9 psychic signs someone is thinking of you sexually

Lately, dating has become truly confusing. With so many rules, political correctness, and various circumstances we need to adapt, it can be very difficult to understand if someone is sending you signals that they want you.

Fortunately, there are a few psychic signs that can help you figure out if someone is thinking of you sexually. There are some universal signs that show when someone is interested in you in this way, but they can surely differ depending on the circumstances.

Pay attention to the energy in the first place, because it will tell you the most and then all the other signs will surely help. Without any delay, let’s dive in!

1) The energy shifts

Pay close attention to the energy you feel when the person you like comes closer to you. You will be able to feel if he wants to deepen the connection and move to the next level.

When someone is not interested in you, they will try to keep the distance and the energy will be stone cold. On the other hand, if there is genuine interest between you, you will feel like there is a source of heat between you that is simply not possible to ignore.

Even if you are not sure what is this about, the other people around you will notice the changes and the energy between you that feels like glue. This is usually when your friends can play a significant role.

Tell them to keep a close eye on you two when you are together. Things are much clearer from the objective standpoint.

It is always hard to know for sure what kind of energy someone is sending if the signals are pretty mixed and when your emotions are clouding your judgment. This doesn’t necessarily need to happen when you’re close together, because when someone thinks about you in this way, you may start feeling their energy even if you’re miles away.

2) He wants to touch you

If the person you like constantly finds excuses to touch you, then this is a sure sign that he is attracted to you sexually. Pay attention to the way this person acts around you.

Does he hug you a little bit longer than necessary? Does he gently remove the hair from your face and just looks at you?

Well, these looks can tell you a lot about his intentions and he’s probably in love with you ready to start the game under the sheets.

When we are in love, we simply cannot keep our hands to ourselves because the cocktail of hormones starts intoxicating us and we simply cannot resist it. If you’re not completely sure if your darling is ready to take the next step, you can help him a little bit by letting him know that you are ready.

The small cues he gives are meant for you so you can notice the effort and show that you care.

3) Feeling like you’re not alone

When someone starts thinking about you sexually, you may start feeling his presence even if you are alone at home. This occurs because sometimes people can send us their energy and thoughts telepathically, which is especially strong when there is sexual tension involved.

It is not something that you should be afraid of, but it may be hard for you to accept it with your mind that this is just the energy sent by the guy who can’t wait to be with you. Open your mind to this kind of energy and think about the possibility of taking your relationship to next level.

If you have been showing that you care but staying on the side without doing anything concrete, this can be a great time to do something about it.

4) The conversations between you get awkward

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If you suddenly start talking, you may notice that he’s losing focus often and asking you to repeat what you said or he is simply too distracted. This is a sign that he is thinking about you while you try to talk about something important to you.

I get it — sometimes we think that feeling awkward towards someone means that something is wrong or out of sync.

But sometimes, awkwardness is just another form of energy, one that can be understood and harnessed rather than feared.

This is not in any way disrespectful; it is just the way biology works. We all fight and think about getting closer to the person we desire and sometimes it is impossible to think about anything else.

That’s why we need to think “out of the box” to truly understand the dynamics at play in sexual tension and attraction.

I had similar experiences, and they felt like barriers to genuine communication until I took famous shaman Rudá Iandê’s Out of the Box Masterclass.

The insights I received from this masterclass helped me reframe the way I thought about sexual energy and its role in relationships.

As a result, I finally saw these awkward interactions as opportunities for deeper understanding rather than as problems.

So, if you’re navigating through awkward conversations and sexual tension, consider stepping “Out of the Box” and looking at the situation with a fresh perspective.

This masterclass can help you do just that, guiding you through the complexity of sexual energy in relationships.

Here’s the link to the masterclass.

5) You can feel the magnetism

Sexual energy is a very important aspect of our nature. It is a force that pulls us to explore, conquer, show our abilities but also to embrace our true raw nature.

Once there is an attraction between two people, it feels like a magnet is pulling you closer. If you start noticing that magnetic energy between you, it means that the guy you like is thinking about you emotionally and sexually.

These two aspects are intertwined and in most cases cannot go without the other one. There is no doubt that being intimate with someone we like and love feels good, so if you suddenly start sensing sexual energy coming your way it is because the guy you like is ready to take the next step.

This cannot be ignored in any way because the feeling is very strong and the connection is almost tangible.

6) You feel good around him

If the guy you like makes you laugh all the time and likes to see you happy, this is a sign he is trying to put you in a mood so you start wanting him as much as he wants you. If you feel good around him, you can be sure that he is making an effort to relax you and show you what it would be like if you were together.

