23 signs you’re more attractive than you think

It’s no surprise that most of us think we’re not good-looking enough and feel insecure.

Social media keeps bombarding us with gorgeous influencers and celebrities to the point where being comfortable in your own skin becomes, well…uncomfortable!

The good news?

While it is hard to keep up with what is considered beautiful nowadays, there’ way more to being attractive than shallow beauty standards.

Here is a list of 23 signs that will make you feel better about yourself.

1) You have a good sense of humor

Humor is an important skill and can often be a great coping mechanism.

If you’re funny, then people will naturally want to be around you because they know that they’ll be able to laugh at the crazy things that come out of your mouth and that their conversations will be entertaining.

A good sense of humor is not something everyone has, and it’s yet another sign that you’re more attractive than you think.

2) You’re an optimist

Being an optimist is a great trait to have. But, on the other hand, no one enjoys being around someone continually perpetuating doom and gloom and radiating bad vibes.

As an optimist, you always think positively and try to see the bright side of things. So when things go wrong, you don’t seek to blame; instead, you find a solution.

Most people don’t have this trait, but if you do, it will make you attractive to others.

3) You’re a good listener

It’s often said that listening is the best form of flattery, and people who are good listeners tend to have more friends than those who aren’t, so they’re better liked by others.

Listening also helps you learn about someone else’s interests and values, which can help develop trust with them and make your relationship stronger.

However, it’s not enough to just sit there and listen.

If you want to create a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling, then you need to ask questions that will help them open up about what they’re going through.

When you listen attentively, you allow others to feel comfortable while talking and show that you care.

When someone feels like their voice is being heard, it allows them to share what’s on their mind or how they are feeling without any judgment.

You’ll also be able to understand better why people think or do things in specific ways because of your ability to hear them out with an open heart and mind instead of getting caught up in judgments about who is right and wrong.

And, in my opinion, it is a huge underrated sign of being attractive!

4) You’re not judgmental

Judgmental people are annoying.

It’s hard not to get annoyed because they always have to put someone else down.

If you’re not judgmental, it means that you’ll be able to accept people for who they are, and you won’t try to change them into something that they’re not.

Not judging is one of the essential qualities in a person, which allows us all opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Nobody wants to hang out with a constant Judge Judy, and if you’re open-minded and easy-going, it naturally makes you that much more attractive.

It’s not always possible to avoid someone who has an annoying personality or is constantly judging others but being able to laugh at yourself can be a way of defusing the situation.

5) You smile a lot

Smiling is contagious!

When you smile, you immediately allow those around you to feel comfortable, and they’ll want to spend time with you because they know that you’re the most attractive person in the room.

People are attracted to those that make them feel good, and you can do that by simply smiling.

Smiling isn’t just a facial expression—it’s a state of mind. When you smile, you’ll feel better about yourself and, therefore, more attractive. This is something that everyone should practice.

A smile shows people you’re caring, warm, and down to earth. Who wouldn’t be attracted to that!

6) You’re humble

Humble people are always very attractive.

They don’t try to put on airs and graces to make others think they’re superior because they have a deep sense of self-worth.

They respect everyone for who they are and aren’t afraid of admitting when they’re wrong or when someone is better than them.

If you know how to be humble, people will like it and want to spend time with you because they know that you’re a good person.

7) You have natural beauty

pexels garon piceli 557842 23 signs you're more attractive than you think

Natural beauty is something that we all want.

If you have natural beauty, you’ll be able to make people around you feel comfortable and more attracted to you because they know that you’re confident and beautiful too!

You won’t have to hide behind layers of makeup because you’re comfortable in your own skin, making you instantly more attractive.

You’ll also feel confident and empowered, knowing that no one else will be able to compete with the natural beauty inherent within yourself.

8) You don’t over-do it with the makeup

This follows on from the point above.

While makeup can be incredibly fun, it’s also important not to overdo it with makeup.

There’s nothing wrong with a swipe of mascara and a dash of lipstick; your minimalistic approach to beauty makes you more appealing and, thus, more attractive.

9) You’re confident

Confidence is something that everyone wants, but few know how to use it to their advantage.

If you have confidence, others will naturally gravitate towards you because they know they can trust you with their secrets and have safe conversations. After all, your faith won’t waver in any situation.

Confidence is a critical factor to success in all aspects of life, whether it’s business or personal relationships, the more confident someone is about themselves and what they can achieve, the better chances for them to succeed.

Knowing that you can stand your ground and can handle anything that comes your way makes you that much more attractive as a person

10) Your friends love to hang out with you

People enjoy spending time in your company because you’re a blast to have around.

Another tell-tale sign that you’re more attractive than you think is having a group of friends who clammer to hang out with you.

You are likely an interesting person. People want to be around someone like that, so they naturally gravitate towards being close or friendly with the individual who has this quality about them.

You can also get away with not caring what other people think if it means getting closer and enjoying their company as well!

Your kind, fun-loving nature is contagious, and they’re keen for it to rub off on them.

11) You make people feel comfortable around you

As the saying goes, people will forget what you say but will never forget how you make them feel.

Another sign of being attractive is making those around you feel comfortable. THere’s nothing worse than being around someone who’s continually looking down at you or is emanating bad vibes.

If people feel like they can be themselves around you, it’s a good indication that you’re a great person.

12) You’re not afraid of being yourself

It says a lot about your character when you can be your true authentic self around others.

People will naturally gravitate towards you because they know that they can trust you with their secrets and have safe conversations with you.

