How to make your crush fall in love with you: 12 no bullsh*t tips

Many people spend their entire lives dreaming of finding true love, but few know that the real work begins when trying to make it happen.

So, how does this process actually work?

The truth is, you can’t just make someone fall for you by thinking about them or staring into the sky and wishing they were with you.

So many people believe love to be some magical force that just happens.

But, to really make your crush fall in love with you, you must create a unique connection with them so that they can’t help but feel special.

How? Here are 12 tips to get you started.

1) Don’t be a desperate mess

When attempting to make your crush fall in love with you, it’s important to understand that desperation is the ultimate turn-off.

If you pursue someone who doesn’t want to be pursued, they will either reject you or lose respect for you.

On the other hand, if you pursue someone who is willing to be pursued, you’ll get the attention that you’re looking for unless you appear desperate.

2) Be persistent but not pushy

Don’t be a pushover.

While you want to make an impression, you can’t just demand something from someone who hasn’t said yes or no yet.

Instead, show them that you’re committed and that you’ll continue to pursue them until they finally give in.

For example, keep asking them to hang out. Come up with a new idea every time. By doing so, you’ll see that they’ll eventually cave in and agree.

3) Be yourself – at least most of the time

Do you want to know why so many people are unsuccessful when it comes to love?

It’s because they’re trying too hard to be someone that they’re not.

Sure, it may feel nice to try and be a different person, but over time, your crush will see that you aren’t really the person you say you are. This will definitely not serve you well.

Instead, think of yourself as being you – the one person that they can connect with.

In other words, don’t try to be someone you’re not just trying to get your crush’s attention.

4) Stop playing games

Some people like to tease and play hard to get, but this is a bit juvenile.

If you truly like someone and you’re interested in making your crush fall in love with you, don’t be afraid to take a chance on them.

Many people are already playing games with their significant other and if your crush sees you doing it as well, they may think that this is your normal way of relationship maintenance.

This could make them not trust or respect you in the future.

5) Don’t overdo it

Remember, “too much of a good thing can hurt.”

So make sure that whatever you do is on target and doesn’t become too obsessive or creepy.

Even if your crush seems to be into you, that doesn’t mean that they have to be equally interested in you.

So don’t send them a million messages or suffocate them in various ways. Show that you care and just be cool about it.

But how can you realize whether you’re becoming too obsessive or clingy?

I get it. Sometimes it can be hard to objectively assess your own actions. But you know what?

In that case, professional advice from a certified relationship coach might help.

Whenever I notice that I lose sight of my actions and suffocate my loved ones with care, I reach out to relationship coaches at Relationship Hero for practical solutions.

Their personalized advice always helps me to determine how I should act. So, maybe uoi should do the same.

Click here to check them out.

6) Be honest and straightforward (without overdoing it, of course)

Honesty is one of the most important things to have when trying to make your crush fall in love with you.

For example, if they ask you something, don’t try to avoid their question just because you don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Instead, explain what’s going on without being insecure or vague. This will be a great way to show them that you care about them.

7) Show off your interests and passions

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We all have very interesting things about ourselves.

Some people are still discovering who they are and what their hobbies are, but others have already found what they like and what makes them happy.

If your crush seems to be intimidated by you or has no idea who you are, try to come out of your shell and show that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

The same rule applies to you. Make sure that you know a lot about your crush. In this way, feelings of love and attachment will develop between you two.

8) Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Don’t forget: one of the best ways to get someone to trust and fall in love with you is by being vulnerable.

If your crush can see that you’re not afraid of showing your true self, they’ll feel comfortable doing the same thing.

This is an amazing way to create a bond between the two of you. In addition, it will also help them to see that you’re a person who is worth knowing and perhaps loving.

9) Don’t rush – it’s not a race

If you’re the type of person who likes to rush into things, this could cause problems.

Whether you have one month or one year to make your crush fall in love with you, don’t try to force the issue.

Work on creating a strong relationship with them for as long as you feel is necessary. When it feels right, move forward and be together instead of forcing anything.

10) Show them that you care

No matter what your crush is into, show them that you’re interested in doing it with them.

For example, if they love to watch sports, go with them to a football game, and cheer for their favorite team.

Or if they like reading novels, read one and then discuss it with them.

These are just some examples of how you can show your crush that you care about who they are as a person and what they like.

11) Flirt with them and compliment them

Sometimes, all you need to do is flirt with them and compliment them in the right way to make your crush fall in love with you.

Like I mentioned earlier, don’t try too hard. Instead, be realistic about what you like about them and why you’re attracted to who they are.

If you’re unsure of what to say, use a few cheesy but cute things. Make sure that they come from your heart.

For example, if you love the way they smile, tell them that you find it really attractive. If you love the way they speak, compliment their voice.

These are all great ways to show them that you’re interested in them without making yourself look desperate or coming off as creepy.

12) Show them your sexy side

Try to show your crush that you’re attractive without being over the top.

Be sexy without being too sexual and don’t be afraid to tease them. This is a great way to get closer to them and create a heated connection that could lead to something more.

