17 surprising ways to test a guy to see if he really loves you

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Sometimes it can be pretty hard to say if a guy truly has some feelings or not, but don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has been in that situation. There are a number of things that you can do to test a guy to see if he really loves you.

Here are 17 ways you can do it!

1) Pay attention to the way he behaves

I don’t mean the way he treats you, but things like if he talks to other people and misses his phone calls when he is with you. This means that he values the time with you more than anything else and that he doesn’t want to risk losing your attention by chatting with anyone else.

It is a sign of respect and love, and if you notice it, you should be happy because there are some deeper feelings than the guy is ready to admit. Besides, if he’s interested in you he won’t keep secrets from you, which is another sign that he truly has feelings for you.

2) Observe his eyes

People’s eyes are the windows to their souls, or so they say. If you notice how caring and soft his gaze is, then he is definitely in love with you!

You can also notice it if he is constantly staring at you when you two are together, and he keeps looking at you no matter what you do. This means that he really adores everything about you!

If you notice a soft gaze like this, he doesn’t even have to say anything. You will know that he cares for you deeply.

3) When it comes to love, he knows how to handle it

When a guy is truly in love with you, he knows how to control his emotions and thoughts. He doesn’t get angry at small things.

He understands the basic principles of being a good partner and isn’t afraid to put them into action.

But what if there are still some issues between you? What if it’s not all plain sailing?

After all…there’s a reason you want to test him to see if he really loves you…

4) He is jealous

Watch his reactions when he is around you. If he is jealous when he sees some guys around you, then this means he cares about you.

And if he happens that he is usually not a jealous type, then there is a huge chance that he is in love with you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should tolerate scenes, but every woman likes at least a little bit to see this kind of emotion in the person they love.

This is usually the way women test their partners to see if there are some deeper emotions.

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5) He makes time for you

If your relationship is getting serious, then this might be the case because there is lots of chemistry involved. However, if you are together for a long time and your boyfriend truly loves you, he will make time for every date excursion that you set up with him.

This means that he cares about your interests and wants you to know that he is willing to do everything to make you happy! If you notice that the guy you care about makes an effort to show up every time you need him, this is a major sign of love.

If he really loves you, and if he really cares about the relationship that you have with him, then he will make sure that there will be time allocated for you in his schedule. Moving important obligations and meetings to make time for you is something that shows that he loves you a lot and wants to prioritize the time with you despite everything else.

6) He tries to show you how much he cares

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If he swallows his pride and allows himself to be vulnerable with you, then this is a sign that there is something special between the two of you. This also includes trying to show that he cares by being honest, loving, and understanding.

This means that if he loves you, then he knows how important it is for everyone’s self-esteem to be appreciated and valued. If you feel loved and secure when you are together, that is a great sign that he deeply cares about you.

If he’s doing things just to make you feel better or make your life easier, then you can relax knowing that you are with a guy who truly values you. If he is really in love with you, then he will do anything just to see that smile on your face or to see you happy.

7) He surprises you often

If he likes to surprise you with little gifts you like, then this is a clear sign that he really loves you. This also means that he knows how to be loving and caring but also playful.

He shows his feelings in different ways, and this makes him unpredictable, unique, and fun to be around! This is one of the key ingredients of a successful relationship, and it is a hint that there is more there than just a superficial connection.

Usually, these gifts become the most memorable thing in the relationship. It is a clear sign that he is in love with you if he pays attention to the little things!

8) He is not afraid of making a compromise

If your boyfriend cares about you and your relationship, he will be ready to make a compromise if there is a huge difference between you and him. Every relationship has its share of problems, especially in the beginning, before everything settles down.

If the guy you are with makes an effort to overcome these differences and resolve the problems in the best way possible, it is a great sign. This means that he is selfless and willing to do anything that makes you happy.

This can be anything, like making sure that your days off coincide or just some crazy small thing that can add up to the complete package he offers! Every single thing counts, and it is a sign of deep affection and love.

9) He keeps you close to him when you are together

If he doesn’t want to lose you, and he really wants to stay with you as much as possible, then this means that his love for you is huge. This also means that he is selfless and stable, which can only mean one thing: his feelings for you are very real.

Body language is very powerful, and if he holds you close to him and he sets you in his arms when you’re together, then he wants to make sure that nothing will ever come between the two of you. It is also a way to show the world just how much he cares.

It is a way of making a statement of belonging and a way to show to the world that you mean a lot to him. As silly as this might sound, it is actually very effective.

When a couple is together, and they sit close or hold hands, you can see that their love is real just by looking at them.

