14 surprising signs a girl is flirting with you over text

Relationships are always uncertain, and that is especially true when it comes to texting.

To make matters worse, sometimes you can’t even tell if she’s interested in you anymore.

Maybe she’s just a nice person and always wants to stay in touch? Maybe she’s trying to figure out where she stands with you?

You can’t always tell just by talking, so it’s important to pay close attention to the subtle signs that a girl is interested in you over text.

Why wait? Let’s learn the 14 surprising signs a girl is flirting with you over text!

1) She is the one to initiate conversation

It’s pretty obvious when a girl is trying to flirt with you over text.

If she’s the one to initiate the texting, that means she has something on her mind. Usually, it’s because she wants to talk to you!

You might not get this sign when messaging one of your guy friends, but it happens quite often with girls. If a girl isn’t interested in you, she will typically just wait for you to text her first.

If she texts you first and seems extra eager for an answer, that’s a sign she might be flirting with you.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Women are more likely to initiate a text conversation than men Usually it’s because women are more eager to talk and can’t stand the thought of waiting for a response.

For some girls who are arrogant and think only men should initiate the conversation, it’s a way for them to test you.

So if a girl does initiate the conversation on her own, that’s usually a sign she wants to see you in real life.

2) She writes long texts and lots of emojis or gifs

If a girl starts texting you a lot, and messages you multiple times a day, that’s usually a sign she’s flirting with you over text.

However, if she continues to send long texts and uses lots of emojis or gifs in her messages, that’s even more of a sign!

You might think it means she can’t stop texting you. However, most girls actually use emojis and gifs to signal their eagerness for your attention.

She feels like it’s a fun way to initiate conversation in the early stages of dating because she knows how much you love it. She also wants to make sure the conversation doesn’t die down while getting to know you better.

According to the Society for Information Science and Technology, “emoji present unlimited flexible communication, so they are the preferred way to express mood, message, and intent”.


She wants to know about you

Girls like to know as much as they can about the guy they like.

If she’s flirting with you, then she’ll want to know everything about you and stay in touch! The more a girl tries to know a guy in the early stages of dating, the more likely it is that she has feelings for him.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

Girls like to know all the little details about what you’re doing right now.

If you’re hanging out with friends, then she wants to know who they are and why they are so nice to you. If you just got a new haircut, she wants to know where you got it and how it looks.

If you’re deep in thought about something, she wants to know what that is and why. The more she can learn about who you are and the details surrounding your life, the more likely it is that she’ll fall in love with your personality because it’s cool and unique compared to other guys.

But even if this is the case, you might wonder how to respond when she asks questions about you.

Should you satisfy her needs and answer her questions? Or is it better to avoid revealing too much about yourself?

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4) She texts you late at night

When a girl sends you a text message late at night, and it’s short, she’ll definitely be flirting with you.

If she texts you late at night and messages more than one time, then it’s more of an indication that she wants to get to know you better.

Imagine this:

You’re in bed and you get a text from a girl. How would you react if she had sent it at 6 PM? You wouldn’t have appreciated it that much.

However, if she sends it to you at 3 AM, then you’ll be very happy about it! You might even think of her when you go to bed and can’t sleep because the conversation was so exciting.

You might even respond right away because the text made you want to talk more! This is similar when girls flirt with guys over text because they don’t get many chances to talk to guys during the day.

5) She sends you a message with pictures of herself

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Here’s the truth:

Women who like you often use pictures of themselves as a way to show their interest.

If a girl likes someone and she gets that person’s number, she’ll often try to make them feel special by sending them a picture.

She might also do it if she hasn’t met the guy yet but wants to stay in touch, or if she wants a photo of herself to remember the moment. Girls are very sensitive when they’re flirting with guys over text because they want the best moments of their relationship.

Remember, even though she has sent you a picture, you shouldn’t reply with an inappropriate photo or send her one of your ex-girlfriends to try to show her how you are better than her.

6) She asks you open-ended questions instead of just yes/no responses

A girl who likes you will ask you questions that allow for an open-ended conversation.

It’s hard to know how to answer such questions, especially early on in a relationship, so if she starts asking them, that’s usually a sign she’s flirting with you.

She might even ask you a lot of questions at once and leave it up to you to respond with what you want or when and how often you want her to text back.

Just like in real life, if she wants something from you, or wants the relationship to continue progressing quickly, then she’ll put up more barriers.

For example, these questions can be about anything, from how you’re doing in school to what you like to do on a weekend. Remember, she’s always thinking about you, so she’ll want to keep the conversation going indefinitely!

7) She always responds right away

Girls are always eager to respond right away.

When you text her, she’ll almost immediately respond and might even send you a response more than once.

That’s definitely a sign of flirting when she wants to know if the conversation is going well or if she should try harder. If she is really interested in you, she will communicate with you as often as possible to make sure you’re happy.

It’s important for a girl to keep the conversation going and make sure it stays fresh because it can be difficult for some people to take each other seriously when talking about serious things like relationships.

The faster her response times become the more she likes you!

So take the next step and ask her out. Girls are always eager to go on dates. When a girl is interested in you, she will answer all of your questions and keep the conversation going for hours on end!

8) She starts changing her time of day to talk to you more often

When a girl likes you and she wants the relationship to progress faster, then she’ll want to talk to you all the time.

This is why girls become clingy when they like someone. They’ll want to text him all day long just because she wants to make sure that he’s happy and if he needs anything, then she’ll be there for him.

When a girl is flirting with someone, then it’s very important for her to talk with him as often as possible because that means that she wants something special from this guy! If nothing else, then at least she can keep her mind off of things by talking about them.

In a nutshell:

Women who want to know more about you will change their texting habits and try to talk with you as much as possible.