You will also find that others will let their guard down, and the bonds you have with them will be more fulfilling.

13) You’re authentic

You’re not afraid to be yourself and show the world who you are.

You’re comfortable with your flaws, and you embrace them instead of trying to hide them.

People have a hard time hiding their true selves, so when they see someone confident in themselves, they will automatically be more attracted to that person.

Confident people are attractive because they know exactly who they are and what they want out of life, which is lovely in itself.

They don’t need to constantly seek validation from others because deep down, they already know themselves and what works for them.

14) You have your own unique personality

Remember when your mom used to say, “If God made everyone the same way, life would be so boring.”

A more accurate word has never been spoken.

There are so many of us who don’t want to stand out, so they try to remain in a certain bracket.

There’s nothing wrong with it; however, if you can be unique and are not afraid to march to the beat of your drum, it’s a massive indicator of being more attractive than you previously thought.

People tend to like those who have something different about them, no matter their background or personality.

Those who make an effort at standing out from others often find themselves attracting new friends and romantic interests just by being who they are.

15) You’re not afraid of being vulnerable

Vulnerability is a sign of strength. It’s often seen as a weakness, but in reality, it means that you are open to new experiences and learning from them.

You can’t be strong if you’re not willing to experience pain or discomfort; these things come with growth and change, which is why vulnerability should never be feared but embraced instead.

Vulnerable people can be themselves because they don’t need to put up a false front.

Vulnerability is an integral part of being human, and we must embrace our inner selves without fear or shame.

People who have experienced trauma in their lives often find comfort in sharing their experiences with others while understanding each other better and learning from one another’s stories.

This type of connection helps us heal from past traumas by giving us hope for healing into the future.

When you’re alone with your thoughts and feelings, you are also not afraid to be honest about who you are and your strengths and weaknesses.

You’re more attractive than you think when you are not afraid to be vulnerable around others.

16) You don’t feel the need to impress others

When you’re comfortable in your skin, life becomes way more manageable.

You don’t feel the need to compete with anyone, and you’re simply doing what comes naturally.

This is another huge sign that indicates you’re way more attractive than previously imagined.

Because you don’t need constant validation from others.

When people constantly need validation from others, they don’t feel good enough about themselves.

They lack confidence and seek approval from others because they feel like they need it to do well in life and be happy.

17) You’re not afraid to express your opinions

pexels mart production 8885124 23 signs you're more attractive than you think

People will naturally gravitate towards you because they know you’re confident and a good conversationalist.

People are drawn to people who seem like they have their life together, so make sure your confidence is evident in every interaction with others.

It’s essential not only for how it makes others feel but also because it helps build relationships on trust and respect.

You’re not afraid to express your opinions, and you’re always ready to listen to what others have to say.

You’re not afraid of speaking up on issues you feel strongly about, and it’s easy for you to talk with anyone because people seem interested in hearing from someone willing to speak their mind without the fear of being judged or rejected.

18) You’re charismatic

People will naturally gravitate towards you because they know you’re confident and a good conversationalist.

You can make people feel comfortable, so you need to use your charisma to trust what is being said.

There are many ways of doing this: using eye contact, speaking with authority or confidence, smiling often, and showing warmth when appropriate; all these things help build rapport quickly.

You’re not afraid to express your opinions, and you’re always ready to listen to what others have to say.

You’re not afraid to speak up on issues that you feel strongly about, and you’re able to have a meaningful conversation with anyone.

19) You’re willing to help others

You have a kind heart and are always willing to lend a hand to someone who needs it.

You’re open-minded and not afraid to find out what other people have to say about different issues.

Your social skills allow you to make friends easily, making your life easier than most because of the support system around you!

Social intelligence is a human ability that allows us to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings.

It helps in developing close relationships with others by understanding how they think about themselves, their intentions for interacting with different people, and what motivates them.

Those who are more socially intelligent tend to be better at managing emotions like anger or sadness, as well as being able to handle conflict situations effectively.

I can’t find anything unattractive about that? And you?

20) People are drawn to your infectious personality

You’re the type of person who can shake things up.

You like being in the spotlight, and you don’t mind being the center of attention.

People are drawn to your infectious personality, and because you’re always so positive and upbeat, people want to be around you.

You like making others feel good about themselves, and when you’re around, people tend to be more relaxed and at ease.

21) You’re the life of the party

Another sign of being attractive is that others consider you to be the life of every party.

You have a good sense of humor, and you’re happy to crack jokes and make people laugh.

You have an interesting story to tell, and you’re not afraid to share it.

You also know how to make others comfortable because you like to listen.

22) You’re compassionate

Having compassion is another underrated sign of being attractive.

You’re the type of person who will go out of his way to help those who are in need.

This is an excellent quality to have because it shows your caring and that you’re a good person with a heart of gold.

23) You’re calm

You don’t let problems get the best of you, and you know how to handle stressful situations with ease.

You don’t panic when something unexpected happens but instead, react calmly and rationally so that the situation doesn’t spiral out of control.

People like this are naturally confident and able to keep their cool under pressure. This is also a telltale sign that you’re more attractive than you think.


So, I hope this article has helped show you that there is far more to being attractive than just looks.

The idea of beauty can be challenging to define because it varies so much from person to person and culture to culture.

It’s important for people not to feel pressured into conforming to their ideas about what they think is beautiful or ugly but instead allow themselves the freedom of expression without judgment.

Want to know a secret about being attractive?

Just be you!

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