31 subtle signs you are meant to be together (complete list)

The first time you meet someone, the world might stop spinning – or it might not. And if it does, that doesn’t mean that this person is your one true love.

It may just be chemistry (or infatuation) and not love at all. There are lots of things to think about before you commit yourself to someone.

Here are 31 subtle signs that you are meant to be together!

1) Is there a reason why you’re attracted to each other?

Usually, physical attraction is one of the first reasons we start wanting to be with someone. It could be anything from the way they look to the way they sound.

Think of it as chemistry. It’s a reaction to someone that you’re drawn to and don’t know why. It could be physical, but it could also be mental or emotional.

Couples that stay together usually have more than just physical attraction. It’s about being comfortable together and feeling relaxed.

Communication is a big part of any relationship. It’s important that you can talk openly with each other and share your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

If there are problems between you, it’s easy to find yourself spending most of the time talking about them or arguing about them, or trying to get past them.

2) Do you have the same morals and values?

Being with someone means that you will probably wish to start a family at one point, or maybe you won’t.

You might want to live together right away, or maybe you’ll want to just stay friends for a while.

Being with someone means that you would like to share your life with someone other than yourself. It’s important that you have the same values and morals so that you are both on the same wavelength when it comes to what is and isn’t important in life.

3) What would a gifted advisor say about your relationship?

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea about whether you are meant to be together.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a gifted advisor?

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4) Is there a deep connection with each other?

For couples who are meant to be together, it’s like they were made for each other. They complete each other in a way that no one else could have done.

It’s important that you feel good when you’re around your partner, knowing that he or she is thinking the same things about you. This connection goes beyond the enjoyment of physical contact.

It is more about being able to cooperate and function well in every aspect of life. This is not easy to find, so if you feel you can communicate easily with your partner, it is something that should be cherished.

5) Are there any negatives that have been unearthed already?

If you start noticing red flags, don’t disregard them easily. This is not just another sign that you’re in love. Instead, pay attention and give it some serious thought.

Being positive and open in a relationship is important, but don’t go against your gut feeling. Trust your intuition because it is rarely wrong.

Red flags are there to warn us so we can stop in time before the relationship progresses even further. It is always better to react in time before it gets too complicated.

6) Do you make each other better?

A positive attitude attracts positive things and people, which brings happiness into your life. When you are with someone who loves you for who you are, everything seems to be okay.

It’s important that both of you feel confident that your partner makes you a better person – a happier person or a more confident person than before.

When we are with someone who appreciates us, we can truly grow as people.

7) Is he/she going to be around your life for the long haul?

When we start a relationship with someone, we believe they will stay forever. There are simple ways to see if that is truly the case.

If he/she stays with you even when things are tough, they are probably going to be with you forever. However, things don’t turn out this way.

You might think that this person is going to be there, but it’s important to think about what you want and what you need. It is possible that this person might want something else or will decide he or she wants some other partner later on.

It does happen, and if it does, you need to know how to deal with it or how to let go of the relationship.

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8) Is there a chance that you will grow apart in the near future?

If you don’t have similar interests, you’re not going to grow closer together with each other. If you do have similar interests, you may be able to find some common ground.

People often don’t see a future together simply because they don’t understand or appreciate each other’s interests.

If people really feel this way, it is likely that they will start spending less and less time together in the long run.

9) How much time have you spent with your significant other and what have you discovered about him/her?

pexels arina krasnikova 6012804 31 subtle signs you are meant to be together (complete list)

Everything in the relationship is great at first. However, you have to make sure that you have invested enough time with this person so that you can know their personality.

If you don’t know your partner well enough, it’s too early to declare them real or fake. They might just be finding their way in life, and that’s okay.

There are things that you have to learn about one another before the relationship turns into something more serious – before you decide to live together or get married.

10) Have you been through each other’s past?

Discussing the past is never easy, but is it necessary if you want to share your future with someone. You have to talk about the past, about the present and about your plans for the future.

Are there any personal issues that need to be resolved before moving forward? Have you gone through each other’s past relationships?