If she’s interested in you, then she’ll be very clingy and consistent when it comes to texting so that the relationship can progress faster. She’ll also try to keep close tabs on what you’re doing so that she knows what’s going on.

9) She shares her stories about her day

Don’t get me wrong, it’s normal for girls to text guys every day with their random stories.

However, if a girl shares her day with you and begins to include specific details about her life, that’s when she likes you.

When she tells you stories about her day, she doesn’t want to do that by choice. She wants the story to be around you!


Girls like to know as much as they can about a guy so that they can relate to him and feel close to him! Their friends can help them figure out what he’s trying to ask her and then she’ll spend time thinking of funny things she could say.

For example, if a girl is telling you about how bad her boss is, she might tell you all about it and even share stories about what’s going on at work. She wants to tell you these things so that you can relate to her and understand her.

She might even want you to hang out with her while she’s working so that she can introduce you to people, show off how important you are, and how much she likes hanging out with you!

In a nutshell:

When it comes to relationships, men and women are so different.

Women like to tell their stories because they want sincere and deep relationships with the people they care about. She will share her feelings and emotions without even trying or thinking about it!

10) She tempers her flirting with humor instead of persistence

A girl who turns flirting into a game will try to get a guy constantly.

However, if she likes you, then she’ll only continue flirting with you for as long as it’s funny.

If it’s funny, then she might want to keep doing it but if it goes on for too long and gets annoying, then she’ll stop. But when the conversation is short and sweet, then she’ll want to keep doing that over and over.

She’ll be sure to make fun of herself in her texts so that you know how funny and expected everything feels to her! This is also something that men don’t do well because they’re more serious about things than women are.

If she’s flirting with you, then she’ll make fun of herself by saying things such as, “If you like me then ask me out so I can say yes!” or “I’m just here to make you laugh!”

And that’s it! Flirting is a game, and games are meant to be fun. If she likes you, then she’ll want to keep flirting with you for as long as it’s funny. She won’t take it too seriously because she’ll enjoy the humor behind her flirting games.

11) She makes excuses to text you more often

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A girl who is really into you will always find a reason to text you.

If you’re her crush, she wants to talk to you as often as possible! It doesn’t matter if the excuse is lame or seemingly inconsequential.

She just wants to stay in touch with you and make sure that there are no awkward silences in your relationship.

Even if she’s studying, working out, playing with her dog, or just watching a cool YouTube video, she’ll find a way to tell you about it.

12) She starts making more personal questions

Let’s say that you’re talking with a girl and she asks you a question such as, “What’s your favorite sport?” or “What kind of books do you like?”. Your answers will be very flat in response because you don’t really know her very well.

But if a girl likes you and wants to know more about who you are, then she’ll start asking more personal questions. She’ll want to get to know all of your little quirks so that she can learn more about what makes you attracted to her personality.

These questions might be harder to answer because they’re more personal but it will make her feel closer to you!

So even if she just asks, “What’s up?” and you say, “Not much, just hanging out watching TV.” Her next question will be something like, “Oh yeah? What are you watching?” or something else.

You could always ask her a question back to get the conversation going if you want to or maybe she’ll even continue with another question on her own! That would make you feel like you’re already in a flirting relationship!

13) She calls you “babe” or “honey” when texting you

She’ll call you “babe” in her texts, or maybe she’s going to include it as part of a nickname when she texts you, and this is definitely a sign she is flirting with you. It will make her sound a lot more intimate and close to you than if she just called you “J”.

She doesn’t really like using these terms all the time because she’s not really that close with you yet but if all of these terms start to come up then it will only get closer and closer.

It takes time for girls to like someone so they don’t use the same phrases every day. If a girl sees that you’re sticking with her and still talking to her, then she’ll get closer to you.

She’ll start to call you “babe”, or something else, as an exclusive way of addressing you. Then it will feel like she knows all of your little quirks as well as possible!

And obviously, your relationship with her is on the next level to something serious. It is their expression of sweetness and love for the one they love.

14) She remembers small details about you

This is a big deal! If a girl likes you, then she’ll remember every small detail about you and will be able to tell way more about you than someone she just met for the first time.

She’ll remember when and where she first heard about you, what your favorite color is, what your favorite food is, and more. She remembers what things are important to you because she likes that they’re important to you.

She knows that it’s not easy for her to get to know all of this information in the beginning so she’ll make sure that it’s all the same information that isn’t easy for her to know.

She won’t get annoyed with you because she knows that it’s not easy for her to get to know all of this information.

And if you have a lot of things that you like, then she’ll remember even more about them! She’ll be able to tell everything from the color of your eyes and hair to your favorite food and car or what kind of music you enjoy listening to.

If she likes you and wants to know more about you, then she’ll try her best to figure out what’s important but also remember that it’s not easy for her to get all this information in the beginning.

In short:

She likes to be able to impress you with everything that she does and keeps getting a deeper understanding of you.

Final thoughts

A lot of girls are good flirts and may have you fooled at first. But if you keep digging, then you’ll know what makes them tick.

They’re just like everyone else when they want to be approached by someone they like because they want to be a part of that person’s life.

They want to make sure that they’re attracted to the right one so that’s why they go through all the effort of finding out their personality with new people that try their best to get to know them.

So we have run through 14 signs that a girl is flirting with you over text that she likes you. But if all else fails, then you can always ask her yourself, “Do you like me?” to get the answer directly from her.

The more flirty and mysterious she is, the more you’ll want her to notice you. But if she’s honest with you, then you’ll be impressed!

Keep learning about women in the future because that’s what keeps guys around for a long time! Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, then please leave a comment below because I love helping out other guys.

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