16 subtle signs he only wants you for your body

Are you seeing a man who is giving you mixed signals?

I hate to break it to you, but he might only be interested in you for your body.

There are many subtle signs that a man only wants you for superficial reasons and not because he really likes you.

So, without further ado, let’s expose these deceptive behaviors and help you understand his intentions!

16 subtle signs he only wants you for your body

1) He compliments you on your body

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

If he is constantly complimenting your body or the way you look in particular, you can bet he is only interested in your body and not your personality or character.

A man who truly appreciates you will compliment aspects of your mind, your personality, and other things that show he values you as a whole.

So if his compliments center around your breasts, butt, or legs, it is probably because that’s all he sees at the moment.

Well, now that you know this, do not get discouraged – it is very common for men to only be interested in a woman’s body initially.

However, if he constantly compliments you on your looks, it can be an indication that he is only interested in getting sex or a relationship with you because of your physical attractiveness.

2) He doesn’t spend any time trying to get to know you

A man who is only interested in you for your body will not spend any time getting to know you as a person.

That makes sense, right? If so, let me tell you more!

He might not ask about your family, friends, or past experiences. And he won’t ask you about things that show he respects what you have to say.

He might not even be interested in talking about himself or opening up about things he likes to do.

Why? Because he just wants to get down to the good stuff.

So if this man doesn’t spend time getting to know you, it could be because he is only interested in your body, and nothing else.

3) He touches you… a lot

A man who only wants you for your body will often reach out to touch you or grab a part of your body.

He might do this when you two are alone, or even when he is not supposed to be touching you like that.

This may also involve inappropriate physical contact like groping or grabbing you in a sexual way, especially when other people are around.

If this is the case, you may have to take more cautious actions with him – after all, he might be “just playing around.”

Anyway, it’s obvious that he doesn’t understand your boundaries and wants to get intimate with you.

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4) He never asks you out

Listen: A man who only wants you for your body will not ask you out.

Why? It’s not that he doesn’t want to treat you nice and take you out to dinner, but he can’t really get what he wants unless you two have some privacy.

So, to figure out whether he wants you for your body, ask yourself this:

  • Does he always invite you to his house?
  • Has he ever taken you out on a date?
  • What do you do when you meet?

Be honest with yourself, and see if the answers to these questions bother you.

5) He only calls when he wants something

Another subtle sign he only wants you for your body?

A man who only wants you for your body doesn’t take the time to call you – unless it pertains to his own needs.

To be more specific, he will call you when he wants something.

For example, he will call you when he wants to get sex or share an idea about something that bothers him, or ask you for a favor.

This pattern is consistent with how he treats you – he only cares about his own selfish needs, not yours.

So what does this mean? It means that if you are dating a man like this, it will be very hard to get beyond the superficial stage of things.

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6) He openly admits he likes other women

Here’s the brutal truth:

If he says he finds other women attractive, this guy might only be interested in you for your body.

Let me explain: A man who only wants you for your body will be completely open about his thoughts on other women. He won’t hide it – he will say it out loud.

For example, he might say things like: “Oh, I really like that girl over there,” or “I really like the way she dresses and her body.”

He might also openly admit he has been attracted to other women in the past and is still interested, even though they are not currently pursuing him.


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7) He doesn’t want to spend the night together

Look: sign number 8 is one of the most important ones! This subtle sign he only wants you for your body can’t be ignored.

If a man really cares about you, one of the things he will want to do is spend the night together with you. He won’t leave or ask you to leave after you two have a good time.

Instead, he will want to lay next to you, snuggle with you, and let you know that he cares about you.

And he will probably want to do it a lot!

So if this guy doesn’t want to spend the night together with you, it could be because he wants sex only – not romance. And unless you play along, it won’t get better.

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9) He doesn’t respect your boundaries

One of the best subtle signs he only wants you for your body is his disrespect of your boundaries.

If he doesn’t respect them, it could be because he only cares about his own needs and not yours. It could also mean that he is pressuring you to have sex or agree to something you don’t want.

In fact, his lack of respect is also a sign he only wants you for your body.

So what are some examples of disrespect?

  • He ignores your wishes and ignores your opinions.
  • He might pressure you to do something you don’t want to do.
  • He might belittle or ignore your previous experiences, desires, or hobbies.
  • He might disregard your physical and emotional needs.

