15 alarming signs she doesn’t value you (and what to do about it)

Have a feeling that a girl you’re dating doesn’t value you?

Does she hardly listen to you when you give advice?

Or perhaps she doesn’t even acknowledge when you do something nice and generous for her?

These are unfortunate signs she doesn’t value you for who you are and what you do for her.

So let’s figure out if this is the case.

Here are 15 signs she doesn’t value you. After that, we’ll talk about what you can do about it.

1. She doesn’t show you any care and affection

If a woman doesn’t value you, then she won’t have enough respect for you to treat you with affection.

She’ll ignore your wants and needs and she’ll only care about her own priorities.

This will also mean that she might be very controlling in your relationship because she doesn’t respect your opinion or advice.

She thinks that she knows best, even if that means ignoring what you genuinely need in the relationship.

She’ll think it’s her job to tell you what to do and how to act.

And if you don’t do it, she’ll either grow impatient with you or just blow hot and cold.

2. She leaves your gifts behind without thanking you for them

It could be a nice car. It could be a huge piece of furniture. It could be something as simple as a bunch of flowers.

If you give her a gift, but she doesn’t thank you for it or acknowledge your thoughtfulness, then she doesn’t truly value you.

She thinks that gifts just drop out of thin air and it’s almost your responsibility to give her gifts in the relationship.

If she doesn’t value you, then she won’t even consider the fact that you took time out of your day to do something nice for her.

3. She doesn’t respect your privacy

A woman who doesn’t respect the private space or time of a guy she’s dating, who easily opens his phone to see what he’s doing on it or goes through his browser history, shows that she has little respect for him and even less value.

We all deserve our own privacy, even in a close relationship.

If she doesn’t respect your basic privacy, then she doesn’t respect you as a person.

She thinks that she can control your life in every little detail.

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea whether she still values you or not.

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4. She doesn’t try to impress your friends and family

If a woman doesn’t want to try to impress the friends and family of the man she’s dating, then she probably doesn’t feel that you’re worth it.

If we genuinely love our partner, then we’ll make an effort with their family because we know that their family is important to them.

Furthermore, we will want their family to like us as well!

But if your girl doesn’t even make an effort, then it reveals where her priorities are at.

She doesn’t value you and what you think is important in your life.

5. She makes excuses for not doing things she says she will do

If the woman you’re dating makes excuses for breaking promises and commitments to you, then she’s showing you that your worth isn’t very high in her worldview.

That’s because if a person feels that you’re highly valuable, then they wouldn’t want to break any promises because they want to keep their word and respect your time as much as possible.

This is especially a sign that she doesn’t value you if she breaks promises consistently.

Not only is she not living with integrity, but she doesn’t respect your time.

6. She sometimes feels like she doesn’t have to give you attention

A woman who feels like she doesn’t have to give you attention may also show that she doesn’t value you.

This means she may not want to spend any time with you.

This could be because she’s lazy and doesn’t care about your opinions and input at all.

Time is one of the biggest gifts we can give someone, but if she can’t even be bothered giving you her time, then she thinks she’s better than you.

Or it could be because she doesn’t feel that you deserve her time. This is yet another sign that she doesn’t really value you.

7. She gets annoyed if you refuse to do what she tells you to do

A woman who shows annoyance towards a refusal to obey her commands and follow her wishes is also one who doesn’t value your wants, needs, and feelings.

If you don’t do what she wants, then she doesn’t view you as highly valuable.

It shows that she is just dating you to get something out of you.

In any relationship, it should be equal give and take.

But if you find that she takes way more than she gives, then that’s a sign that she might not value.

8 . She ignores your suggestions, even when they’re good ones

If you give a woman you’re dating advice or suggestions, but she ignores them and doesn’t listen to them at all, that’s a sign that she doesn’t value your opinion and ideas.

She doesn’t feel that they’re particularly important, or that they have any significant value.

That’s because if she feels like you’re worth it, then she wouldn’t ignore your advice.

She would respect your opinions because she values would you have to say about the matter.

9. She encourages you to do things even when you don’t want to do them

A woman who tries to force you to do things she wants is one who doesn’t value your input and opinion very highly in her life.

This is because if she feels that you’re valuable, then she would fulfill your wants and needs as much as possible.

She wouldn’t try to force you to do things, particularly when you don’t want to.

