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19 signs she is losing interest in you (and what to do to fix it)

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Women are complicated creatures.

They can be difficult to understand, but you must take the time to learn how they think and feel.

If you want your woman to really love you, then you need to know what is going on in her head.

Here are some signs she is losing interest in you and what you should do about it.

1) She’s Taking Her Time to Respond to Your Texts or Calls

If your woman is taking a long time to respond to your texts or calls, then she is losing interest in you.

It’s a sign that she doesn’t find you interesting anymore and that she no longer finds her time with you valuable.

Maybe you’ve had an argument and she’s giving you the silent treatment, maybe not?

However, if you haven’t been arguing and she’s just blatantly ignoring your calls and texts, it’s a big sign that she’s losing interest in you.

Obviously the best way to figure out what’s going on would be an honest heart to heart talk to get to the bottom of why she’s so distant.

2) She’s No Longer as Excited about Seeing You

Remember back in the day when she couldn’t contain her excitement when she laid her eyes on you?

Yup, that’s not happening anymore.

If your woman is no longer as excited about seeing you, then she is losing interest in you.

It’s a sign that she doesn’t find your presence as exciting anymore, so she is no longer looking forward to spending time with you.

This might be a good thing if this means that you are moving on to something more serious, but it could also mean that she has found someone else who excites her more than you do.

The best way to handle this situation is by being more attentive and spending more time with her so that she can get excited about you again. Maybe you need to be more spontaneous.

You should also try doing things that she loves so that she can get excited about spending time with you again.

3) She’s Not as Interested in Sex

If your woman is no longer interested in having sex with you, it’s quite a big sign that she’s losing interest in you.

Intimacy is important in a relationship and when this is lacking, it’s a red-flag altering you to the fact that things are going pear-shaped.

It could also signal  that she feels like you are no longer as attractive to her and that she no longer finds your presence as exciting or pleasurable.

Maybe she’s found somebody else?

The thought might have crossed your mind but, perhaps you haven’t been paying enough attention to her and she’s feeling self-conscious. Have a good chat and delve deeper to get to the route cause.

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4) She’s Not As Excited About Hanging Out With You

If your woman is not as excited about hanging out with you, then she is losing interest in you.

Maybe she’s bored of doing the same thing over and over again, or maybe she just doesn’t have any interest in watching you play Call of Duty while she sits next to you on the couch?

If you want to re-engage her attention, then show her how much value she adds to your life.

You can do this by focusing on the things that make you appreciate spending time with her.

For example, if it is the fact that she has a great sense of humor, then focus on her jokes and laugh along with her.

This will make her feel more appreciated and she will be more excited about spending time with you.

5) She’s Not As Excited About Kissing You

If your woman is not as excited about kissing you, it’s up to you to figure out why.

It could be something as simple as you having smelly breath, but, if you’ve ruled that one out and know it’s not the case, there’s a deeper issue.

It might be a sign that she doesn’t find you attractive anymore and that she no longer finds your lips desirable.

Try hugging and cuddling with her and then move in for a kiss. (Also, don’t force her, and don’t shove your tongue in her mouth every time you kiss her. Some women find this off-putting)

Kissing is a very intimate action, instead of going for the lips, plant a gentle kiss on her forehead and watch how she reacts.

6) She’s Not As Excited About Hanging Out With Your Friends

If a woman stops being interested in the man that she’s dating it could mean one of two things: either he has lost her attraction or the relationship itself isn’t going well.

She might have loved your friends when you first started dating but you’ve noticed that her interest in them , and the thought of being around them, has tanked.

This can happen for many different reasons and there are no hard-and-fast rules to determine which reason applies to which situation–it often depends on what kind of relationship they have been having.

However, if this happens frequently enough it might indicate that something else is wrong and should be addressed by both parties before any further damage occurs.

7) She’s never Readily Available for You

She’s always busy. She’s at a baby shower, or, she’s shopping with her girlfriends, or out for lunch with her sister.

It seems like she doest have the time (or doesn’t want to) spend any time with you.

This is a sign that something else may be going on with her.

It might mean that she has met someone else or that she has other things going on in her life and simply doesn’t have the time to give to you.

Either way, if this happens frequently enough, it can indicate that there are other issues at play and it might be a good idea to address them before they become bigger problems too.

8) She’s Constantly Disappointed with you

If your woman is constantly disappointed with you, then it could be a sign that she doesn’t feel like there are many things in her life to look forward to anymore.

Maybe you two have been dating for a good couple of months (or years), all her friends are getting engaged and married and here you guys are. Still just a couple.

She thinks it’s never going to happen, so she’s given up hope.

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Maybe she feels as though the person who used to make her happy has stopped doing so and this makes her sad or bored.

It’s possible that if you’ve been together for some time now, something may have changed recently and the two of you aren’t connecting on an emotional level like before which causes these feelings of disappointment from one another.

If this happens, it is important to address the situation so that there isn’t any more damage done.

If you want to spend the rest of your life with her, then stop beating around the bush and put a ring on it already!

You can do this by talking about your feelings and finding out what is actually going on in her life.

9) She’s Always Late

If your woman is always late, then it could be a sign that she doesn’t value your time and wants to spend less of it with you.

