1. She remembers her manners

Good manners are crucial for building respectful and healthy societies, as they demonstrate gratitude, respect, kindness, and set a positive example for others, with classy women exemplifying this every day. 

2. She chooses her words carefully

A classy woman's communication skills go beyond politeness as she carefully chooses her words to handle conversations with diplomacy and respect, while showing restraint and avoiding negative language. 

3. She asserts herself

A classy woman values politeness and kindness, but also knows how to assert herself in a clear and concise manner that commands respect, while also using her voice for herself and others.  

4. She sticks up for what she believes in

A classy woman values good morals, speaks up against injustice, and stands up for what she believes in, which builds self-respect and gains the respect of others. 

5. She stays in her own lane

A classy woman speaks up for positive good but also minds her own business, avoiding gossip and drama while allowing others to live and let live. 

6. She approaches people with kindness and compassion

A classy woman leads with compassion, avoids being haughty or arrogant, and extends kindness even in difficult situations. 

7. She is gracious with everyone she meets

A classy woman knows that everyone is equal and treats people with the same courtesy, regardless of social standing, as real class is reflected in how you treat people who can do nothing for you. 

8. She makes up her own mind

A classy woman is open-minded, thinks for herself, and avoids making snap judgments; this independence of thought and behavior is what sets her apart and motivates her to learn and understand the world around her. 

9. She makes an effort with her appearance

A classy woman takes pride in her appearance, not to impress others but as a reflection of her inner self-respect and care for herself, and presents to the world the image she wants to reflect from within. . 

10. She stays on top of her 'to-do' list by prioritizing

A classy woman prioritizes what matters most and uses her organizational skills to make time for it, allowing her to set goals, work towards them, and make time for herself.  

11. She takes care of herself

Self-care for a classy woman is fundamental and not just about appearance, as it involves giving herself what she needs to be at her best, such as getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercising regularly. 

12. She gives you her full attention 

Classy women prioritize active listening, giving undivided attention, and avoiding distractions to create stronger connections with others. 

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