For example, wear a sexy outfit and make an effort to look attractive. Also, if you get the chance to flirt with them, take it.

Another way to show them that you’re sexy without being a supermodel is to be confident about who you are.

Don’t hide who you are or what you like out of fear. Instead, go ahead and do your thing.

How can I make my crush fall in love with me without talking?

You don’t want to talk to your crush, but you want to make them fall in love with you? Here’s what you could do:

Be active on social media

If your crush is active on social media, be sure to follow them and follow their posts, especially if they’re into the same things that you are.

This way, they’ll see that you’re interested in their profile even if you don’t talk to them.

In addition, it will also make it much easier for them to know more about you. They could potentially ask your friends about who you are and why they don’t know much about you yet.

Make eye contact across the room

If you’ve never done this one, you really should.

Try to make eye contact with your crush across the room. Just look at them and make sure that they see you, too.

Depending on your mood, you could smile or give off a small wave.

Use confident body language

If your crush doesn’t know who you are, the best way you can get his attention is by using your body language.

You could show them how confident you are just by using your body. For example, if you’re walking, walk with your head held high and your shoulders back.

To express interest and draw their attention, you could also lean over to the right or left.

This will help them know that you’re interested and that you feel comfortable in their presence.

Send them a gift

If you don’t want to say anything and you just want them to know that you exist, send them a gift.

This is a very intriguing way to get their attention and show them that you’re interested without even saying anything.

The best part about doing this is that it doesn’t cost much money. In fact, it doesn’t cost anything, especially if they’re into the same hobbies that you are.

If you’re not sure what to send them, or what to get them, you can browse gift ideas.

Make sure you pick something personalized, something that shows them you’re interested in them and not just trying to waste their time.

Make them jealous

Don’t be afraid to make your crush jealous. It’s okay if they see you with someone else or if they see you talking to other people.

This is especially true if you don’t want to talk to them. If you’re on a date with another person or you’re hanging out with someone else, it will make them question their feelings for you.

If you think about it, this could be good news for you because they might realize they are intrigued by you and even have deeper feelings for you.

What can I post to attract my crush?

laura chouette I6 PBC7OkK0 unsplash How to make your crush fall in love with you: 12 no bullsh*t tips

If you want to post something on social media that will attract your crush, use these tips:

  • Post pictures of who you are and what you’re like.

Don’t be afraid to show them that you’re attractive, but don’t overdo it and don’t show too much skin. Be as attractive as possible without showing too many cleavage shots or skin in general.

  • Post some quotes that you like and make sure that they can relate to them.

This is one of the best ways to show them that you are genuinely interested in who they are as a person.

  • Post things related to the hobbies or passions in your life.

If they’re into the same things as you, post pictures of you doing those activities and show them how much fun you’re really having. Show your crush that being with you would be cool.

  • Post things that make you happy.

If you’re enjoying life and having fun, your crush will see that. That’s how you could attract them to you without having to say a word.

How to talk to your crush?

First things first, before you talk to your crush, make sure that you have something to say.

It’s a lot better if you have something in common with them, which will allow you to get the conversation started.

If this is not the case and you still want to start talking to them, here are some tips:

Ask open-ended questions.

This will make it easier for them to respond and create a connection with you.

Ask questions that are things you want to know about them. For example, ask if they’ve visited certain places, listen to their opinions on certain situations, and so on.

There’s no problem if these questions are general. The main idea here is to get to know each other even better.

Ask follow-up questions.

If your crush responds to your question, try to get them to tell you more about it. Don’t be afraid to ask more about the topic and make sure that you’re interested in what they have to say.

When you do this, you’ll end up getting all the secrets of your crush without even intending to do so.

This can be a great way to show them that you’re interested in who they are and how much you care about them as a person.

Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself.

This is very important, too. It’s important for you to get to know your crush, but it’s also important for them to get to know you.

If you don’t talk about anything, they’ll think that you’re afraid of talking or that you’re not interested in their opinion.

On the other hand, when you talk about yourself, they will see that you’re sincere and that there’s nothing holding you back from the conversation.

How can I impress my crush?

Considering how different people are, there’s no way to know for sure what could impress your crush. However, in general, people are impressed by:

  • Kindness

If your crush sees that you’re kind to everyone around you, they’ll be impressed. That’s because they’ll notice that you care about people and that you try hard to make sure that everyone is happy.

If they see this part of your personality, your crush will want to get to know more about it.

  • Intelligence

If your crush sees that you’re intelligent and that you think about things before saying them, they’ll be impressed. They’ll see that you have a lot of knowledge, too.

They will want to be around you because they know that they can learn a lot from you.

  • Creativity

If your crush sees your creative side and how much effort you put into creating different things, they’ll be impressed.

They’ll see that you’re an interesting person who knows how to do a lot of things and they will be hooked.

Are you ready?

By now you should have a good idea of the things you could do to make your crush fall in love with you.

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Once triggered, these innate drivers motivate men to love, commit and protect.

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