Besides, sex doesn’t start in the bedroom. Far from it.

It starts with the look, the touch, and the communication you have. The better you feel, the better the connection will be.

If he’s trying hard to make you feel good and you can see that it is very important for him then you can know for sure that he wants to in his bedroom. It’s a good start and it is a definite sign that there is more than just a friendship in this equation.

The best thing you can do is to simply enjoy this wonderful energy and let your connection become deeper to the extent you want it to go.


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7) You may struggle with mood swings

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If the guy starts thinking about you sexually all the time, his thoughts may come to your energy field which will impact the way you deal with your emotions. This can happen frequently in the beginning, before you realize what it is about.

Telepathic communication is very frequent and in cases of strong sexual tension, you may start feeling it in the moments when you are busy with something else. You may start feeling happy for no reason, sad in the others, but also aroused.

This may come is as a surprise, but it can be great if you are interested in pursuing a sexual relationship with this guy. The fact that he’s showing you in all the possible ways that he wants you will surely be a boost of confidence necessary to push you in the right direction.

Make sure you show him that you feel the same way and you can easily progress to the desired closeness.

8) He gazes at you frequently

Did you notice that whenever you are doing something and you suddenly take a look at him, he is gazing at you? Well, it is because he’s probably imagining you without any clothes on.

If he’s trying really hard to respect your boundaries and give you time to show him what you want, you will see in his eyes that his desire for you increases by the minute.

The fact that he doesn’t want to push you or rush you to make the changes in your relationship or start one if you haven’t started dating yet shows just how much he is willing to wait for you. However, that doesn’t mean that he cannot think about you sexually.

9) He can’t hide jealousy

Jealousy is not a healthy feeling and it is a sign of insecurity, but people are far from perfection. If you notice a lot of jealousy when someone else gets near you, then this is the sign he wants to get intimate with you and he cannot stand anyone else around you.

Guys are pretty sensitive about the girls they like, so if he starts showing his desire for you, he will show jealousy as well. This can become very obvious if you are not willing to openly say to others that you are involved with someone.

It can hurt his feelings and put him in a challenging position. Being possessive is not a nice feeling and it is certainly not ideal, so if the guy wants to sleep with you and you don’t feel the same way, you should clearly let him know.

Try to be very considerate about his feelings and show him politely that you are not ready to take this step with him.

8 hints he wants to make love to you

Besides these psychic signs that you may start noticing on a regular basis, there are also some hints that will clearly show you that he is ready to take your relationship to a whole new level.

Guys do certain things when they want to get closer, especially if there is lots of sexual tension involved. Here are hints that you should pay attention to!

1) He looks amazing around you

Guys are usually much more relaxed about their appearance when compared to girls. This is a part of their natural charm that is so appealing and attractive to us.

However, when a guy wants to make love to you he will do his best to be on top of his game. This means that his clothes will be either new or carefully put together.

He will want you to notice him and he will try to attract your attention in every way possible. If you ever complimented him that you like the way he looks when he shaves his face, you will probably start seeing him freshly shaved every time he “accidentally” bumps into you.

There is nothing sweeter than a man who is doing his best to look good for you and he knows it. If you start feeling the butterflies having a party in your stomach when you see him so cute, then he is achieving his goal which can be pretty fun.

Anything you say you like about him will be carefully used to the maximum, which is truly adorable and hot, all at the same time.

2) He puts on perfume

There is something so hypnotic about using perfumes and their magic doesn’t seem to seize for centuries. People have always used perfumes to attract a person they like but, to show other people how appealing they are.

If the guy you like suddenly starts wearing perfume every time you see him, then he is probably doing this for you. He’s doing it to make you notice him, but also to think about him every time you smell this perfume even if he is not around.

3) He plans everything

If the guy starts planning everything in advance and organizing date nights to please you, he wants to show you that you are very important to him. Also, he wants to show you how caring and gentle he can be.

It is a known fact that girls like it when guys are taking initiative and guys use it profusely. If he starts making an enormous effort to take you to a concert you like or go for a dinner that you will enjoy, he wants you to know that he is ready to go the extra mile.

It is very sweet and it is a way that guys use when they want to deepen the relationship.

4) He invites you to his home

If a guy invites you to his home and no one is there, but you notice soothing music and dim light, you can be sure that this is his sign that he wants to get physical with you. He will probably prepare everything so you feel completely relaxed which will put you in the mood.

All of this is done so you can start feeling the way he does. He will probably start giving you various hints by touching you and letting you pick the music, which will help you get the idea of what you want to do next.