Have they been able to overcome their past? It’s important that you talk about these issues before deciding on moving forward.

If there are any personal issues that need to be resolved, it would be better if you took your time and discussed them before sharing life together.

11) Have you had a chance to spend time with his/her family and friends?

Can you get along with them? Do they like you?

Family and friends are very important, and you will probably spend a lot of time with them in the future.

It’s important that you have the opportunity to spend time with these people and see how you both feel about each other. This should be done before committing to one another.

It is very important in a relationship to sympathize and understand each other’s feelings. You’re going to face a lot of emotions together, so it is important for you to feel comfortable with your partner.

12) Are they going to be a force for good in your life?

It is essential that we are surrounded by positive people who are going to push us forward.

If you don’t think the person you’re with is that person, then it would be a good idea to be with someone else.

We need people who can support us and encourage us when we need their help the most.

13) Is your partner willing to put his/her own needs aside to help you through a time of need?

Selfishness and love cannot go together. If your partner is selfish, it is unlikely that he or she will change for you.

It is important for the person you are with to understand your needs and be there for you when necessary. This is one of the most important requirements of a healthy relationship.

Everyone has their own interests, but it’s important that they treat you with respect and value how you feel about things in life. Helping each other grow is one of the essential parts of the relationship.

14) Does he/she put their needs aside for yours?

Think about your partner and the way he/she behaves in a relationship. Is your relationship mutually beneficial, or does it only benefit one party?

In order for a relationship to work, there needs to be some sort of a balance between the two of you. You need to share things and compromise with your partner.

You will experience new things together, which may not happen otherwise if you are two different people. This is why it is important that you share an understanding with your partner.

15) Are there any clues that he/she is not right for you?

There are always some small things in every relationship that can tell you more about the person you’re with. A little behavior change can be one of them.

You’ll notice it by the way they treat you, by their tone of voice, or by the way they act with their friends and family. A person’s behavior is very important when wondering if he or she is going to be a good fit with you in life.

16) How well do you know this person?

Think about the way you met and the place you first started talking. Have you met in a pub or at a party or have had lunch or a cup of coffee together?

Although this does not mean that there is a problem in the relationship, it does give you another perspective as to how well you know each other.

If you have met through an online dating site or have met through mutual friends with the intention of starting a relationship, all of this can give a perspective of the person’s intentions.

17) Have there been times when you have questioned whether or not it was the right thing to do to get involved with this person?

If you already contemplated a relationship with this person in the past, but for some reason, it couldn’t happen before, then you probably should not start one now.

This person could be trying to pursue a relationship with you out of curiosity, or they might just want some attention.

Think about the times in the past when this person was not interested in you, but now they are very keen on dating you. Their behavior will give a lot of clues to who they really are.

18) Do you feel a deep connection with him/her?

Most of the time, when you’re dating someone, you feel like they’re somehow drawn to each other. This feeling is difficult to describe, but it makes you feel good.

This connection can help both of you understand and accept your partners better. It is an important part of a relationship and one that brings people together in life.

19) Are there any unresolved issues?

There is nothing worse than trying to work through an issue that arose from a past relationship. It is best if you can resolve anything that might be causing issues in the first place.

If you have any unresolved issues, why not take some time and talk about them? This will help you move forward in the relationship without being bothered by these problems in the future.

20) Do you have the same level of commitment to each other that you feel is necessary to make your relationship work?

pexels juan vargas 5697161 31 subtle signs you are meant to be together (complete list)

If you are not committed to the relationship in the first place, you are going to end up with a lot of problems.

Think about where you both stand and what level of commitment each of you is willing to make. This includes financial as well as emotional commitment, for example.

If there is not enough commitment from either party, it would be better if you ended your relationship sooner rather than later. This will save you from getting in too deep and possibly being hurt by your partner.

21) Can you trust this person?

Intimacy is a big part of a relationship, but it is not something you should jump into right away.

Take your time to get to know each other first, and then you should be able to trust your partner more. Trusting your partner is essential for a healthy relationship.

If you can’t trust them, then there are certain things in life that will be hard for both of you.

22) Have you considered what the other person will think of your family, friends, and yes, even your dog(s)?