Maybe she has other things going on in her life that are taking up all of her time and she feels too guilty to tell you how she really feels.

Being late is rude and downright disrespectful so if this problem continues you’re going to have to play open cards about the situation or move on.

10) She’s Always Angry at You

If your woman is always angry with you because of something that happened, it could be a sign she isn’t happy with the way things are going and she feels as though you aren’t making her happy anymore.

A lot of times women will get mad at their man for no reason or if they feel like he’s not giving them enough attention. If this is the case, then, do just that.

Shower her with attention, however, if the behavior doesn’t change, you’re most likely wasting your time.

11) She finds things to argue about

Big red flag!

When a woman wants out of a relationship, it’s not uncommon for them to pick arguments with you over silly, trivial things.

What she’s trying to do is to let the argument snowball and she’s trying to get you to give her a reason to leave (because she doesn’t have a good enough one as it is) without you realizing it.

She’s always on your case about small things

Another red flag!

12) She’s Always In A Bad Mood Around You

Women are very emotional creatures, they can’t help it! If your woman is always in a bad mood when she’s around you, then it could be the case that she doesn’t like you anymore.

Yeah, sure you could blame it on “that time of the month” or hormones but if you’re noticing that she’s a delight around others, and a demon around you, it’s probably a sign of a deeper issue.

If this happens, then you need to address the situation and find out what’s really going on in her life by asking her directly or through an open line of communication.

13) She’s never Worried About You

If your woman is never worried about you, it can be a sign that she doesn’t care about you or about what happens to you.

When you first started dating, she’d always send you a text to find out if you got home ok, or, if you got to work ok. Now, she’s stopped doing that all together.

If this is the case, then it could be a sign that your relationship isn’t as strong as it could be and there might be some deeper issues at play in your relationship which need to be addressed before anything can change.

14) She’s Too Into Her Social Life

If your woman is too into her social life, it can be a sign that she doesn’t care about you any more.

Similar to some of my previous points, if her life revolves around her social calendar and she doesn’t make any time or effort to fit you into the equation, it’s a sign that she values her life too much and doesn’t have any appetite for your relationship.

If she’s constantly out and about and has plans scheduled that don’t include you, talk about it.

Maybe she doesn’t include you because she thinks you’re not interested or that you’ll be bored. If this is not the cause, it signals that she’s losing interest.

15) She’s Always on the Phone with Her Girlfriend

If your woman is always on the phone with her girlfriend, it can be a sign that something fishy is going on.

Your girlfriend’s best friend is her confidant and she confides everything in her. They talk constantly but lately it’s becoming a bit much..

It’s not unusual for girls to have deep relationships with their female friends, however, when it becomes noticeably excessive, it could signal that there’s more happening than what you initially thought.

She might be discussing you and asking her friend for relationship advice because she’s not interested in you anymore and doesn’t have the heart to tell you.

16) She’s Always on Her Phone

Is she always checking her social media feed, reading updates, etc.? You ask her something and without looking up, she answers but continues scrolling?

If you notice that your woman is constantly on her phone, it could be a sign that she doesn’t care about you anymore.

It’s important to have some boundaries in your relationship and if you feel like your woman is always on her phone you need to talk to her about it and let her know that it makes you feel unimportant and disrespected.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is just be honest about your feelings.

17) She’s Always Trying to Keep You at Home

If your woman is always trying to keep you at home, it could be a sign that she isn’t happy with the way things are going in your relationship and she wants more of a say in how things go.

If this happens often enough or if there’s another reason why you’re not sure what her true intentions are, then it might be time for an open-minded conversation about where exactly you want to take the relationship.

She might feel insecure or she might have trust issues.

Getting to the bottom of it is going to require some two-way conversations.

18) She’s Always Trying to Change You

If your woman is always trying to change things with you, then it could be a sign that she isn’t happy with the way things are going in your relationship and she wants more of a say in how things go.

Maybe she feels as though the two of you are on different pages when it comes to how things should go and that she doesn’t feel like you are good enough for her.

19) She’s Always Talking About Her Exes

This one really irks me.

If she is still in love with her ex, it can mean that you are not doing a good job of keeping the relationship fresh and exciting.

If your woman talks about her exes all the time, then this may be an indication that there’s something wrong within your relationship.

Maybe you’re not being romantic enough or maybe she just doesn’t feel like things have been going well lately.

Either way, if these types of conversations continue to happen more often than they should then it might be time for some self-reflection on how to make things better between both parties involved so as to keep them happy and satisfied throughout their union.

At the end of the day. You’re not her ex and it’s unfair to be compared to someone else.


Maybe some of the things on this list strike you as more serious than others, but every single one of these signs will give you a reason to talk to your lady about it.

Take the time to read through each one and see what you can decipher from it.

Sometimes, we forget that our woman is human like us and she does have feelings and wants good things too.

We mustn’t take her for granted because at any given moment she could just up and leave you for another man if she isn’t happy with how things are going in your relationship.

If you notice any of these signs in her, don’t be afraid to speak up about them. It might be a sign that you need to do something about it before it’s too late.

All the best!

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