5) His voice gets really soft

pexels cottonbro 4694500 1 9 psychic signs someone is thinking of you sexually

When we are aroused, our voices usually start being softer and lower which is very exciting and it can heat up the situation. This voice can be staged, but if you feel the genuine desire and the energy between you then the voice may be just a natural consequence of the heated energy between you.

If you notice that your voice is starting to get softer, then this is the starting point of a magical experience you are about to share.

6) He gives you compliments

When we like someone we want them to know it, but of course, instead of just blurting it out, we usually use milder forms. He will probably say that your hair is nice, that you have beautiful eyes and he will probably look at your lips a lot because he simply wants to touch you and every move will give him away.

Besides, giving compliments brings in positive energy which will help you bond and develop your relationship further. This is very nice and it is a way that he uses to show you that he appreciates your beauty and wants to come near you.

7) He acts heroic around you

If you suddenly notice a guy who is very helpful, wants to solve your problems or he steps in the moment you start dealing with the problem, you should know that he is trying to show you that he’s worthy of your love.

This can be very sweet and can be a wonderful beginning of a relationship and physical connection that can easily lead to something more. Enjoy this attention and help you are getting from him because this can be the beginning stage of a wonderful connection.

8) His body language is pretty easy to read

If you notice that he is open to you, which means his arms are not crossed, and he’s constantly making room for you, this is a great sign that he wants to show you that he cares. It is a known fact that women like it when guys are relaxed and open to their emotions.

If he is not afraid to show you he likes you, he probably wants you to know that he’s ready to turn it to something more. One of the signs that he is into you is that he will get really close to you when you talk.

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, so pay close attention to the way he looks at you. If he doesn’t want to even blink, it means that he wants to take all your beauty in and show you that he likes you very much.

What can you do if you don’t feel the same way?

When you are desired by someone you like very much, that is an ideal situation that can bring many pleasant moments to your life. However, sometimes it happens that someone starts thinking about you sexually when you are not ready to get involved.

Here are some things you can do!

1) Be gentle

Just because you are not in the mood to carry on with the relationship or take it to the next level, it doesn’t mean that you should be harsh. Being wanted is an enormous compliment and should be appreciated as such.

Try to stay away and avoid places where you know you will meet him, so you can avoid getting into some unpleasant situations. When he invites you to a date, be very careful about the choice of words you will pick.

2) Don’t nurture the hope

Some girls like to have a few opportunities available until they are ready to make a decision. However, you should keep in mind that this is playing with fire and should be avoided.

If you are not interested in a guy, do everything you can to let him know where you stand. Avoid giving any vague answers that can foster false hope and hurt him even more.

3) Honesty is the best policy

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We’ve heard this a thousand times and it is probably the best thing that anyone can tell us. Put yourself in his shoes and think about the ways someone could turn you down which wouldn’t hurt your feelings.

The simplest way of turning someone down is simply to say no. If you want to be the extra kind you can say that you appreciate the attention, but you are not interested.

Simply tell him that you don’t feel the same way, or that you are not interested in a relationship. Avoid using words currently or at the moment because this could lead to feeling hopeful that you will change your mind.

Giving a straight answer is probably the best option you can pick because everyone likes when someone is respectful and honest about their needs and wants.

4) Tell a good story

Some girls feel too uncomfortable turning down someone and it is surely not a pleasant thing to do. If you belong to this group, you can always tell a good story.

This needs to be a story that cannot be easily checked, such as “I am involved with someone”. This is very vague and respective at the same time.

There is no way for him to find out more, because you may keep it private. This could be a good way to avoid the drama but also reduce further attempts to a minimum.

Just make sure you do this very carefully, so you can avoid being hurtful as much as possible. Keep it short.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this guide can help you navigate through a confusing situation with a guy you cannot exactly decipher. If you are getting signals you can’t fully understand, then hopefully this guide will shed a little light on the meaning of his behaviors.

We’ve covered the most obvious signs that someone is thinking of you sexually. But if you’re looking to go beyond just interpreting signs and actually build a meaningful, intimate connection, then you might want to check out this free Love and Intimacy Masterclass.

It’s another impactful resource from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê. The thing is that  I found his teachings extremely helpful for understanding the spiritual components that can strengthen a relationship.

It’s not just about the physical or even emotional aspects — a deep spiritual connection can elevate your relationship to a whole new level.

So, if you’re interested in deepening your understanding of intimacy from a more holistic standpoint, I can’t recommend this masterclass enough.

Click here to access the Love and Intimacy masterclass.

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