Having your life organized and making room for one more person can be more or less challenging depending on the willingness of the person to adapt to your circle of friends, family, and beliefs.

If you consider that the person you’re with is not willing to make the necessary adjustments for this to work out for both of you, then it’s not a good idea to get involved with that person in the first place.

23) Are you in love with the idea of being in love?

Some people simply enjoy the butterflies, the happiness, the new feeling of being in love, the passion, and all of that. While it’s great to feel those things and enjoy them, you shouldn’t just settle for that.

You shouldn’t force yourself to put up with someone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re happy or makes you feel bad about yourself. This can lead to resentment, anger, and many other negative feelings in your life over time.

On the other hand, if the person truly makes you happy, then you should definitely make an effort to stay together.

24) Is it safe to say that you are committed enough to put in some hard work to make your relationship successful?

Relationships require work. You shouldn’t just blindly jump into an intimate relationship and expect to have it work out properly.

Neither of you will be happy if you go into a relationship without putting in some effort to make your relationship work.

If you’re not willing to put in the work, then you should probably consider taking a break from that person.

25) Have you experienced any hint of jealousy or suspicious behavior?

Jealousy can truly be a burden, especially if this kind of behavior is new for you. There’s a difference between the occasional feeling of jealousy and it taking over your entire being.

Take a look at the way your partner reacts when someone is close to you. If there is an intense feeling of dissatisfaction, it can be a red flag.

It is certainly a reason to dig a little deeper into it and see what the real cause might be. However, if you see that your partner struggles to overcome it, than it could be just insecurity.

You could do a lot to help them overcome it.

26) Do you respect and appreciate this person?

You should realize that the feelings of love in a relationship will change – and often, for the better. But there is a difference between loving and respecting someone and trying to make a real-life out of this relationship.

Love can exist without respect, and it can be equally strong as well. But when you respect someone, even if you don’t like them, you can find some sort of way to move forward without anything being damaged or taken away from you both.

If you feel that you love your partner deeply and respect them from the bottom of your heart, and you get the same in return – it is a sign that you have found a partner for life.

27) Is there any sexual attraction?

Sexual attraction is very important, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship. The two people should be attracted to each other’s physical appearance, but attraction can even go beyond that.

Take a little time to communicate with this person and see what their personality is like as well. It will help you see if there are enough things that attract you to this person in the first place.

28) Has your relationship been fulfilling?

Relationships should be more than just your partner being there for you in the tough times. It should be a support system, something that makes you stronger as a person and as a couple.

If your partner is not fulfilling your needs and if they do not make you feel better at the end of it all, then it’s time to reconsider the relationship in its entirety.

29) Are you good together?

When you’re with your special someone, do you feel relaxed and comfortable? Do you feel at ease when they walk into the room or when they call on the phone?

Do you feel good when you’re together? If you’re with a partner, it’s important to be able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also important to have fun together.

There is always a chance that two people might start seeing each other romantically and find out that it just doesn’t work for them. This should be on your mind when you start thinking about your partner.

30) Is he/she the kind of person that you can truly say, you love?

This is a good question to see if someone truly fits in your life. Sometimes, you might be overly romantic and in love with the idea of being in love or making it work, but that usually doesn’t work out.

If you truly love this person, then there should be no problems with giving them your time and effort to make the relationship work.

31) Do you feel destined to be with him/her?

There is certainly something bigger than all of us, and sometimes people are simply meant to be together despite the circumstances in their lives.

If you feel that your relationship with this person might be one of those things, then don’t go against those feelings.

If you don’t believe in such things and you are more practical, the other thing to remember is how well you both get along and how far along your relationship has come. If it feels right and comfortable, then it is truly a sign that it will last.

Final thoughts

Relationships can get really complicated, but they shouldn’t be so difficult to understand.

You will be able to have a healthy relationship if you have these questions in mind and you examine the answers they give to see if they are good enough or not.

We’ve covered a simple steps to understand if you’re meant to be together but if you want to get a completely personalized explanation of this situation and where it’ll lead you in the future, I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source

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