24 undeniable signs he wants you to notice him (psychology)

What does a man do when he wants to get your attention?

There are many things which may come to mind, like wearing stylish clothes or trying to make conversation.

But there are deeper psychological clues that can show you exactly when a guy wants to get your attention.

1) He tells you jokes

 Those among us who are lucky enough to be funny get to share their gift with the world.

Some people are just born to be the class clown and brighten up our days.

But if you’re dealing with a guy who seems to be on fire with jokes and humor who isn’t usually that way, then you can bet good money that he wants to get your attention.

Jokes are one of the top ways he tries to get your attention.

Whether or not his jokes are actually funny is something I can’t promise.

But I can tell you that if he’s trying his best to tickle your funny bone, then there’s a good chance he also wants to tickle you in much naughtier places…

2) He dresses up for you

 It would be nice if we lived in a world where everyone had the time and energy to look their best.

But that’s just not the world we live in.

People want to put their best foot forward and snap flawless pics for Instagram, but in real life they’re often more disheveled than they look on social media.

That’s why one of the biggest signs that a guy wants to get your attention is that he dresses up for you.

Snazzy new shoes, a great parka that just looks so classy and comfortable at the same time, a nicely ironed shirt…

Never underestimate the power of these things to show a guy’s thought process…

If he didn’t want you to notice him then he wouldn’t have taken extra time on dressing up and getting stylish for your benefit.

Simple as that.

3) His body language tells you

Lips aren’t the only body part that tells a story. Every part of us speaks about how we’re feeling and we can decipher it if we know the language.

Body language is usually unconscious and not as mysterious as it sounds.

If you learn to read the signs, you can gauge a man’s interest by how he orients himself towards you and acts around you.

Is he pointing his body towards you and leaning closer, or leaning away and generally standing askew?

“When a guy wants you to notice him, he would lean forward toward yours.

“It can be subtle or overtly ‘in your face.’ It could be his way of signaling that he wants to be closer to you,” writes Mia Bennett.

4) He changes his look for you

In addition to dressing up, men tend to act like peacocks when they want to get a woman’s attention.

They change their look and doll up in all the finery possible to catch their darling’s eye.

If he seems to have perfectly-coiffed hair or that perfectly tussled mix of a bad boy hairstyle and half-tucked-in shirt whenever you see him, the time comes that you have to ask yourself if it’s really random.

When did he get his ear pierced with that really cool new style?

And what about his silver-plated Armani sunglasses? They don’t look like imitations…

You had no idea he even made that kind of money!

Guys will go to a lot of lengths when they want a woman to notice them, believe me…

5) He gives you valuable advice

Advice is a dime a dozen, but good and valuable advice is rarer.

One of the undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he gives you valuable advice that takes him time and energy to think of.

He won’t just throw out whatever he happens to think of at any given moment.

He’ll actually tell you his opinion in a way that’s helpful and pragmatic.

In order to do this he will have to actually listen to what’s going on in your life and what situation you’re dealing with.

This listening process and dispensing of advice that actually helps is a clear sign that he wants you to notice him.

He wants you to see him as your guy.

And even more — he probably wants to build a satisfying level of intimacy with you.

How is this possible?

Now you might be surprised but believe it or not, creating intimacy in relationships completely depends on the relationship we have with ourselves.

I learned this from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê, in his incredible free video on Love and Intimacy

So, if you also want to develop a completely new perspective on love and relationships in general, maybe you should also try his masterclass:

Check out the free video here.

6) He makes frequent eye contact with you

pexels rodnae productions 7464650 24 undeniable signs he wants you to notice him (psychology)

Eyes are the windows to the soul and they’re very important in building a romantic connection.

One of the top undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he looks at you all the time.

Making eye contact is a way that a man tries to get your attention when he’s interested.

If he’s being especially obvious about it, then he might quickly look away when you catch him staring deep into your soul.


As Dan O’Reilly writes:

“This is a staple of that awkward “will they, won’t they” stage. Pay attention to how often you look up only to find your eyes locking — it means he was probably already looking at you.”

7) He asks you about your life

On a related note to number 5, a guy who wants you to notice him is going to start becoming more and more curious about your life and interests.

He will want to know what made you who you are today and what drives you.

When he wants you to notice him, he wants to know as much as he can about you.

Then he’ll know what to get into and direct his energy towards in order to win your trust, admiration and romantic interest.

Makes sense, right?

8) He gets into what you’re into

Related to the previous point, when he knows about what lights your fire, he’s going to want to get involved, too.

