10 things strong women always do (but never talk about)

We’ve all met a strong woman before. You know, the type that every girl wants to grow up to be and every man wants to date, but they’re too scared to approach.

They know what they want and they won’t take your shit.

If you think you can relate to being a strong, independent woman, you might identify with these 10 points:

1) They are always looking for growth

Goals and purpose are what keep a strong woman motivated. She sets them every month and won’t stop until they’re achieved.

She knows that nothing is guaranteed in life and to get what she wants she’s going to have to work hard for it.

2) She won’t be your ‘option’

Only texting her at 10 PM on a Saturday? Get lost! She knows her worth and has enough self-respect to kick your advances to the curb.

If you really want to be with her, you need to set aside the time she knows she deserves.


3) They eliminate toxic people from their life

A strong woman gets straight to the point when it comes to her friendship group. If you’re adding to her life, she’ll keep you around. If you’re making it worse, she’ll simply cut you out of her life.

Life is too short to hang around with people who bring you down.

4) They don’t care what other people think

You’ve got a problem with the way she dresses? Good! She doesn’t care what you think. She knows herself and doesn’t need outside validation to make herself feel better.

5) They accept themselves

We all have bad points and things we’re not very good at. This is no different for a strong woman. However, rather than dwelling on her weaknesses, she accepts them and even embraces them. This gives her more freedom to focus on what’s she’s good at.

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6) They’re happy being single

A strong woman doesn’t need someone else to be happy. The only way you can date her is if you make her life better.

But if you’re going to bring her down, then get the f*ck out. She’d rather go to a nice restaurant by herself, then spend time with your sorry ass.

7) They have a small friendship group

A strong woman has had some unsavoury encounters in the past with toxic people that try to bring her down. It’s why she became so strong. But it’s also why she prefers to have a small friendship group she can trust.

She showers these people with love because they mean the world to her.

8) They won’t be disrespected

Commenting about her physical appearance in front of her? Prepared to be put down! She values herself and knows her worth. A strong woman hates casual sexism and won’t stand it. She’ll call you out and make you look stupid.

9) Insecure men are scared of her

Are you an insecure man? You might want to stay away. She’s direct, confident and unforgiving. And this will only make you feel inadequate.

Confident men don’t have anything to prove and can accept the fact that she’s more intelligent and fun than they are.

10) She’s comfortable making the first move

Worried about rejection? Please! A strong woman know what she wants and won’t hesitate to go for it. If you’ve got the goods, prepare to be approached. If you say no, I hope you realize what a grave mistake you’ve just made.


These type of strong women don’t come around all too often.


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Written by Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Ideapod to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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