10) He cares about your interests

If he is interested in what makes you happy and how you feel, it is obvious that the two of you are in a serious relationship. This means that he really cares about your life and doesn’t want to miss out on anything important with your relationship.

It is a sure sign that you will grow together and that he wants to be with you in every way possible. If there is mutual understanding in your relationship that is a great sign that he wants to commit.

The thing that lots of couples fight about is spending time with each other’s families. If he is willing to spend time with your friends and family, this means that he loves you.

He also wants you to be happy because he knows that relationships are built on trust and love. If he is not afraid of meeting your friends and family, then this means that he is confident enough and respects you enough to be around people who care about you.

11) He remembers the important dates

If he remembers important dates and events, then this is a good sign that he wants to show you how much the relationship with you means to him. He might even make a date to just be with you on these days.

This means that there is a deep meaning behind the relationship and that he wants to show you all of his love. There is something very emotional about celebrating the special dates that contribute to the sense of security.

Knowing that he really cares and that he is willing to share his life with you means that he wants you to be happy and that you make him feel good too. You are always a priority for him, and even if things are not going well, he wants everything to be okay with you.

That is a major sign of love that we sometimes forget.

12) He’s not afraid of telling you if something bothers him

If he cares about what you think, then when something really bothers him, he will look for the best possible solution for it. It also means that he trusts you, so he wants to hear more about your point of view.

Sharing problems and sincerely listening to each other leads to deeper understanding, and from there, everything that you do together will be more fun. That kind of communication is a powerful sign of love.

13) If he is in love with you, he doesn’t want to leave you

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This might sound obvious, but guys are not always honest about their feelings when it comes to commitment and emotions. If he truly loves you, then he will not just want to stay with you because of boredom or for a temporary relationship.

Instead, he may have recently realized that you are everything he needs and wants to spend as much time as possible together, so he can enjoy feeling good with you.

14) He’s happy to be with you

If you see a smile on his face when he sees you or while being together, this means that he really loves you! This also shows how much happiness there is in your relationship, and he is satisfied because he has met someone to share all of his feelings with.

This means that he likes you, but also that he is starting to feel real love. Genuine happiness when he sees you is proof enough that he truly loves you.

If he always makes an effort for you to feel good, encourages you to do what you love, and if he helps you succeed in life, this is a sign of true love.

15) You have the special language you share

If you have special nicknames you share with the person you are in a serious relationship with, then this is great. If you can always understand each other and enjoy your time together, then this shows how close and intimate the two of you are.

People who deeply care for each other will always have sweet words for each other and show love instead of simply saying those three magic words. Besides, you will find out a lot about his intentions from the way he talks about you when you are not around.

The more he talks about you, the easier it is to tell if he loves you. When he wants to know everything there is to know about you, this shows that he likes and cares for you.

If your relationship is new and only getting better by the day, the chances are that his intentions will soon become clearer when he starts to talk about you more often than usual.

16) He is not afraid to try new things together

If he wants to stay with you for as long as possible, the chances are that he will welcome experiences that can help both of you grow as people. A person who loves you will not be afraid to wait for the time you will spend together, but will also try new activities or go to new places.

That doesn’t mean that he won’t be afraid or that there won’t be resistance towards the new things, but guys show a willingness to change when they have deep feelings for the person they love. He might want to try new things or take more time to have fun together, but be patient enough not to rush the relationship or put pressure on you.

17) He kisses you frequently

If he kisses you a lot, this is a sign of affection. However, it might also mean that something is bothering him or that he doesn’t want to lose you!

A kiss is one of the most intimate moments that a couple can share. It makes you feel loved, accepted, and most importantly, it expresses how he feels about your relationship and the intimacy between you.

When you are together, if you feel like you are the only person in the world, then you can be sure that you have found a person who loves you. When a person is deeply in love with their partner, all of the other problems and concerns feel easier to deal with.

Everything else just fades away and if you feel like this when you are together that is real love. When this happens, you may feel like you are the only two people in the world.

The feeling is incredible, and it is no wonder that it is the reason why so many couples are willing to sacrifice so much to be together.

Final thoughts

It can be pretty annoying when someone we deeply care about won’t share what they feel in plain words. We have all been dreaming about hearing the words “I love you” while the sun sets in the background.

However, every person is complex. So, if you have been dreaming about hearing those three words from your significant other, you should know that there are plenty of other signs that will show you how he feels.

All you need to do is pay attention to his actions and know the meaning behind them. This can be quite difficult when you don’t even know what is going on in a guy’s head.

If he loves you, then he will want to be with you all the time and do everything possible to make sure there is nothing separating the two of you. Hopefully, noticing these signs will help you be at ease and enjoy your relationship to the fullest!

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