Now sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do, but if you’ve consistently told her that you don’t want to do something and she still hasn’t got the message, then she’s not really listening to you.

And if she isn’t listening to you, then she’s not valuing what you have to say.

10. She makes mean jokes at your expense

If a woman in your life can make mean jokes at your expense or even make fun of you, then she probably doesn’t see much value in you.

After all, if she did, then she wouldn’t say mean things that hurt your feelings. She wouldn’t purposely try to make you feel bad or less valuable.

Instead, she would try to make you feel good and that you have value to her in her life.

11. She doesn’t try to make you feel better when you’re feeling down

A woman who doesn’t try to make you feel better when you’re feeling down, isn’t a woman you want to date for very long.

She doesn’t value your love and affection enough to make sure you’re happy and not sad.

When we respect someone and we care for them, we don’t want them to feel sad or depressed.

So if your girl doesn’t even try to lift you up when you’re going through a bad day, then that’s a sign that she might not value you.

If she’s not willing to lift you up when you’re going through a rough time, then it’s probably because she feels it’s not worth the effort.

It’s definitely a quality you don’t want to look for in a potential girlfriend.

In a healthy and committed relationship, we need to support each other through the good times and the bad.

12. She doesn’t pay attention to what you’re saying and prefers to talk about herself

If you’re a man and your girlfriend or wife doesn’t pay attention to what you’re saying and prefers to talk about herself all the time, then she probably sees little value in you.

After all, if she did, then she would want to listen more closely to what you had to say.

13. She’s only around when she wants to be

You’re basically a last resort option. She’ll go out with her friends or colleagues in a heartbeat before she decies to spend a night with you.

Now clearly, a woman who doesn’t want to be around you is one who doesn’t value your opinion and input very highly in her life.

This is because if she did, then she would be willing to be around you as much as possible no matter what else she had scheduled.

But if you’re a last resort option, it means that she is valuing her relationships with other people more than yours.

14. She knows what you like, but she doesn’t like to do those things for you

A woman who knows what you like and don’t like, but refuses to do things that she knows you enjoy is another one who shows little value for you in her life.

If she loved and cared about you, then she would be willing to do the same things that she know bring value to your life.

She’d make the effort to make you feel good. That’s what we do in a committed relationship.

But if she doesn’t even take action when she knows something will cheer you up, then you know she’s not respecting you enough in the relationship.

15. She makes up rules and boundaries that she only applies to you

A woman who makes up rules and boundaries that she applies only to you is one who doesn’t value your opinion or ideas.

She doesn’t feel like you’re worth her time and attention, so she makes up barriers to keep you out.

This is a relationship sign of someone who has little respect for you, or cares about what you have to say or think.

There are other signs, but these are some of the top ones. If you’ve noticed any of them with your girlfriend or wife, then you could be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t value you and treats is as if she’s not that into you.

What to do if she doesn’t value you

Now if you’ve figured out that she doesn’t value you, what can you do?

If she’s emotionally abusing you or treating you like crap, then you need to get out of the relationship. No one needs that in their life.

But if you’ve decided that you really do like her and you want to gain more respect from her, then you can start by working on your body language. You can use your body language to boost your confidence and make this girl realize the respect you deserve.

You see, women are highly tuned into the signals men give off with their body language. And if you’re giving off the right signals, she’ll more than likely respond positively to you.

Despite what you may think, women are never instantly attracted to guys because of their looks… their money… or because of a cheesy “pick-up” line.

If you’re talking to a girl in a bar, or in a coffee shop, or you’ve met up for the first time from Tinder, none of these things matter at all. Women are looking for something else entirely…

What matters to women is simply how you carry yourself around them.

If you walk with confidence and you start taking confident actions in your life, then your girl is going to value you a whole lot more.

Because a woman can sense weak body language cues from a mile away. If you’re too quiet, avoid eye contact, or stand weak and limp, then you’re basically inviting women to reject you.

The thing is, projecting confident body language is really easy when you know what to do.

And having cool, calm confidence sparks something deep inside women that always sets off instant attraction.

I overhauled my own body language around women after watching this video by relationship expert Kate Spring

Kate reveals some incredibly simple body language hacks that you can use today to better attract women.

So, if you want her to value you more, watch Kate’s free video here.

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