

Is your life better or worse now?

Can you afford to do this now or will it cost too much later?

When you are considering reconciling with your ex-spouse, you should consider whether or not you can afford the reconciliation.

If your divorce was a long and drawn-out one that involved costly litigation, then it might be more difficult to reconcile with your ex.

I know it sounds strange but it’s important to know what your financial situation is before making any decisions that will impact your future.

Does this feel right for you or is it simply an emotional decision?

People may get a bit emotional when they’re thinking about getting back together with their ex-spouse and often this decision is based purely on emotion.

If you’re going to move forward with the idea of reconciliation, it’s important that you take some time and consider the possible consequences of your actions.

You should also talk to your children about what they think about the idea of reconciling with their father or mother.

It may be helpful to speak to an objective third party who can help you make a decision in regards to getting back together with your ex-spouse.

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