Don’t forget: If this guy doesn’t respect your boundaries or listen to your “no,” it’s time to send him packing.

10) Your relationship isn’t progressing

Here’s the thing: If a man only wants you for your body, your relationship will never progress beyond the superficial stage.

This is because if he wanted something more with you, he would take the time to get to know you and care about you for more than just your body.

Instead, he will keep things superficial, and move on to the next woman when the fun is over.

After all, to him, your body is just an object he wants to use – not a person he wants to get too close to.

11) He doesn’t want to meet your friends or family

While there could be lots of other reasons for him not to want to meet your friends or family, this is another subtle sign he only wants you for your body.

If a man doesn’t want to meet your friends or family, it’s probably because he doesn’t really care about you as a person. He is only interested in getting sex from you, so he doesn’t think of you as something more.

In addition, he doesn’t want to put himself through another awkward experience by meeting your friends or family.

After all, he’s already getting what he wants from you. He doesn’t need anything else.

12) He keeps things superficial

When it comes to keeping things superficial, a man who only wants you for your body will do just that – focus on the superficial instead of the important (i.e., getting to know you as a person).

For example, he might ask you about your day and let you know about his own day, but he will do it without taking the time to go deeper.

To be more precise, he won’t ask you what happened or who said what. He will get on the subject of work or other activities, and then leave it at that.

13) His behavior is inconsistent with his words

Men give themselves away easily if you pay attention. One of the best signs that he only wants you for your body is his inconsistent behavior (i.e., what he does, not what he says).

Here’s a quick example: If he is a man who only wants sex, you can conclude that his words are often false and deceptive. Being honest is not part of his vocabulary.

In fact, he will often lie and say one thing, and do another. For example, he might claim to care about your emotional state, but when you’re upset, he doesn’t ask you about it.

He will also say he is going to do something for you but does not follow through on his promise.

What is the main idea? If the man you are dating shows his inconsistencies and tells lies about what he wants, it could be because he only wants you for your body.

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14) He always asks you for nudes

Look: I’m not going to lie and tell you that couples in committed relationships don’t send each other nudes. They do!

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with sending nudes if there is trust between two people.

However, if he’s asking for nudes, but doesn’t want to see a picture of your cat, you should reconsider his intentions.

Do you really enjoy sending him nudes? Are they necessary to develop your relationship?

If you’re honest with yourself, you will probably conclude that you don’t really like sending them, but he has pressured and even begged you to do it.

15) You don’t see each other constantly

Want to know more about this guy’s intentions?

If you do, let me ask you this: Do you see each other constantly or only when he’s in the mood?

This aspect of your relationship is also an indicator that he only wants you for your body.

How so? Well, if you see each other constantly, it means that he is taking things seriously.

However, if you only see each other when he asks you to, it means that he only wants sex. He doesn’t want a relationship with you.

How do I know? Because he wants you, but not for a relationship or commitment. He just wants sex.

16) He is not pleasing you sexually either

You might be dealing with a guy who only wants you for your body, or even worse. A selfish guy who only wants you for your body!

This I get: When you desire someone sexually, you focus your attention on that part of your relationship and you explore it. You make your fantasies come true and rock your partner’s world at the same time.

What don’t I get? How can a man want you sexually, but not even care if you’re sexually satisfied?

Numerous relationship coaches seem to believe that such a man is selfish. Satisfying you doesn’t even cross his mind. Why?

Selfishness is defined as the pursuit of one’s own pleasure without regard for the needs or feelings of others.

This should answer your question.

He only wants you for your body. Now what?

Ladies, now that you know the signs he only wants you for your body, you should do something about it!

If you have no idea where to start, I have a suggestion for you:

Trigger his Hero Instinct!

The hero instinct is an instinctive need that men have to step up to the plate for the woman in their lives. This is deeply rooted in male biology.

When a man genuinely feels like your everyday hero, he’ll become more loving, attentive, and committed to being in a long-term relationship with you. He’ll stop wanting you only for your body.

But how do you trigger this instinct in him?

The trick is to make him feel like a hero in an authentic way. And there are things you can say and messages you can send to trigger this natural biological instinct.

If you want some help doing this, check out James Bauer’s excellent free video here.

I don’t often recommend videos or buy into popular new concepts in psychology, but the hero instinct is one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve come across.

Here’s a link to his unique video again.

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