If you love collecting antique stamps he might suddenly take up an interest in the same thing, or get enthusiastic about an upcoming philately conference for collectors.

If he just can’t get himself to share your interest in slam poetry or environmental activism, he’ll still show his support and let you know that it is something he admires.

One of the most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he gets into your interests.

As much as possible, he starts pursuing similar things to you and getting into what you’re into.

9) He’s around you as much as possible

A guy can’t be your hero or get your attention if he’s barely ever around you.

For that reason, he’ll try to spend as much time as possible around you and give you the chance to notice him and take an interest in him.

Whatever the justification, he’s going to do his best to find excuses to be around you and do things for you.

There will always be some semi-plausible reason why he’s there to help out or just be around the same places as you.

As Arushi Chaudhary notes:

“How to tell if a guy is trying to get your attention? Do you feel like his presence in your life is a constant?

“If you work or study together, he always finds reasons and excuses to be in your company. If you’re neighbors, you may find him suggesting going together to the supermarket or the gym.”

10) He tries to get your attention online

These days with online messaging and social media, you need to keep an eye out for his efforts in cyberspace.

A man who wants to get your attention will be hitting you up as much as he can online.

Liking photos, leaving comments, sharing his own life and interacting with you any way he can is the name of the game.

On social media and other applications, he’ll be doing his best to appeal to you and catch your eye.

He wants to make sure you see his resplendent peacock feathers, even if it’s just online to start.

11) He’s ready to be your guy at all costs

A guy who wants you to really notice him will be fully aware that there are plenty of decent looking and nice guys out there.

He will want to set himself apart from the competition by showing that he’s really willing to go the extra mile.

This means he’s going to be able and willing to really help you out even when it’s very inconvenient or puts him at a disadvantage.

The times when other friends and guys say they’re too busy or can’t help out right now? He’ll be there…

As Bennett writes:

“He’ll be there no matter what, even if that means leaving his apartment and coming to fix a leak in your house.

“Do you need someone you can watch your favorite movie with for the hundredth time? Call him and he’ll make sure to bring the popcorn.”

12) He’s suddenly hugely competent

pexels cottonbro 10071556 24 undeniable signs he wants you to notice him (psychology)

Confidence is one thing, but every woman knows that competence is far sexier.

One of the most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he suddenly becomes good at doing manly things.

He can change a tire, go switch in new lightbulbs and do some light repairs around the apartment.

He’s suddenly Mr. Fix It, and chances are you’re definitely noticing (and enjoying) this new phase…

13) He talks about his feelings around you

When a guy wants you to notice him, he will open up about his feelings.

He’ll play the wild card in some cases and just plain let you know that he’s been thinking about you.

The thing about real flirting is that it’s not always subtle.

Sometimes it’s as simple as saying you like someone and seeing if they like you back.

14) He texts you all the time

Texting is the new all-important love language.

If a man is texting you quite a bit then you have to realize that he definitely wants to get your attention.

No matter for the official reason that he’s texting, the subtext is obvious:

Answer me, notice me, value me.

15) He sends you cute jokes and memes

One thing we could all use more of in our lives? Cute kittens and funny memes.

The world seems to be becoming a pretty dark place.

Who couldn’t use a meme friend?

This guy who wants you to notice him can fulfill this role: sending you funny jokes and memes at every opportunity.

The question is: do you friendzone him or take it to the next level?

16) He’s suddenly into chick flicks

Some guys just like chick flicks and romantic comedies.

But in general, they tend to go more for action and drama.

If a guy suddenly gets a taste for chick flicks and wants to sit down with you to watch He’s Just Not That Into You (good movie, by the way), then it can be a clear sign that he wants your attention…

He wants you to notice that he’s not just another oaf…

He’s a guy who’s in touch with his feminine side and enjoys your company even if it means enjoying films that are a bit more on the chick flick side of the aisle.

Like Crystal Crowder says:

“Is he super excited to see the latest rom-com with you?

“Maybe he’s thrilled to check out that strange art exhibit you know he doesn’t understand. Why does he do it? He wants you.”

17) He puts on cologne just for you

Part of getting spruced up and looking his best for you can include wearing cologne.

Whether it’s knock-off brand or real, the important thing is the effort he puts in.

Those sprays on his wrists and necks represent a real hope that you’ll notice him and take an interest.

Hopefully he doesn’t overdo the cologne, but it’s definitely a sign that he’s hoping you’ll notice him.

