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    Why Yoga is more than wearing trendy spandex and saying “Namaste”

    Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, Kamna Muddagouni (a hindu) noticed the uptake in white women participating in Yoga and using the word Namaste. She wonders if those women understand the history and importance of the word Namaste to the Hindu people, and she challenged the mainstream use of the word, along with yoga in […] More

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    9 simple ways to detox your body

    If you are feeling a bit sluggish as the day draws on, there are a number of things you can do to provide a “pick me up”. According to health expert Maria Benardis in Mind Body Green, not only can the below tips help you get through the day without feeling like there is a […] More

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    Use these 5 simple hacks to declutter your mind

    Everyone needs to make time to organize and declutter their minds from time to time. It’s easier said than done for most people who don’t have a minute to spare in their daily lives. But isn’t that all the more reason to put systems in place that help you manage your mind and live a […] More

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    24 quick random acts of kindness you can do to make someone else happier

    Looking to add a little happiness to your own life and someone else’s life? Try one of these 24 quick ways to make someone else happier today, and watch their world change right before your eyes. 1) Give a Compliment Don’t just tell someone their hair looks nice, tell them their hair looks nice and […] More

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    Never date someone who has these 15 habits

    If you are searching for love, it can feel like you are looking in all the wrong places. When it comes to finding a match made in heaven, rather than look for the things that check your “must have” list, consider approaching it from a different perspective. Avoid dating people who have certain traits or […] More

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    Harvard study shows how intermittent fasting may lead to a longer, healthier life

    When it comes to living a healthy life, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about vitamin supplements and fad diets for one lifetime. But if you’re looking for a science-backed strategy that you can start doing today, then you’ll love this new finding. Harvard scientists have published a research study in the journal Cell Metabolism that […] More

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    Science says the most successful relationships come down to 3 basic traits

    Making a relationship last takes a great deal of work. Sometimes, people find that the result of that work is not worth the effort and relationships fall apart. Some people don’t take the time to consider what is at the root of the relationship problems and assume that it is the fighting that was to […] More

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    A chiropractor warns: Don’t sleep on your right side!

    Problems with sleep are becoming increasingly common. If you don’t sleep well, you increase the risk of depression, high blood pressure, high stress and increased weight. While experts recommend sleeping 7-8 hours per night, there are other factors you should consider. It’s not just about the quantity of time you spend in bed. You also […] More

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    15 things mature men never do

    Is chivalry dead? Seems like it. In an age where sex and instant gratification runs riot, coming across an insecure asshole happens more than we’d care to admit. But don’t worry. Gentlemen DO still exist. You just have look closely. To weed out the bad guys who lack respect for other people, make sure they […] More

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    Once you learn Japanese Buddhist Master Miyamoto Mushashi’s 21 rules of life, you’ll be much stronger

    Life is tough. No matter who you are and what you do, we all encounter obstacles and situations that never seem fair. One of the most difficult things to accept is that suffering is part of life. But if we’re going to get on with our lives and make the most of the one chance […] More

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