12 things classy women do every day

Having class is all about carrying yourself with self-respect and decency.

It’s not about wearing designer clothes or dining out in the finest restaurants.

You don’t need bags of money or high social status to exude sheer class.

That’s because it’s built on far deeper values.

You can see it in the way a woman chooses to behave, and how she treats herself and others.

You can tell a classy woman by the things she does every day.

1) She remembers her manners

Think of a classy woman, and there’s a good chance you think of impeccable etiquette.

When we were growing up, most of us were reminded to always say please and thank you.

These little courtesies are deeply ingrained into our cultures. And for good reason.

They’re far from trivial.

Rather than being old fashioned, in many ways they are the foundations on which we build respectful and healthy societies.

Good manners are the way we show gratitude, display our respect toward others, and demonstrate kindness.

They are the signals to others that show them the type of person we are.

The simple act of manners makes a good first impression on the people we meet and sets a positive example to others.

One of the easiest ways a classy woman does herself proud every single day is through her flawless manners.

2) She chooses her words carefully

Of course, a classy woman’s daily communication skills extend far beyond politeness.

She is constantly mindful of the language she uses in all circumstances —considering the best way to get her point across.

That’s how she ensures she handles conversations with diplomacy and respect.

We can all lose our cool.

But classy women are skilled at keeping a handle on their emotions in order to show restraint.

You won’t find her cussing and screaming when she doesn’t get her own way.

She knows that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

She crafts her words in order to make sure they land as she intends them to. Because she realizes that the way we speak to others is a huge reflection of us. 

3) She asserts herself

It’s important to make something clear:

Yes, classy women place a lot of importance on addressing people in a polite and kind way.

But that doesn’t mean a classy woman is a pushover.

Far from it.

She knows exactly how to assert herself in a clear and concise way that commands respect.

She won’t beat around the bush for fear of how she will come across. She knows that in order to uphold her boundaries it is vital to stand up for herself. 

Asking for what you want and need often demands that we are forthright. And a classy woman knows this.

She also believes that it’s important she uses her voice not only for herself but for others too…

4) She sticks up for what she believes in

Doing the right thing is important to a classy woman.

Good morals are at the heart of true class.

That means not simply turning a blind eye to injustice or unfairness around her.

She will speak up for others, and try to correct any wrongdoings.

No matter what social status you have, going against what you believe in (just because it’s more convenient) is less than admirable.

Sticking up for what you believe in not only builds your own self-respect but also gains the respect of others.

5) She stays in her own lane

I know that at first, it might seem contradictory.

I’ve just said that a classy woman will speak up and use her voice for positive good.

Now I am saying that a classy woman also minds her business.

But there is a big difference.

What I mean is a classy woman avoids gossiping.

She doesn’t judge other people or think it’s her place to insert herself into people’s private concerns.

This isn’t about failing to stand up to injustice, this is simply about allowing people to live and let live.

She doesn’t get dragged into petty drama. She has no interest in bad-mouthing others. Because she prefers to stay in her own lane.

6) She approaches people with kindness and compassion

The outdated image of class could include a certain amount of haughtiness.

But true class never comes off as superior or arrogant (as we’ll see in our next point).

Far from being stand-off-ish or unapproachable, a classy woman is kind and warm.

She leads with compassion throughout her day.

Of course, this isn’t always easy. Especially when people try our patience.

But a classy woman tries to remind herself that we are all just doing the best we can.

We can lighten one another’s load, simply through the humble act of extending kindness.

7) She is gracious with everyone she meets

As I’ve just highlighted, class isn’t about any sort of hierarchy, and a truly classy woman knows this.

It’s never about being better than someone else, or more important.

Because the truth is that beyond personal circumstances, underneath it all, every single one of us is equal.

That means everybody deserves the same courtesy no matter what their social standing.

A classy woman is just as gracious to the person who is serving her coffee as she is to her boss.

Because real class is reflected in how well you treat the people who can do nothing for you, and not just those who you need to ingratiate yourself to. 

8) She makes up her own mind

A classy woman is open-minded and reserves judgment.

She’s not inclined to ignorantly follow the crowd. She prefers to think for herself.

Rather than jump to conclusions, she’ll consider her views.

This independence of thought and behavior is what can make her stand out for all the best reasons.

It also means she invests time and energy into learning and understanding the world around her.

9) She makes an effort with her appearance

I think I’ve already stated my case for how class is really about our inside values as women, far more than our outside packaging.

But it would be naive to pretend that how we present ourselves to the outside world plays no part.

Because it does.

Things like what we choose to wear, and how we carry ourselves through body language are being constantly read by the people we meet.

A classy woman takes pride in her appearance. But not to impress others.

She takes pride in herself as a reflection of her inner self-respect and care for herself.

She wears what makes her feel confident, comfortable, classy, and empowered.

She presents to the world the image she wants to reflect from within.

10) She stays on top of her ‘to-do’ list by prioritizing

If it seems like a classy woman is skilled in juggling 1001 things all at once, don’t be fooled.

The idea that women should ‘do it all’ these days is often an exhausting and pretty burdensome notion.

Rather than attempt to do it all, a classy woman aims to do what matters most.

And she is the one who decides her own priorities.

Her organizational skills help her to make time for what needs to get done and drop the rest.

This attitude enables her to set goals and work towards them on a daily basis. But importantly, it also helps her to make time for herself.

11) She takes care of herself

Self-care for a classy woman isn’t about always having perfectly manicured nails. It isn’t about long weekends in the spa (as nice as that might be!).

No, it’s far more fundamental than that.

Self-care to a classy woman is about giving herself the things she needs to show up as her best self.

That might be a good night’s sleep, the right diet, and getting enough exercise.

No matter how busy life gets, she checks in with her own self-care to make sure her cup isn’t empty.

12) She gives you her full attention

Classy women understand the importance of listening and trying to get to know others.

Most of us like to talk about ourselves.

Perhaps that’s why research has shown asking people questions means you’re perceived as more likable and understanding.

In a world full of distractions, someone who gives us their full attention stands out.

A classy woman won’t be checking her phone at the dinner table.

She isn’t absentmindedly scanning the room as you talk to her.

She gives you her undivided attention.

Final thoughts: What makes a woman elegant and classy?

Ultimately a classy woman knows who she is.

She is principled, kind, and considerate.

And that is the image she presents to the outside world.

She leads with respect — both for others and significantly, for herself.


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