18) He introduces you to his friends

When he introduces you around to his inner circle, you can be sure it’s one of the undeniable signs he wants you to notice him.

He hopes that you’ll see he surrounds himself with high-quality people.

And he’s hoping you’ll sign up to be another one of these high quality people who enjoy being around him.

The question is whether you feel the same way.

19) He drops not-so-subtle hints

Men tend to be more direct communicators, and this is very true when it comes to them expressing romantic interest.

One of the clearest and most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he drops not-so-subtle hints about being into you.

He may wink at you, make comments about your looks or ask you about your love life in less-than-subtle ways that show his interest.

He may also emphasize that he’s single and tell you about his trouble finding a good woman.

It won’t be very hard to pick up what he’s putting down.

This guy clearly wants to get your attention and let you know he’s into you.

20) He’s teasing you a lot

pexels rodnae productions 6173864 1 24 undeniable signs he wants you to notice him (psychology)

If you observe animals in the wild or even cats and dogs, they do one thing when they like each other and want to garner attention:

They tease.

It’s the same with many humans.

When they like someone they poke and tease them in various ways that show interest and try to gauge the response of their potential mate.

One of the most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he teases you physically or conversationally in various ways.

For example, he may give you light pokes on the arm or stick his tongue out when he makes a cheeky comment.

Or he may make jokes about his or your love life or a controversial or unusual subject to try to see how you react.

He definitely wouldn’t be doing this is he didn’t want to get your attention.

21) He’s just not his normal self

If you’ve been seeing a guy’s behavior shift weirdly around you but not around anyone else, then there’s a good chance he wants to get your attention.

Of course, to apply this you need to know what he acts like in some situations apart from being with you.

If you’ve only ever seen him in one context it’s not possible to judge if he’s different than usual.

Maybe he always gives rambling toasts and dances jigs around the table.

Maybe he’s used to tearing up at movies and telling everyone he loves them in a loud and emotional way.

But if you’ve observed him in other situations and now he’s acting very bizarrely, then it could be that he wants to get your attention.

Like True Medallion writes:

“This will have to be anything that’s outside of his normal behaviors.

“For example, you notice he doesn’t talk much to other people, but with you, he’s talking non-stop, sharing stories with you and asking questions about you.

“That’s not normal.”

No, it’s not.

22) He bares his soul to you

When a guy wants to get your attention he gives you information that he hopes will spark your interest.

In a world where guys are still expected to be more circumspect and reserved about their emotions, he may do this by baring his soul to you.

Telling you his deepest thoughts and emotions is one of the most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him.

Other men may play it cool, but this guy just seems to lay it all out there?

It could be that he’s decided to forgo all the ideas of holding back and being easygoing and just let you know that he’s onboard and fully into you.

He tells you how much he wants you and makes it clear as day.

He definitely wants your attention.

23) He seems to be your personal yes man

You may be right about a lot of things, but are you really batting a perfect record?

One of the top undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he becomes like your personal yes man.

At every possible chance, he’s there explaining why you’re correct.

Even if it’s just deciding where to eat or the most interesting TV show of the year, he’s on your side nodding like a marionette.

Granted, the kind of guy who does this tends to be a little low on the self-confidence scale.

But if you’re wondering whether he wants you to notice him, keep an eye out for this kind of behavior.

24) He’s sculpting his abs for you

One of the most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him is that he literally sends you photos and posts updates to get you to notice him.

He’s working on the world’s most perfect set of six pack abs and he wants your opinion on them.

Now, you may be a personal trainer and maybe he’s just looking for a professional assessment…

But chances are that when he’s showing you his fitness and bodybuilding progress, it’s because he wants you to see that he’s got a lot to offer you in the looks department.

Lucky you, I guess.

As Gilbert Philippe puts it:

“There’s no way a guy will constantly share his muscle shirt-off picture with you, just to get motivation, or her telling him if she saw changes or not.”

Are you paying attention yet?

By now you should have a good idea of whether he wants you to notice him or not. If he doesn’t, I know a way to resolve this.

How? There’s a new concept in the relationship world called the Hero Instinct. It’s revolutionized the way we understand how men work in relationships. 

You see, when you trigger a man’s hero instinct, all his emotional walls come down. He feels better in himself and he naturally begins to associate those good feelings with you. This means he’ll not only want you to notice him but much more.

And it’s all down to knowing how to trigger these innate drivers that motivate men to love, commit, and protect.

So if you’re ready to take your relationship with him to that level, be sure to check out James Bauer’s incredible advice. 

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Paul Brian

Paul Brian

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